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  1. Like it says in the title, Jupiter Capture Targets (and all other units with jetpacks) sometimes get stuck in an endless loop of flying in circles and refuse to ever land, even after they've been "killed", which makes it impossible to complete the mission. The only option if this happens is to abort. I suspect a major factor in this bug is due to Jupiter's wide open areas with bottomless pits causing them to become confused and unable to *find* a place to land, thus the circling. For example, the tile/room containing Partner Fragment 4/8 seems to be nearly guaranteed to trigger this bug on any and all jetpack units who attempt to fly near the middle of the room.
  2. I dropped exactly 1,000,000 creds in the box and didnt get anything
  3. my festive decorations in my orbiter are still invisible... ;-; i need my snowman back!
  4. Can you please give me back the festive decoration in my orbiter? ;A; the hotfix removed it!
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