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  1. Partical ram not working on my railjack my friends work on my ship but not mine. I try removing and replacing still nothing. I tried put tether in that slot also not working? I use square button for many things, so the buttons assign correctly.
  2. Worse yet I have re done and fuse 4 and 5 times all the weapons over 50 lich to get to 60% But weapon says 57.6 58.1 worst yet I redid my weapons four and five times to get them to 60% and yet on the weapon stats says 57.3 58.1, 59.3 when it top it says 60 when at top says 60%
  3. Happened a few weeks ago I don't go Onslaught regular basis today went in to level a weapon and again happens if I only have say Sentinel and 1 weapon comes to a point where I have over 900 ammo but can't reload, can't shoot? Tried jumping out of bounds different things nothing works only way to fix is to die, and respond without getting revived.
  4. What I was saying is "The Fun and Progress Killers" aka "DE" rarely give anything to progress in game, that is nothing but grind for poor rewards. Do we need 5 the same sculpture in a week? Do we need more orbitor decorations? Etc?! Or do we need Kuva, Forma of all type, boosters, etc.
  5. As usual I try doing 5 Bounties in or Valles on the fourth Bounty you get to a point where you have to access the terminal yet you cannot access the terminal this is the other reason I cannot complete the trophy do 6 Bounties in one hour because it doesn't work. Yes I know I can exit and come back later and finish the bounties for the requirement however I want the trophy please fix this glitch it does not work you cannot do 6 bounty in an hour can't even do 4. After the glitch occurs if you abandon objective and come back and try a different Bounty the same thing will happen over and over no
  6. Great Lens drops this weak! Being mr30 have absolutely no reason to watch for yet another week!
  7. Did I receive 10p refund when I unlocked exilus that it charged me? Cuz I have several already?
  8. I deploy glyph in Mission and don't get the 1000 nightwave credit still shows I haven't done it tried 20+ times today
  9. Hi nightwave deploy a glyph in Mission Not Working I have tweet everyone sent tickets etc. Ever since mission posted yesterday it doesn't work.
  10. I have tried several times since my mr30 rank in different releys no 1 ever gets it I ask in chat and I don't get it either? I'm listed public also. Some of my friends have same issue.
  11. Hi I have been trying several times over several days doing several different missions to complete 6 bounty in 1 hour. Every time you get to last stage of 5th bounty. A console you need to hack in mission. Will Not let you access it no matter what tried use operator, tried set off alarm. Nothing works. Being mr30 nothing to do but trophy. Also ride 20 velocipod in Deimos Does not not record rides always says 0. Also trophy Forbidden fruit, collect 50 Ganglion fruit shows I have 50 yet says not complete with lock image
  12. Stahlta.? Great something that most of us don't need! How about an option for a different reward like nightwave for those of us who already have it. No point in watching this week again. And whose bright idea was it to remove the sentient core drops from the sentient in orphics Venom? Why no Theorem arcanes ithat are not worth farming n orphix again for those of us that have everything from Scarlet spear. No Orphix statue like earth n sentient ship that you had in Scarlet spear?
  13. I purchased Lavos pack 645p received statue and friend gifted statue received. I received Nothing els since? Been 24 hours several tweet and ticket submitted no reply.
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