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  1. What about sister lich not showing a weapon & spon in wall and under floor? What about there health bar go gre can't finish Parazon strike
  2. Same here did over 60 tries Spirex wouldn't drop. Tried again few hours later it dropped. Near impossible to get radiation and impact ephemera tried 25x so far
  3. 15 new weapons that need 5 forma each and we get a credit booster really really really!
  4. NVM Didn't realize you need finish in railjack like sister lich
  5. Used universal requiem mod on Grineer lich was in 2nd spot. After used lich health bar went Grey wasn't able to finish. After mission all requium mods installed were consumed but were all full at start of mission. Now I have no planet nodes yet still have lich. I restart few times no luck HELPPPP!
  6. I built a 2nd Ivara prime I have 1 for invisible, the other for killing high level. Different polaritys When I went to mod artimis Bow with also different polaritys, it has all the polarity already that I put on original ivara bow. When I changed 1 it changed on both? No conflict with the frame was able to mod how I wanted.
  7. I have tried several times in a group and solo 2 do 3 Eidolon in a row for nightwave 2nd Eidolon does Not drop Shard to do the third one happened 5 times in a row!?
  8. Great Scintillant then I will have 53 with nothing to do with them. Can't wait! When are you putting Rush Repair Drones Back in market like they use to be? B4 I don't need them either anymore
  9. I was solo doing bounties and free roam in Deimos. Working on trophy ride 20 Velocipod Completed 2 level 1 bounties more than a dozen animal captures and I have all boosters so who knows how many tags I never received at the end of mission when I exit it shows I only receive credits small handful of endo i pick up and about 21 Vome that I had collected nothing else from all the mission.
  10. Not like they can't just send gifts to every ID that has link to Twitch. And No Space Mom 8 year anniversary gifts don't make up for it, considering after 8 years we have all of it already. Oh boy frame skins for frames I have never used great!
  11. Not sure if was fixed by DE, but I reset railjack controller settings to default Even though I have never changed them and seems to be working now.
  12. Didn't see fixed square button ability not working on railjack?
  13. Particle Ram tether I have same issue sent several messages tweet etc. No response
  14. Partical ram not working on my railjack my friends work on my ship but not mine. I try removing and replacing still nothing. I tried put tether in that slot also not working? I use square button for many things, so the buttons assign correctly.
  15. Worse yet I have re done and fuse 4 and 5 times all the weapons over 50 lich to get to 60% But weapon says 57.6 58.1 worst yet I redid my weapons four and five times to get them to 60% and yet on the weapon stats says 57.3 58.1, 59.3 when it top it says 60 when at top says 60%
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