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  1. was mostly talking about elevation, but thanks for the tip lol
  2. Several menus with Sort/Filter options always default to Name, rather than remembering your preferred sorting. For example, the Glyph menu under profile. Every time I want to change glyphs, I have to manually select Owned, or spend ages scrolling past various glyphs I don't own or want. Due to the Mod menu no longer having a generic "Companion" tab, generic Companion mods like [Animal Instinct] that are neither Robotic or Beast can only be found in the All category, either by by directly searching for them, or by scrolling through all your mods until you find them. In the Vehicles mode of the Arsenal, selecting Loadout Options and then Rename brings up the name of your currently equipped frame loadout, not your Archwing loadout. (However proceeding to type in a new name and submitting will still rename the Archwing loadout as it should.) Also regarding the Vehicles mode of the Arsenal, your equipped "Heavy Weapon" (Gravimag Archgun) is NOT saved to your Archwing loadout, but rather instead, your Frame's loadout. There is no indicator anywhere to tell you this, which causes a lot of confusion and frustration to find out every time I switch Frame loadouts, it would default to the [Imperator] if I had not yet selected a different Heavy Weapon for that Frame loadout. (I would strongly suggest either changing it to save to your Archwing loadout as one would naturally expect it to, or adding some sort of visual indicator that clearly explains that it does not, as having to figure out how it works via trial and error is very frustrating.) Still on the subject of Vehicle mode Loadouts, your equipped K-Drive does NOT save to either your Archwing loadout or your Frame loadout. It is entirely standalone. This means that if, for example, I wanted to always use my [Bad Baby] K-drive with my [Elytron] Archwing loadout, my [Flatbelly] K-Drive with my [Itzal] Archwing loadout, and my [Needlenose] K-drive with my [Amesha] Archwing loadout, then every single time I switched between said loadouts, I would also need to manually equip the corresponding K-Drive. (Again, I would strongly suggest either fixing the way it is saved, or adding an indicator that explains that it does not save with your Archwing loadout as expected.) Owned Decorations do not show up in the Inventory menu, meaning if one wants to know what decorations they do or don't have, the only way is to actually go into decoration mode and attempt to place a decoration down to get to the menu that shows what decorations are available. Speaking of decorations, there is no way to just dispose of unwanted decorations. For example, I have several duplicate Eidolon and Orb Mother Articulas that I do not want. Currently the only ways to remove them from my decoration inventory are to A: Place them down somewhere, or B: Donate them to a clan. Ideally, such decorations that can drop as rewards from bosses should have the option to just throw duplicates away if desired, perhaps by selling them for a measly 1 Credit, so that they don't take up unnecessary space. Thanks In advance if these QOL problems get fixed Also as an afterthought regarding decorations again but not menus this time, there are no decoration equivalents to the Brilliant, Radiant, or Synthetic Eidolon Shards. And what about Old Man Suumbaat's unique Atayan sculpture??? When do we get one?! xD
  3. I've stood on the highest point of both and I honestly cant tell which is taller. Which one do y'all think is taller?
  4. my festive decorations in my orbiter are still invisible... ;-; i need my snowman back!
  5. Can you please give me back the festive decoration in my orbiter? ;A; the hotfix removed it!
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