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  1. There's a 5th one. Doors can get frozen shut. I've only seen it once though, and I believe it works the same as fire and electric. Also the quick fix for fire and electric is a load of garbage. The hit target is so small, and the bar fills so fast that you're likely to spend more time trying to hit it than just holding for the "slow" repair. Especially if it's early on the circle.
  2. Console solar rails (at least the PS4) were each endlessly controlled by a single clan. I don't know who they were, but it was basically a big neon sign saying "don't bother with this content, you cannot hope to win." Battle logs that were an endless stream of "solar rail successfully defended by clan." If that clan was ever unseated, which was rare in itself, it ALWAYS went back to the original clan with the next battle.
  3. Man, I wish on consoles we had the luxury of repairing wreckage just to experiment.
  4. Nothing, because still waiting on consoles to not get resources in pathetic amounts, and wreckage repair costs to not be absolutely insane.
  5. 20% drop rate, and the inventory size stays the same? Sounds like a recipe for disaster if you ask me. You're looking at an average of 18 drops per mission in the Veil. You either go in with a mostly empty inventory, or risk just scrapping a ton of stuff. Finally a Zetki reactor! Oops, it got scrapped at the end of the mission because you already had 15 things in your inventory. Better luck next time.
  6. Bet it's been said, but I'm going to say it again because it bears repeating. Repair costs for wreckage are INSANE. You get a MK3 item from the dojo, it costs 6,000 titanium. Let's not touch on the fact that as of this writing consoles still get titanium in absolutely pathetic amounts. You pickup a MK3 piece of wreckage. Ok, it's wreckage, so it's a damaged item, right? So why in the whole of the origin system does a damaged item take 250% the materials cost of a brand new item??? 15,000 titanium! Trying to upgrade in steps, a logical course of action in nearly any other game is actively punished with the absurd build costs. Anything less than MK3 items is a complete waste of time.
  7. Psh. You think this is what makes weapon restrictions not make sense? How about "Mechanical restrictors on site will disable most types of weapons. [weapon type] will be your only option." I'm sorry, how does a "mechanical restrictor" stop me from smacking people around with a sharpened piece of metal? Most melees are just sharpened pieces of something or other. Maybe something like the Ripkas or Prova could be disabled by a mechanical restrictor, but the Galatine? The Scindo? There's nothing mechanical about them.
  8. First, they would need to make a separate binding page for archwing like they should have from the start. The fact that two wildly different environments share a controller page is absurd.
  9. He's trying to make a dead joke. "Where's Sam?" "Oh, he's out with ligma" "What's ligma?" "LIGMA BALLS! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO!!!11!!11!1@"
  10. I don't see why you'd need to go stealth for that. Just take any tanky frame and bullet jump past everyone.
  11. I was on a railjack earlier equipped with the particle ram, and holy-moley is that thing way too intense! I could barely see anything to shoot at with that thing up. It's intensity has got to be reduced by at least 50-70% for people inside the ship.
  12. If someone tries to tell you to do this kinda thing in a public mission, you should just try to do all the objectives as loudly as possible. Boarding parties, crewships, bases, whatever. What are they gonna do, report you for doing the mission? And if they ragequit the mission? No big loss for you.
  13. Seriously. You'd think that by definition a piece of wreckage would be most of the item. It's not like weapon blueprints where it starts from nothing. The repair costs should be at least halved to reflect that we've salvaged a damaged thing, not found a blueprint.
  14. Even better, they'll disappear even if currently piloted by another player. This leaves them stuck in some kind of void according to my friend.
  15. It's sometimes not visible to clients either. That'll teach my friend to boast that he can see the timers and I can't. Glad to hear it's getting fixed though.
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