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  1. I have experienced this in void relic missions twice last night and during today's sortie.
  2. This is so cool: Wolf of Saturn-Six Diorama pt. 2 HYPED
  3. Would this server maintenance be in preparation for, FORTUNA!? Also, will RAILJACK battles become a new template for Dark Sector Tenno v Tenno Solar Rail battles???
  4. Try my "Farming" Loadout. High armor (steel fiber) Oberon Prime with Hunter's Adrenaline for energy generation, increased energy pool,efficiency and duration (primed flow, streamline, primed continuity). Round off with vitality, phoenix renewal and the aura/exilus of your choice. Arcane Guardian (maxed) boosts survivability even further. I also use both Operator arcanes that heal for when Renewal's armor buff and HoT (heal-over-time) aren't cutting it (usually due to slash/toxin). Paired with my Radiation/Corrosive/Heat Arca Plasmor that does 32k+ dmg/shot, he one shot's heavy's in third level sorties.
  5. Could we get clearer verbage on melee punchthrough? I had a mission where a resource cache spawned behind a wall that couldn't open (it wasn't designed to), and the only way to open it was to bulletjump at the wall. Also, it should be clearly stated that some weapons have the ability to punchthrough multiple foes, but not environments.
  6. I'm stunned at the lack of response to this announcement! DE has been doing an amazing job of updating and delivering content. I doubt that there is any other game on the market that updates with this frequency or the quality and quantity within updates. More so, I'm impressed with the console team getting this update to certification so quickly. Kudos, for real, DE! The real players appreciate you!
  7. Can we get dual wielded melee zaws? I'm dying to see a sword & dagger combo, twin hatchets, and dual hammers!
  8. [DE]Danielle might this server maintenance correct some of the weird instances of matchmaking failures? In particular with Terry, Garry, and Harry?
  9. This shoulder would be super awesome if you could holster actual one handed daggers in it for melee. Pull out a sheev and cut 'em!
  10. Personally, I take down Nullifier bubbles by taking out the projector above the bubble. 1 shot takes out the Arctic Eximus Ice Bubble, 2nd shot takes out the projector. 31k damage per shot Arca Plasmor. 2nd shot normally eats the Eximus and his entourage... If you are playing melee only, might as well get into the bubble.
  11. I am pretty sure that DE said that the new particles were rolling out in phases. I doubt they could have touched every weapon and ability already. Hopefully your feedback will improve the final product for everyone.
  12. PhysX is proprietary to Nvidia GPU's. If you use AMD, you won't see PhysX. That is one of the reasons for the particle update. This way, everyone will be able to see more effects. The effects are also supposed to be less RAM intensive, so there should be almost no performance issues.
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