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  1. Thumper is a HORRIBLE example of a "hard" enemy as everything about it is BS, and it's still not even "hard" just annoying. Oh look at me, I'm arbitrarily invulnerable over 99% of my body! My tactics include randomly spazzing out and leaping 50 yards in a random direction! In spite of being able to shoot in all directions, I always rotate so my "front" is facing the player just to make it that much more annoying for you to target the weak point on my "back" because there's no real way to stun or otherwise bait me into giving you an opening!
  2. My suggestion is to pay more attention to what you're selecting from menus. Sure, there's something to be said for protecting the user from themselves, but at some point it's up to the user to not screw up. This is a minor thing that makes you wait, horror of horrors, a single day. That's it. No other penalty. Just a 24 hour cooldown. And hey, you can use this time to practice.
  3. Because I have more productive things to do with my time. Like, play other games or modes that I would actually find enjoyable.
  4. So looking into retrieve, it mostly only works outside of combat, only works on one corpse at a time, 10 seconds between attempts, and relies on the kubrow AI to actually remember that it should be doing this thing... Honestly sounds pretty lackluster for getting extra loot.
  5. It's an instantaneous effect, you can't reduce the duration of something that doesn't have a duration. Plus there are two energy drain effects that infested can have. Disruptors can delete your energy by touching you this is the one discussed in this topic, and parasitic eximus will drain it as long as you're within range of them. The latter is a continuous and can be thought of as having an infinite duration, so you couldn't reduce that either.
  6. If differentiating full and semi auto weapons is really a significant concern, there could be a compromise. Holding the fire button on semi/burst will have you firing at 50-75% of the weapon's stated fire rate while tapping it will allow you to get the full fire rate. This way it allows comfort of not having to tap repeatedly, but also rewards doing so.
  7. Yep, that looks like it. I just looked it up on the wiki. Entering a race costs 5 standing per gate in the race. So now we know!
  8. I remember that. It was ever so long ago. The funniest time was when someone was doing it, and then got angry when everyone else was just kind of ignoring things and he got killed by disruptors or something. Dude, you were the one making us 100% irrelevant, so don't whine when we stop even paying attention.
  9. Like what? The only two things I can think of are that we can't change which shoulder the camera is on, and no hotkeys for gear items. What else can't we do that you'd like to see? I'm genuinely asking.
  10. Every problem potentially making mobile players ruin the game is something PC players can already cause problems with. Bad hardware? Look at the guy trying to play on a 6 year old laptop. Bad network? Look at the guy trying to play on wifi at the edge of his range, or over satellite. Bad controls? Look at all the players playing with controllers already (for some reason certain PC players think controllers are like trying to play with your toes). Bad player because someone playing on mobile can't possibly be skilled? Look at all the bad players we already have. Truth is, they don't care, and just want to pretend to be superior.
  11. Not meant to be. Just pointing out that these things happen a lot. Secure your accounts, and then move on with life. If you dump every company that gets hacked, you're going to run out of companies to do business with. Plus these are just the ones we know about.
  12. I've got bad news for you if this is all it takes for you to never trust a site/company again... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_data_breaches
  13. This would be solved by doing the sane thing of having the UI rendered on top of everything, rather than in the 3d environment. What's weird is that we know they can do things like this because when you aim, you are rendered on top of everything. Why it applies to aiming where it's not really needed, but not the UI where you'd think that'd be expected is a mystery. I guess they just really liked the idea of your character standing there and looking at interfaces. The larger frames have always covered up part of the UI, just not this bad.
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