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  1. Only time I ever use his four is on disruption missions. It actually stops the demolishes for a short second and I find it pretty useful. As for damage I rely on my nikana zaw, but with blood rush that no problem.
  2. Darnnnnnn Riven has 230% CC and Damage but -60% impact. Anyone want it 😂
  3. So market coupons do not apply to platinum
  4. Does it say when? I’m on Xbox and it usually doesn’t show or let me know when it’s on
  5. I’m a bit confused on how platinum discounts work. When you get a 50% off coupon for the market does that qualify?
  6. Maybe if you don’t like him being hunched you can use harrow’s noble animation set.?
  7. Haha well the problem is...I’m mr 8. Arca titron is 10 and the riven is mr 15. I think I’ll just wait to try and sell it lol
  8. A “Thank You” from a mr1 for telling him how to upgrade a mod
  9. That’s very very unfortunate. I just got a critaata riven for it. So very unfortunate.
  10. Just curious cuz I got a pretty darn good riven for it
  11. Oh wait you can fuse??? I didn’t even know that /I’m a fool
  12. Lol I remember I was in Cassini looking for a Bramma but I had rhino equipped and now I have a 21% impact based Bramma. Rip
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