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  1. Hi, Rebecca. I had a few ideas that I'm sure would help create more interest and investment in Railjack. Why not have alerts - but not short timed like the old ones, alerts that work similar to the Void Fissures, but stay for 3 days each period, and then it rotates to a new set of new alerts. Could have from 30 to 50 missions per period, all available at once or new ones being available after completing the previous ones. Each could add a rotating set of bonus rewards like, more Credits and Resources for some, more drop chance and affinity for others, while being a little bit more diffic
  2. All great suggestions. Really. That's one of - if not - the biggest issues I've heard from years as well, they see the market and they only see Platinum this and Platinum that. The same happened with me the first time I played Warframe back in November of 2013. I played one mission, didn't understand anything, left and went to the market, saw all these cool and great characters and weapons, then I saw the Platinum cost and immediately closed the game. Fully not intending to go back. I was modding Mass Effect 3 at the time and it was a very tedious and long process - you had to unpack
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