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  1. If you try to polarize the Dark Split sword, it does not give you any prompt to chose which kind of Forma to use. It just defaults to plain normal forma and jumps right into the polarity choice window. Also, if you have a Stance Forma and/or an Umbra Forma, but no normal Forma, it will prompt you to buy a normal Forma from the store, and again, not acknowledge the other kinds of Forma you have. Please fix this. The Dark Split Sword is literally the most deserving weapon for Stance Forma in the whole game.
  2. dang i never thought to use hyldrin for samus... i used octavia because she could bring a morphball
  3. Just a few ideas of toggle-able options I figured would be useful for the Simulacrum/Simularena, since you guys are taking a refresh look at it anyways... Auto-respawn enemies: Does what it says on the tin. when you kill the enemies you've spawned, they automatically respawn so you don't have to run back to the terminal to do it yourself. Random Enemies: Randomly selects which enemies will spawn from any faction (up to the 20 enemy cap). Works best when paired with Auto-respawn for that chaotic battle feeling. Single Faction only: Limiter for the above option. Requires selecting at least one enemy manually and then all random enemies will be the same faction as that one. For less chaos. With these options turned on, you could truly get the most out of testing how your loadouts and builds would perform in a "real" battle, all from the safety of the Simulacrum/Simularena!
  4. So it turns out Kuva Larvlings become locked to the player who downed them, even if that player decides not to convert it into a Lich. For example, Say I'm in a 4 player squad and I down the Larvling, but it doesn't show the weapon I want. The sensible thing to do would be to let my squadmates have the chance to take it instead. However, since I was the one who downed it, currently my squadmates cannot interact with it. They can't stab it, they can't even see what weapon it will have. It's completely locked out for them. Now granted, I understand that making the downed Larvling instantly available for anyone in the squad to stab would open the door to people just stealing the Lich before the others can react, which I'm guessing is the reason it currently is the way it is. SO, here is my suggestion for a way to allow sharing of an unwanted Larvling amongst squadmates without opening the door to theivery. 1: Increase the lifespan of a downed Larvling before it dies from the current 30s to 1m. 2: Keep the current "locked out" state initially, so the player who downed it has the first chance to decide if they want it. 3: Make the current "locked out" state only last for 30s or so. If the player who downed the Larvling doesn't stab it in this time, it opens up to the rest of the squad to pick over. To reiterate: with the current system, if the player who downed a Larvling decides not to take it, the Larvling is completely wasted and nobody else even gets a chance at it. If these changes or something fairly similar were implemented, it would allow for everyone in a squad the opportunity to take it if the player who downed it decides not to.
  5. they literally only do one thing. increase the range of beam weapons. they dont affect damage. they should be exilus mods. also, Ruinous Extension still doesnt work on the Gaze kitguns. that needs to be fixed too.
  6. When I read this, I immediately jumped to my Ludoplex to test the Wyrmius mini-game... Turns out the corpus turrets in there are still completely invulnerable and the game is still literally impossible to beat. *sadface*
  7. For people using the steam controller, it is currently impossible to perform the blink maneuver in archwing or even a normal dodge/roll, as the game instead just makes the archwing descend. Also the afterburners that are supposed to activate automatically after a certain amount of time sprinting in archwing simply never trigger on controller. It just stays normal boosting forever. Can you please address this?
  8. Can we please get a fix for the Omni Tool in the Gear wheel? It keeps injecting itself into a random slot and breaking our gear wheel setup, and theres no way to manually choose where to put it because we cant actually select it as a gear item to put in a slot.
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