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  1. I hear ya on the stress relief. I made rank 3 today rather than stay rank 2 to get mods to sell to help new players. I couldn't stand the fake ID noob killers that haunt the recruiting servers any longer. Much less traffic in upper rank rooms I get pummeled across the map from wolf Sledge players now so I guess I will start using mine. I have every mod and stance. Only missing augments got 1 at rank up today. Finally all my gold mods do something.
  2. Yes with so many toxic when chat about it an toxic players in it on Alt id's mr8 going 20/0 killing off new players cuz they think it's fun then complaining it's dead. For those of us in it would be nice to get some small changes like aura mod any polarity for Warframes that have no benefit other than more mod capacity and give full mod capacity with orokin reactor installed. I literally had to build new frames because of my forma conflicts don't allow to put anything in exilus slot due to red in other spots.
  3. Don't be such a Negative Nancy there are tons of players like me who have no content left to do and we have everything in the game no matter how enjoyable other modes can be you can only do them so much new is new. Different is different. I even do railjack a few hour a day solo with nothing to gain. Getting 25 kill and win conclave match, more fun then do regular missions.
  4. Conclave is definitely back on the rise among players. I only started just beginning to play it this week. I am rank 31 and I have hit my daily cap of 31500 within an hour or two at the most every single day not possible if nobody was playing. I was able to buy every mod in rank 1 and 2. I haven't rank passed 2 till I get all them n buy 2 or 3 extra for weapons etc. to sell new players on my warframe market page so they don't have to abort n say I don't have any mods.. if you can't find games in your region use Google and ask it what time is it in each of the different regions change your region under the game options if you can find a region that it's 3 or 4 p.m. or 7 or 8 or 9 p.m or afternoon on the weekends. it's going to find games. Stop crying and start trying come back and do your daily cap get some mods they make all the difference in the world. Sometimes I get six or eight or even 9,000 bonus at the end of the round that includes daily alerts within it that are listed in a tab on the top right you could even come in and just try to do the alerts you make a ton
  5. Don't get me wrong most of the time I don't enjoy it when max rank player make new I'd just to join n kill noobs at it. Just absolutely nothing left 4me to do in game. Completed all content in game under 400 days everything
  6. Now that I'm Legendary rank with absolutely nothing to do in game. I have been trying to find player in conclave. There are things I would like to earn mods cosmetics etc. However near impossible to even find a match. I'm still rank 1 can't even complete daily standing limit. With soooo many mr30 players why not do conclave. Definitely breaks up routine of regular game play.
  7. I'm mr31 have 180 riven can't do sortie. Have over 10,000 Platinum that I can use other then get cosmetics. With soooo many weapons in game. Riven capacity is way way to low. Mr30 n up should be allowed 300 minimum. I can have millions of mods, n arcane etc. Makes no sense. Your in this to make money on your free to play game thar I have 1000s of dollars invested in. Bad enough I have absolutely nothing to do in game but farm things I don't need. Weapons I would love to get riven for, millions of Kuva with nothing to role anymore. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE increase capacity. We all are begging you!
  8. They gave all ultimate weapons skins away free a few months ago in alerts. Don't know how you all missed it. $20 is a rip off
  9. Day 650 login 3 riven AND 3 slots. I'm Legendary rank 1 still says 180 capacity & that I'm over can't do sortie. Several friends have same issue n after they below 180 can't go over in trade etc. Will this be fixed?
  10. You obviously cannot read have your mother read my post I use filters and they post things that I am also looking to buy or sell but they post 20 times and things I'm looking for get pushed out of the window, and nice English
  11. Rather then limit how many people can ignore. Limit how many times idiots can spam post items for sale in trade chat that causes us to put them on ignore. Idiots post every 2 minutes 15-20 times in a row, and players like me that have filers on trade chat have others post pushed out due to to spamming posters!
  12. I did excavation solo for 2 hours yesterday. After 15 minutes no more enemies spawned wasn't able to finish an extractor. Had to exit rejoin then and 1 hour 45 minutes later. The last 3 missions I completed no reward, and no mother tokens from last 3 either. Was trying get saxum spittle mod for a friend, out of 100s of these missions I've done only received 1 terrible rng!
  13. Primary merciless Arcane is not giving plus 100% ammo at Max rank on kuva zarr all other weapons show twice the amount of ammo. This does not. Only shows 30. I constantly run out of ammo
  14. UNREAL I still have 8000+ Ducats I didn't use on tennocon due to no special items! What's next week credits?!
  15. I did more then 10 railjack skirmish lvl 90-100 solo in a row Not 1 holokey reward!
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