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  1. Just as the above title states, and a curious thought I happened to stumble on. Considering you take out everything that could be farmed, grinded for, or obtained by ANY means in the game (Weapons, Warframes, Cosmetics, etc.), how much Platinum would it take to get absolutely everything from the Market?
  2. I see. I think I'll replace Blind Rage with Energy Conversion (as recommended above) and then add in either Streamline or Stretch into the mix, or another augment ability if I can find a replacement for Radial Javelin. I checked the previous hotfixes and I haven't found anything yet. I still need to test it out, but I assume it's been acting the same as before.
  3. I think I'm gonna go ahead and take Warcry out, I really don't find myself using it that often and it's too much of a hassle to keep up. It does however count to increase the Duration with Eternal War when using Exalted Blade's projectile. Is there a certain ability I could replace Radial Javelin with? Should I replace it?
  4. https://i.imgur.com/EPXcfzJ.png I understand this is kind of a stupid question to ask, given how long I've been playing this game as well as the simplicity of Excalibur as a character, but I've loved this guy ever since he was my starter Warframe. Is there anyway I could improve or fine tune the build that I have? Some things I was thinking about: Is low Efficiency ideal on Excalibur? I personally don't mind it too horribly much, but it feels annoying to manage given the high costs for Warcry and Exalted Blade. I'd like to remove Arcane Energize to make this more offensively
  5. The reduction in the timer is based on how the current "in-game" tracking for Murmurs are currently set up. It's definitely faster; during my second test run, the second requiem was nearly filled at one point when I ended the mission. Went back to Codex; stated progress was at half of what it said in-mission. Went back to farm the Murmur, and it went back to the nearly finished position before. I was able to get the Murmur discovered at the end of the mission and it used for the progress for "in-game" rather than what was in the Codex. Does that mean these things are faster to do? ....Sl
  6. Just finished a Kuva Lich. Didn't notice much of a difference with the third Requiem and had some terrible luck with reading the sequence, but holy hell do the first and second requiems feel so much faster. Was able to fill half the Requiem meter after only two missions on the first planet. Anyone notice whether or not the amount of influence on the planets was reduced when you first spawn a Lich?
  7. I'm gonna test this out right now. If this is the case, I'm gonna be so freaking happy if it's official.
  8. Please tell me this is real, I want this to be real. <3 I've been wanting this to be an improved grind and if this is the case I am literally going to be one happy son of a gun.
  9. Wait a second, did they drop the Lato Vandal via Twitch streams? I remember the Braton Vandal drops and I got that, but I don't remember them doing the same for the Lato Vandal.
  10. Loki Verv came out recently for Twitch Prime rewards, so it is very likely that it came out with that. Strange thing is, the syandana wasn't listed as part of the deal, and Loki Verv's syandana comes out later this month.
  11. After doing so many ESO runs and not really having much to show for it, I'm wondering if I should just buy the rest of the parts and call it day. I don't have a NEED for the weapon, but I thought it'd be kinda cool to build the Braton Vandal and the Lato Vandal for novelty's sake. I should mention here that I do NOT have maxed out Focus and still have a long way to go for those, so I intended to do future ESO runs.
  12. I have nothing but respect and admiration for the individuals that are able to rack up 50+ kills in this game mode. As the title suggests, I've been playing through Dog Days in small increments since it came out. I have no idea if it is with this game mode or just my general abilities to play this game have always been lacking, but...I can't wrap my mind around how to improve at playing this. The lack of an enemy radar screws me up a lot. I always end up going gung-ho into a pack of 3-5 Executioners. I have NEVER ended a match without getting double digit deaths. I still have no id
  13. What the title says, I'd like to stock up on Rivens before "Sisters of Parvos" without having to farm for those Riven Slivers.
  14. I just thought about it, are they seriously releasing this stuff because they're prioritizing Railjack? Like, don't get me wrong, I LOVE the work they're doing with Railjack. It just needs some help with the host/not host issues so you can actually USE your Railjack and the Grineer missions could use some love, but like don't sacrifice the potential of the Liches.
  15. Thank you so much for this update! Can you please look into the following bugs? Ash Prime, with a hammer and Fatal Teleport equipped, will sometimes lock into his close up camera angles when using Blade Storm. This cannot be removed unless you abort the mission or have the enemies kill you. Please fix the Operator going to Excalibur Umbra's previous location instead of the Operator's new location when using Transference (for example, use Transference, Void Dash a couple times, then instead of Umbra going to your location, you go back to wherever Umbra is). This only happens when
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