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  1. This is so cool: Wolf of Saturn-Six Diorama pt. 2 HYPED
  2. Would this server maintenance be in preparation for, FORTUNA!? Also, will RAILJACK battles become a new template for Dark Sector Tenno v Tenno Solar Rail battles???
  3. Try my "Farming" Loadout. High armor (steel fiber) Oberon Prime with Hunter's Adrenaline for energy generation, increased energy pool,efficiency and duration (primed flow, streamline, primed continuity). Round off with vitality, phoenix renewal and the aura/exilus of your choice. Arcane Guardian (maxed) boosts survivability even further. I also use both Operator arcanes that heal for when Renewal's armor buff and HoT (heal-over-time) aren't cutting it (usually due to slash/toxin). Paired with my Radiation/Corrosive/Heat Arca Plasmor that does 32k+ dmg/shot, he one shot's heavy's in third level sorties.
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