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  1. "Sleeping in the cold below" music should be named in english in Somakord just like every other music, pls change the title into english.
  2. I understand that there are 5 things in Grab Bag but why there is possibility to get two the same things.
  3. The ''Anoint the Altar'' should be translate like that: ''Namaszczenie kapliczki/ołtarzu''. Altar - ołtarz, kapliczka - chapel''. Altar is bigger than chapel. In polish version we have ''Namaszczenie kapliczka'' which is meanless couse of gender variety.
  4. I just cant evacuate from Ropalolyst mission, thx i have just wasted 20 mins of my life. Repair it pls, i want Wisp.
  5. Dani-ello

    Texture ESO

    In ESO in corpus lake zone when you slide on water and look up(the camera is down) and you can see the lake from the bottom, i mean that lake doesnt have a texture from bottom or a camera limiter
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