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  1. not just a pesky also. when this is stated before the also . " Rather than just providing flat bonuses to damage " So either DE is wrong and screwed the pooch or your just not noticing the FLAT damage bonus. FLAT damage means a set amount and that's it.
  2. According to patch notes Update 26 Every melee weapon benefits from combo counter without having to expend it by providing a flat damage bonus. "The Combo Counter will be getting a new functionality pass. Rather than just providing flat bonuses to damage, the Combo Counter will now also act as an expendable resource for new heavy hitting combat: HEAVY ATTACKS! " Flat damage bonus from combo multiplier is effectively removed from glaive now , so getting a 12x multiplier does sweet FA for normal hits as (Removed Combo Hit Multiplier with Glaive's hit damage. Only explosive damage will use the Combo Multiplier.) I think just actually hitting a target without bouncing it of a rhino or an excals skull because they stand in front of players trying to hit something should be rewarded with the 12x damage on throw. Losing that damage because of said types of players who seem to like nothing more than standing in front of everyone and blocking actual combat from everyone else is more annoying than the odd few who were using glaives and enjoying them. I cant see the problem letting glaives be unique now they are unique for quite a different reason.
  3. Seems to be the newest thing asking us for feedback and ignoring said feedback with "well im going to do it anyway" attitude. maybe we should just stop giving feedback since its not actually being useful.
  4. One would have thought that considering it takes some good aiming skill to even throw your glaive at any distance , that getting high damage was risk vs reward, since while glaive is in flight you lose your block . This change make absolutely no sense at all since glaives without combo damage multiplier on hits make this weapon worse than mk1 Bo. Combo multiplier gives increased damage on every other weapon except glaives now? who makes these decisions? Please book them back into the hospital before more future "fixes" So either revert the change OR gimp every other melee weapon from not using damage multiplier on hits as well.
  5. May have been your only reason to use them I use them quite frequently. Now you never explained in the beginning, only now do you try and redeem yourself with explanation. ….And im the one with a little brain.
  6. wanted an actual reason not some one beating their chest cos I got 99% damage at end of mission crap.
  7. " removed Combo Hit Multiplier with Glaive's hit damage. Only explosive damage will use the Combo Multiplier." combo hit multiplier damage works for every other melee in the game. Why the actual **** has it been removed from glaives? Thanks I guess for regulating my glaives back to dust collection duties.
  8. Never understood the desire to have the exact same builds on the exact same frames and weapons as other players. Even the word meta makes me sick.
  9. Same could be said about your knowledge of warframes melee history . Started well before acolyte mods were even a thing before chanelling was a thing and charge attacks were the norm. The simple fact is you played a version that had been refined for years before hitting consoles , now it has changed and you resist change so hard that you condemn anyone else who actually enjoys the change with your armchair maths as your guiding light. Perhaps wait and try it for yourself before launching into full on it sucks theory.
  10. Thought this was an opinion thread guess I commented on the wrong one .
  11. I just want to know why charge attacks were changed from hold E to middle mouse button. Seem to remember someone saying they didn't want to mess with controls because of learned muscle memory. Holding E for charge attack for me was easier as that's how I learned to play when we originally had charge attacks all those years ago until channeling came along. Its also difficult to use some of the new combo system because you have to basically stop moving entirely to use it but that's something I must learn to do more often. Overall I rate melee changes as Good but not Outstanding .
  12. The trivialization of the game cannot be linked to just 1 weapon and its riven.
  13. Actions speak louder than words do. What I propose is staging a mass revolt. If the majority of players stop playing for a week it will force their hand by taking away that which is the most precious to them US.
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