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  1. I've never traded Riven and I have no idea what this Kuva crap is for. So... yes, I would be okay.
  2. You are wrong. Any more verbal abuse and I start charging.
  3. What do you feel Protea lacks right now to make her a good fit? I don't have Wisp but she's one of the frames I hear the best things about. What about her kit works for you?
  4. I prefer female warframes. That doesn't mean that Saryn, Banshee, and Nyx are in the best spot right now.
  5. This is not the same as 'overpowered' or 'hit one button over and over.' What warframes: - Have a strong flavor/aesthetic? - Interesting gameplay? - Are satisfying to play, being able to both tackle challenges but not make content trivial?
  6. They're waiting for the right moment. Hotfix 23.3911.284ey: Changes Parazon mods so they use a charge whether you kill the lich or not.
  7. I've read this more than once and don't understand. How is staying longer a waste of time if you have a booster?
  8. As someone who is truly lazy, I am offended that these minor actions are regarded as lazy. Want to know how I farmed Mesa Prime? I spend hours reading webcomic, used my debit card to get plat, and bought her from warframe market. Didn't even log into the game except to trade and then spent my time playing around in Captura. I am hippokrene, and thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
  9. I see someone got the 'complain on the forums about Nightwave' daily.
  10. I'd like more spuds for frames.Without it, there's a great deal of content that you can't use a frame for. So they just sit there and gather dust after they hit level 30.
  11. Players: We're tired of waiting an hour to reach 160 level enemies. Give us a hard mode so we can jump into difficult content. [DE]: Okay, we'll make a hardmode that starts 100 levels early. Other Players: A hardmode? You mean with a bunch of cool and unique rewards? [DE]: Okay, we'll add some exclusive glyphs if you clear a hardmode planet. Third group of Players: Hardmode? What is that? [DE]: It's a mode where the enemies are scaled up 100 levels at the beginning. If you clear a hardmode planet, you'll get a unique glyph. Third Group: What?! That's sucks! No one
  12. When placing a decoration: I do appreciate how the Operator has turned my orbiter into a --hideous trash heap-- welcoming home.
  13. You learn about parazon during the tutorial and use them whenever you do stealth finishers or hack a computer. By the time you reach the Jackal, you'll have used it hundreds of times. How would you even get through a spy or rescue missions without using a parazon? What do you mean? I didn't have all my mod slots filled in. My sword had two mods, +dmg and +heat. My Excaliber had mods you get through the questline.
  14. That doesn't sound right. First gen 'frames' were just crazy monster things that slaughtered everything in the lab. Inaros wouldn't be one of those. We know that Titania was Silvanus' frame project and Margolus was alive when she developed her. Ballis was trying to make the frames 'warframes' then but that didn't happen fully until after Margolus' death.
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