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  1. Thank you for the update, and the hot fixes. Thank you for fixing the Dark Split Sword as well, that's been a really big one. Very happy with the update so far. For next time, can you please look at: Fixes: Excalibur Umbra Transference. When transferring as the Operator, if you go some distance away from Umbra and return to him, you will appear at Umbra's previous location rather than the Operator's new location. This makes it extremely clunky to use Transference as Excalibur Umbra. This also only occurs when you are NOT the host in a squad. Possible script errors related to the Oxylus? Inviting other people to your squad will result in multiple of the invitation sent messages to appear in the textbox, in random amounts. Not sure if this means it sends multiple invites or not. Certain spots of the Kubrodon marks for conservation in the Orb Vallis are broken, either taking you in broken paths before disappearing or the icon appearing on the map but not being an actual call mark. One such example is close to the Enrichment Labs. K-Drive ragdoll physics work differently in the Plains of Eidolons than in other locations. Changes: Vauban Prime being compatible with the Phased Skin, similar to how Rhino Prime is compatible with his Rubedo skin Would you be willing to extend some "Toggle Prime Details" to regular skins or deluxe skins, such as Valkyr Gersemi? Prisma Twin Grakatas when X)
  2. Exactly what the title says above! I'm looking to expand my arsenal a bit, but this time, I looking for something a little more on the fun side rather than something that is absolutely meta. What do you guys think? I was thinking about building up the Lex Prime or the Aklex Prime because I love the noises they make but I want to hear what you guys think :)
  3. Thank you so much for the help, tested it out in the Simulacrum and it indeed seemed like it worked :D
  4. I gotcha. I realized that the effects I'm referring to don't cover all of the Synth Set, so I think I have this right now. I'll change the title too. So when a Companion marks an enemy with the Mecha Set, target dies and spreads Status Effects to enemies in the radius, those enemies ARE NOT affected by Synth Deconstruct's first effect? I figured that since the Mecha Set belongs to the Companion itself the Status Effects would be coming from them, but now that I think about it, the Status you're spreading to the enemies come from your weapons, not the companions.
  5. Yes, that's what I'm asking for. So status applied by the Mecha set DO NOT meet the conditions for the Synth mod? That's a darn shame if that's the case :(
  6. So let's say I have a Kubrow with both mod sets installed. A marked target from the Mecha mod set is killed and spreads Status Effects to enemies within the radius. Are those enemies now under Synth Deconstruct's effect? Also, as a bonus question, is it absolutely necessary I run the precepts on Kubrows? So for the Sunika Kubrow, is it advised that I run both Savagery or Unleashed?
  7. Would it be worth nabbing the Armor sets? I'm just surprised I've never heard of this until now.
  8. The Trumna Riven is called Trumna Pura-visitis +26.5 Damage vs. Infested +89.1% Damage +62.4% Critical Damage
  9. Maybe Nidus Prime's existence could also be explained by being a much more recent Prime Warframe compared to the others? Since he looks so different from the other Primed Warframes, perhaps this could be the Entrati's attempts to replicate Prime Warframe designs?
  10. Which Riven should I go for? I have no idea what stats to prioritize on the Zenistar :(
  11. Just like the title says. If possible, I'd love to hear what you guys think of the new changes regarding the Galvanized mods, Primary and Secondary Arcanes, nerfs to melee, etc. I've heard lots of different interpretations on the matter and I'm confused as to whether or not they were actually beneficial to gameplay or not. Personally, I think they've been very helpful to have around, especially for stuff like Steel Path content, but I'm just not that positive since I'm not the kind of player that looks into the math or logic behind changes like this. If I had to quickly summarize some points: I enjoy the Galvanized mods a lot. They were easy for me to grind since I enjoy playing Arbitrations and I had quite a bit of Vitus Essence left over to get them, I have not once had to re-Forma or change my weapons in order to incorporate them (maybe I will in the future, but as of now, it hasn't happened yet), and I do appreciate the damage boost. My only complaint is the fact that the effects proc off kill, so it's harder for me in some cases to actually get the effects off of the mods sometimes. Stuff like my Kuva Chakkhurr or my Trumna? Not an issue in the slightest. Stuff like my Boar Prime or Buzlok? Yeah, it's difficult. I quite like the new Arcanes. I think it makes long-Steel Path missions more rewarding and the effects of Rank 5 Arcanes DEFINITELY make the guns feel better, especially Merciless. I again complain about the on kill proc for damage like above, and while I'm not opposed to getting the Steel Essence for it, I'm not sure why I have to spend 15 Steel Essence to open up a slot to USE them when Kitguns need no such requirement. Farming the Arcanes to maximum should already be the trade off for using them since we all know we're using them for their Rank 5 effects, much like normal Arcanes. I'm not too upset with the Melee nerfs. I don't really notice anything and I still feel like they shred no matter what mission it is. I WILL say, however, that I never once slotted both Primed Fury or Berserker into the same build when it was possible to do so. I'd like to hear your thoughts, though. What do you guys think of these changes a little while after their release?
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