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  1. i mean if you wana take away a persons free will. Sure, you can be a monster.
  2. Its a robot brother moon, from dead space
  3. All I can agree on is well of life being replaced by something new, even back in the day it was barely useable as her 4 just did a better job. A status purge that adds immunity after would be a good addition to a power but shouldnt be one by itself. Energy vampire needs the cost that it has. Link is already strong, if you are building to be a link trinity you are already a god.
  4. Really wouldnt work, throwing in non cannon events into games always starts to muddy the waters. An example stuff that doesnt work is like an Ogre from dragon age showing up as a statue in mass effect. Makes way more questions then it should, while it is meant to just be a i see what you did there moment. Now if both games made a homage to each other with a small quest that could be something cool. Like if destiny found a supersuit in a cryopod but since their technology level is below what it was before the collapse they cant make use of it so it goes into 'research'. Warframe can have a mercenary group from some colony that worships their moon trying to good out in the universe and while we are doing our quest, we just hear their banter through coms as they do theirs. I think something along those lines works better as a cross over type deal then a big advertised, get X appearance or see the 2 heros of each world fighting side by side kinda stuff.
  5. This would lead into a very simple problem. Oh look Combo frame X Y and Z are the 3 top tier options, if you are not running one of these options in missions you are wrong.
  6. Agreed, how the three questions are phrased. Does effect how people answer. Either more questions were needed for more variety of thoughts on the matter or just a yes or no pull.
  7. In a story standpoint, she is an emotional crutch for the tenno. With her out of the picture it would actually exponentially increase the story possibilities of an actual post lotus universe and give us a lot of things the tenno have to then deal with themselves. Though it looks like the underline theme of the next quest is basically What is family or What does it mean to be family. 1) Natah/Lotus, self sacrifices to save the tenno from the sentient in the climax. Allowing us to get a decisive blow of some kind. Leaving the tenno to truly forge their own future. (This option has a lot of merit, it would force the tenno to actually think for themselves now that their mother is gone. This outcome would cause all future quests to revolve around their personal growth and the paths they individually choose to take. Even possibly lead to tenno splinter groups.) 2) We end up with Natah, making the active choice to be the lotus, its clear even with her "reprogramming" gone she still cares for the tenno deeply. This could lead to her coming to terms with her feelings. That even though being the lotus was forced on her, the memories and feelings she gained during her own second dream are still very real and are just as important as the ones she had before. (This option, would be my favorite. It would give lotus actually agency in the story. This option is very similar to the first but just mixes the lotus into it, all the future quests would revolve around repairing the trust between the tenno and the lotus. With it clear to the tenno that the lotus is not unquestionable or infallible, it would also lead to splinter groups forming) 3) Or with her being a mimic, she might have an identity crisis and split into 2 separate entities of natah and lotus. I hate this possible outcome because it would basically give us our cake and let us eat it and no one really grows as a character. (This is the easiest and laziest option, it keeps the status quo and would basically amount to the whole saga of quests being a game of hot space potato)
  8. well they wont end it without having all the episodes out so you got time apparently lol
  9. Infested are great, and they got some really good creepy factor going on here. The wolf was a cool enemy but the story was all over the place for what was going on. This seems to actually be following a point by point esk structure. And i wana know what happens next lol
  10. So unless I am crazy (quite possible), its been about 2-3 weeks since we got episode 3. It felt like we got the first 3 really fast and now nothing. Am I wrong on how long we have waited for the next bit?
  11. Best option be garuda, stab yourself for unlimited energy. 😛
  12. Warframe has always been, pay to get stuff faster. The paying has always been to avoid grind, yes things like eidolon lens are rare and the same could be said about the aura forma. But I personally have no issue with it. If they gate things from the market like that. It took this long for a rare item like eido lens to be made available. If they keep this notion of rarer 'new' items take X time to be added to the market to be just bought I see no issue. An example I can think of is at the end of the year after the 3rd series of night wave most likely, a lot of people would have 3 umbra formas. If at that point they made it a reward in like arbitration then a few months later a market purchase. I would see no issue with that transition.
  13. I honestly dont have an issue with the revive system, I just wish it was actually optional and not forced on you for killing a drone. Those burdens get annoying.
  14. I agree with a lot of your points, but I need to point out. The angle of your screen shot makes me think someone just broke your operators nose with a frying pan.
  15. An idea of a corrupted forma of sorts is pretty neat, but it has many unforeseen downsides. Maybe as a starter, have it actually corrupt an existing polarity not adding one and have it so when you slot a corrupt mod into that spot has it reduce the penalty aspect of the mod by a 1/3. This way you basically dedicated 2 formas for a small boost. The problem with stat tweaking is people will quickly gravitate towards valid dump stats to maximize the only things that matter right now, health and armor. Even if the notion of changing base stats by reducing other base stats, it would turn shields into the end all be all dump stat and frames that have no shields at all would not be able to make use of such a dump stat either. I think its best to avoid increasing and decreasing anything of player choice. Now I am on board for just getting like super tiny amounts of base stat improvements with each forma, that would be neat, cant be to crazy because multipliers are funny like that.
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