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  1. Bummer, but understandable. Now I just wished PSN didn't overcharge for items in different currencies.
  2. Follow up question, does Prime Access go on discount eventually?
  3. They're quite pricy for me (got crappy currency) to even just get one. I'm honestly astounded by the price difference between on psn and steam.
  4. Ah darn, so for console there isn't a way to get both in one go?
  5. I'd like to ask that if I purchase the current Nezha Prime access pack, do I still get the accessories of ephemera and armor? PlayStation store says for Prime Access: - 2625 Platinum - Nezha Prime - Guandao Prime - Zakti Prime - Exclusive Nezha Prime Glyphs For Accessories: - 1365 Platinum - Ransha Prime Armor - Baurahn Prime Ephemera - 90 Day Affinity Booster - 90 Day Resource Booster Explanations are appreciated!
  6. I can't access region, recruiting, or trading chat. The chat is blank as well as the member list. I can still see my own name in clan and alliance, but that's about it. I was still able to match with other players for the sortie and play some missions. Seen this happen before, usually waiting it out will bring everything back to normal. 20 minutes later still nothing so I reset both my router and ps4. Now the chat is in an infinite loading loop, pressing L1 or R1 doesn't take me to region, clan, alliance etc. Can't see my own name in squad. I read some older posts that this looks l
  7. Did isolation vaults and can this thing please stop spitting me out underneath the map? Using archwing stops the falling but there's an invisible barrier preventing me from flying up to the surface. /unstuck teleports me back to the esophage, which using it brings me underneath the map again. Walking back all the way back to the start is kinda time consuming and I do get quite lost in trying to find out where I came from.
  8. Ps4 here. When returned to orbiter after mission complete screen, cannot see squad members when pressing options. This results in can't vote on missions, can't leave squad and if I try going to navigation the star chart shows up but no missions can be seen at all.
  9. Every time I try to start the sortie, it says that I have not unlocked monolith (phobos). I have completed the entire star chart and have access to arbitration and can also access the regular version of monolith. Help?
  10. Alright, thank you! I'm rather new to twitch, how do you message someone?
  11. I've been watching the community work from home streams lately, it's pretty cool to see the staff just chilling out. One thing I've noticed is that they hold a 400 platinum raffle. Now I myself have not won it, but every time someone does the staff says something too quickly, I assume they have to say it every time so they just go on routine by now, but that I can't really hear what they're saying. So my question is if you win the raffle, what specifically do you have to do? I can only pick up write your username, but what other information do I need to state? And where do I give
  12. I did not receive the mysterious decoration, but got hydroid, athodai and the staff skin. Help?
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