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  1. So I've been trying to get my hands on a good auto rifle for a while now and I've been really interested in using the Stahlta, especially since it's skin came out. I've been trying really hard to make a good build for it, but I seem to have trouble getting past a particular drawback: the bane on my Stahlta Riven. Here is my current build: Everything seems to be pretty standard until you see Fast Hands in there. Here's the thing: These are the stats for the Stahlta Visi-scitis: +123.6% Damage +87.3% Slash +83.3% Critical Damage -32% Reload Speed Although the stats for thi
  2. The Staticor secondary weapon, when fired, will only show animations OF the right gauntlet being fired (the overhand shot) and never the left gauntlet (the underhand shot). This seems to be only an issue in the animation, as the weapon will fire projectiles normally.
  3. A bit of a stupid question, but with these two mods, which one is better to use on a melee weapon for overall damage? Would it be better to use Condition Overload on weapons with high status chance and Primed/Sacrificial Pressure on high crit weapons?
  4. I didn't even know that about different frames you could use for it. I love playing Nezha, myself. XD
  5. I'll just blame my frustration with them recently on my bad luck lately, then. I honestly really do like Liches, I just wish they were a little easier to grind. XD That said, it's kinda the reason for my post. I'm wondering if I'm missing something with how I'm going about farming them.
  6. It might just be me then with thinking it's a grind and the terrible luck I've had the past couple of days. Four Radiation Liches with no ephemera, two in a row with 25% bonuses. XD
  7. It might just be me, but it's not fun at all if you're doing them in bulk like I've been doing today. Getting a single weapon with a good bonus and maybe an ephemera? Yeah, it's awesome. Getting ALL the weapons AND maybe wanting to max out one or two of the bonuses? It's hell. Ahh, okay! I'm in agreement then; if they just fixed it up a bit instead of rehauling the system, this would be one of my favorite activities in Warframe.
  8. If you don't mind me asking, why so? I've always found Liches to be one of the worst grinds.
  9. So I've been doing A LOT of Kuva Liches lately, in attempts to get the weapons and maybe the ephemeras as well. I haven't really been enjoying it, and I'm a bit ticked there's nothing I can do to change the system. However, I've been thinking recently I'm getting some facts wrong about actually doing the Kuva Liches. Here they are: Do killing Thralls of another Kuva Lich add to the Rage Meter of your own Kuva Lich, or do you constantly need to kill your Kuva Lich's Thralls? Is it faster to build up Murmurs using long missions or fast missions? Either way, which ones are priority?
  10. Decided to go ahead and invest into the Twin Grakatas. Since I've been farming up Nightwave lately, I'm gonna look into the other recommendations as well (namely the Aksomati Prime, since it turns out I already have a Catalyst and 1 Forma on it already). The Twin Grakatas Visi-fevacron is: +44.4% Reload Speed +203.7% Damage +125.4% Critical Chance What have I done...
  11. Normally, when using the "5" button to use Transference as the Operator, you will be returned to your Warframe in the position of your Operator. This does not seem to be the case with Excalibur Umbra, as using Transference as the Operator will place you in whatever position Excalibur Umbra is currently occupying. I am not sure if this is simply a gameplay design due to Umbra's sentience passive or a bug caused by it, as it's presence makes a form of common movement (using Void Dash to dash around a level) extremely clunky and confusing.
  12. Upon reaching one of the extraction points in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset, the one with a single Warframe groove in the wall, some weird ship looking thing pokes through the ground right below it. From the looks of it, I think it part of the Landing Craft. Currently, I have the Nightwave Landing Craft with icy blue colors, so that is what appears for me. I am not sure if this changes depending on other players. It doesn't affect gameplay in the slightest, you can just go right through and walk on it, but it seems a little out of place and it will ALWAYS appear at that extraction point wit
  13. Why would I need to use Steady Hands? I don't much like the idea of using an Arcane slot or replace an ability with Energized Munitions just to help with Ammo efficiency And I ask out of curiosity, since I haven't had an issue with weapon recoil on the Twin Grakatas.
  14. I've been struggling to look for a long term secondary weapon to use for the game, just something fun and not necessarily top tier, but something that can still be viable. While leveling up some of my equipment, I've really, REALLY enjoyed using the Twin Grakatas. I would love to invest in it, but I'm not sure if I should over other options. I have a fully modded Kuva Nukor with a 38.6% Toxin Bonus and a 2 Forma Pyrana Prime to use instead, but I have a Riven for the Twin Grakatas and I've been having more fun with it than the other two. I am also unsure because I'm not sure if DE would decide
  15. Does putting the Necramech Pressure Point and Fury mods on Bonewidow apply to her Ironbride as well? I was taking a look back at my build and I really want to say no, but I'm not sure.
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