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  1. as stated in the title, if you try to summon an archgun/heavy weapon and get downed by an enemy at the same time, it can cause a functionality loss. in particular, when you get back up, you will have your secondary weapon out, and you will be completely unable to switch to any other weapons. you can't use primary or melee weapon, and you can't even summon gear-based weapons like the archgun, codex scanner, tranq rifle, etc... and in this state, if your secondary weapon is removed/disarmed, such as by a drahk master, it will simply make you "unarmed" rather than automatically switching to an
  2. Could you please add the keys to Simaris's artifact archive so those of us who unfortunately did sell our keys can at least get new ones? Also on a related note, why is it possible to buy infinite Limbo and Mirage blueprints from the market, yet impossible to sell them? currently the only option is to fully build the duplicate Limbos and Mirages if you accidentally buy more blueprints than you intended.
  3. can confirm this is an issue for me too. i love the shiny chainbelt but this is an eyesore on the profile.
  4. at the very least if we cant edit the songs completely, at least allow us to pick one of our saved songs to use as-is... i went out of my way to specifically build a samus aran hildryn cosplay and put resonator on it, but then i found out that resonator cant even play the metroid song i made? makes me wanna cry.
  5. i have no idea what caused this, but i have to report it because something was very much not right there. audio screetch so loud i actually had to throw off my headphones and quit the game on the spot. be warned. anyways here's the clip of it happening, saved directly from my stream. https://clips.twitch.tv/CoweringGiantSquirrelArsonNoSexy
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