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  1. Clan name: Forlatt Stal Clan tier: Ghost Clan platform: PC Your Clan role: Founding Warlord Featured image: Main Hall (Hidden Grove Theme) For our Dojo, our featured image is our main hub from an angle that showcases our chosen theme of a hidden grove. The theme carries on through the rest of our tour. Grand Theater and Main areas: Research: Observation: Banquet hall:
  2. So the forward artillery becomes quite worthless beyond early Saturn, with its cost per ammo and the fact that it only does about a quarter of a veil proximas crewships health makes it pointless. Even if you manage to mod it to 100% bonus damage and possibly other systems giving damage bonus it might be able to one shot a ship, but its a lot of set up for something thats set up to be our big gun. I think it would be functionally better if its damage scaled with how close the shot is to the reactor, a direct hit would lead to 1 hit kill and less damage the further you get from the reactor. With mods then improving that damage to give a safety net with aiming. That way a shot from behind or the front will basically give a kill but one from the side will take a bit of aiming.
  3. playing a part of devils advocate the only thing that is remotely defend-able is not using the forward battery like at all in the veil proxima. A direct hit only does about a quarter of a crew ships health. So wasting all the shots to take out one ship then spending mission reward to refuel it or you know the more common outcome of your own resources because some people like to rush back and refine so they dont lose any of their reward.
  4. Will the odonata recieve any update with railjack? Its forward barrier does not protect you from the attacks of the crewships and its third ability seeking fire does not seem lock on to anything
  5. When it comes to the shield arrays, I wish they would improve the base shields of the rail jack and not just be a hard addition to them. That way the maxima mod can actually be worth using and it could lead players to making truly different ships. As it is now, just like warframes, we are rewarded the most for having high health and armor on the railjacks. I think it would be nice if shields were actually competitive so people can make high shield-speed based rail jacks that get hull damaged less often but once the shields get popped they will be shredded.
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