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  1. I hope that is the case, due to crazy things have not been in a position to get a gold trophy in a long time. So super hyped to add a new one.
  2. Yeah the score says 14k and some. And it says theres a weekly reset but we got the bronze and terra status pretty quickly the day before last.
  3. I got 3 active clan members, 2 of us got 8.5k in endurance and the other got 5.7k but we have not received the silver or gold trophies. Does anyone know if there is a refresh time frame before the game sees that the clan earned it?
  4. Something could end up fully developed but then have the devs feel like its not to a standard they want and drop it, no matter how far along it is. I personally would rather not ever see a game mode than it possibly being dead on arrival and never getting fixed or updated. We do have quite a bit of that already in warframe. A good example of something they put a lot of work into was the kingpin system, they show cased its progress numerous times but have shelved it indefinitely. For not shaping up how they wanted.
  5. For dojos, after a bigger clan Hall has been built, could we be allowed to deconstruct the lesser halls? As of now my clan has a third floor that only consists of older Clan halls because they can not be deconstructed as long as a larger hall exists and because we can only have 1 copy of a hall, I am unable to build it elsewhere to then deconstruct. For amps, it has been said that our tenno are to become warriors. Could we see this in a form of more arcane spots on amps? With of course the caveat that those arcanes can not stack. I would love to have multiple damage types on my amp, making these modular weapons even more unique. For ephemera, Could we see the ability to have both a body and step ephemeras on the same frame? I would enjoy a combination of smoking body and shocking step.
  6. Your edit is right, man that is a lot of salt, nah i put the gif there because that last line of yours felt like the perfect spot for it. You do make some valid points, but elite should have a higher wall to completion otherwise its just a weekly challenge the name would be pointless. People being carried through some elite stuff is fine but shouldnt be the norm for all of it. A bigger issue to be addressed is when some weekly challenges are psudo elites, like 3 formas, rare fish/gems. Things like that shouldnt be in the rotation for weekly.
  7. I think it should be avoided having a challenge like 3 formas, it really is not an issue you could spend 3 days making them then placing them but for some people who are in good spots with their set ups dont need to forma. Luckily I still need to forma my mesa prime so thats my out for this challenge, but this challenge kind of sounds like encouraging people who dont have formas to buy them instead of waiting 3 days. Like oh look you need to do 3 formas and we just happen to sell them in bundles of three, I am not making this accusation but I could see others viewing it that way. But for my general feedback for nightwave as a whole: Dailies should be challenges that basically anyone can do. (Which has been true to this point) Weekly challenges should be fully do-able by anyone whos around the war within game progress wise. (Hit and miss so far) Elite challenges should be fully doable by those who are fully up to date in content and most reputations. (Kinda hit and miss) I think elite challenges having the possibility of being locked behind max rep for factions is fine, but weekly challenges should at most be locked by rank 2 of factions. Sure things like fishing and mining are easy enough but when your wanting rare fish or rare gems. Some of that is gated behind pretty high rep for what should be a challenge most can do. Currently my biggest issues for weekly challenges is they sound either like a small bump from daily challenges or right at the cusp of being called elite. The example of a well balanced weekly challenge that comes to mind was the crack 5 relics.
  8. Players that are not in a position to do orb mother are not in a position to get all ranks of nightwave, they get as far as they can in this series and hope to get further in the next. I think the lack of more wolf cred is truly more hindering than the loss of an elite challenge. Agreed. I think its reasonable that elite missions can be slightly unreasonable or infeasible to a portion of the player base. I dont think nightwave is designed to where every player can make it to rank 30 by the end. Though what is inconceivable is how dare they give me a challenge for 3 formas, the day after I put 5 into my kitgun lol.
  9. Garuda Successor Helmet is not in the game.
  10. wow, you must of found a lot of fugitives to make it to rank 14 without requiring the 5 sorties. At least 10k worth
  11. Alright so about what i thought I would be lookin for.
  12. I think its suppose to be a spooky mystery of a sorts. Yes, my Helios did the same thing to me. I flew around the map for a bit not knowing how obvious they may or may not be. I've just resigned that i will either run into it or wait for someone to publish a map of it.
  13. I have not found anything either, I think their are suspose to be things that just stand out while doing things in the orb vallis I dont think the scans are a doing it quick thing.
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