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  1. It is only cosmetics, but there is a new skin i think, not too sure
  2. Well personaly, i just run saturn capture and kill and smash everything i see along the way, usually get 250-400 plastids every run.
  3. Its fine confusion happens. And no problem, happy to help :)
  4. Well, obviously the better pc the better fps, your settings play a role too. As in term of gameplay, its obvious that higher fps means higher gaming quality
  5. You just cant dude, the shadow is a ability, its like a exalted version.
  6. From what i know no, if youre in a railjack, then all affinity goes to the railjack, you have to be outside(and youll get archwing affinity) or inside a station(for normal weapons affinity) or something. Im not sure if this is right but from what i played it looked like this is correct. Feel free to correct me
  7. Well, you could be affected by a cold proc thats slows your actions by i think 30-50% cant remeber the ecact number
  8. If you mean "pointer" as in the cursor, then yes, it should be in the settings. I think its in either gameplay or inteference and its completely on top- "UI customization" and there you should find the speed setting of the cursor and other things too. Hope it helped! And good luck out there tenno! :)
  9. It should be there, go to your crew, click the equip button and the lich should be there. Since you say you can put the lich there now, you should have it but just a confirmation. Do you have command instrics on lvl 8?
  10. I did not say "best" i said i recommend, so please read and dont "attack" people.
  11. You also kinda get 25SE per planet if you count that.
  12. For primaries: you have good primeries so leave them for now. Secondaries: i recommend you get Atomos. Melee: i recommend Orthos Small edit: if you want you can sell braton and mk1-paris but only after you lvl them up to 30. Good luck tenno.
  13. You can, just file a support ticket
  14. We, you will have to farm all of them at some point so..
  15. Nope, and there is also quite the possibility that it will never be thing. But for now its still a no so youll have to start over.
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