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  1. About 30 runs of the Jackal, and my friends and I have gotten ONE singular weapon blueprint, and those have a 30% chance to drop. Pure RNG is awful, but that's what this game uses.
  2. Honestly I'm finding the grind for the new weapon blueprints from the Jackal to be worse because my friends and I are pushing something like 30 runs so far, and we've gotten a grand total of ONE blueprint drop. Not one of the blueprints repeated several times. ONE blueprint in total. That's pretty crap for something that's supposed to be a 30% drop rate. No, the mission isn't hard, but it's just tedious hearing Lotus repeatedly going "In an attempt to exert power and authority over the system...", the unskippable cutscene between rooms, and the fact that the redesign makes the fight about 90% standing around waiting to do your Parazon.
  3. To sum this up: Disable player abilities. Except for the speed enemy, who wouldn't really change anything since he'll get nuked by abilities anyway. Really, the only possible way of creating challenge is to disable player abilities. That's it. The entire problem of creating challenge is we're too powerful with our abilities.
  4. That's entirely a you problem. Nightwave was designed to allow everyone to be able to fairly easily get all the unique rewards. Everything beyond that is extras that you are deciding to go for yourself. Also the gilding challenge wasn't removed. It's still kicking around if you've been paying attention. Ok, apparently this was supposed to have been removed, but it was there for a whole week.
  5. Oh nooooo! I'm gonna miss out on 1000 standing! And later when they bring out the defeat a litch I'm going to miss out on 7000 standing! Whatever shall I dooooooo??? *looks at rank 29 Nightwave, and we don't even have the third episode* Oh, right. It's almost like they designed Nightwave to allow you to skip a significant portion of the challenges while still being able to get all the unique rewards. Strange that.
  6. Pretty sure change of plans was never just about time. I've done plenty of super fast captures without hitting it. In fact usually when I do see it, it's because someone was still loading when I captured the guy.
  7. The game already has protections against that. You can't sell your last anything really. Your last warframe, your last archwing, your last moa, your last weapon (maybe even the last for each slot), and probably some other things I haven't tried. Railjack components should be the same way. Simply prevent people from selling their last item of each type. Two for railjack guns because you need one for the nose, and one for the sides. Or if that's too much (because all railjack components fall into one generic railjack bucket) prevent people from selling equipped items.
  8. There are even some buildable ones that can't be scrapped. I originally built all the Mk0 weapons to try out, and at this point one or two of them aren't scrapable.
  9. Nah, unrelated. I still have that update pending, and can't play. You were able to keep playing because you were already logged in when the connection went down. Since it's not unusual for services to only validate your login once per session.
  10. Same here. Warframe says problem communicating with Playstation Network. Destiny 2 works fine though. Seems like it's a serverside failure.
  11. Remember back when there was a Corpus/Infested version where you'd jump out the hangar and teleport to an infested ship? Then you'd kill everything there, only to realize that you left one enemy alive back on the starting ship and this was back when an exterminate mission only ever spawned exactly enough enemies for the objective so you had to abort because there was no way back? Good times.
  12. Whatever you think the conditions are for it counting or not, you're almost certainly wrong. I did this last night with two friends, and of us, only two of us got it. Bizarrely, the host was the one to not get it. Usually it's the other way around with the host being the only one to get credit for something. Everyone running Ivara with Infiltrate, spy mission on Mars I go to A, host goes to B, friend goes to C. I finish A, host finishes B, friend still on the way to C. I get attacked by the stalker and the map goes into lockdown. While I deal with the stalker, friend resets lockdown. Stalker dealt with, he drops Broken War blueprint that friend and host have been itching to get for ages. Both route to my position. I stay to make sure the waypoint doesn't disappear. Blueprint picked up, I proceed to C which hasn't been touched yet. C hacked, we leave the mission. Me: 4 hacks, including opening and clearing two vaults: Nightwave objective cleared Host: 2 hacks, including opening and clearing one vault: Nightwave objective incomplete Friend: 1 hack, only the irrelevant lockdown from the Stalker's appearance: Nightwave objective cleared Whatever it is, it's not something you have real control over.
  13. I'm reminded of how exterminate used to be, where if you needed to kill, say, 56 enemies then exactly 56 enemies would be spawned, and not one more. The problem of course was when enemies would spawn inside walls, or under the floor, or in some other situation where you couldn't directly attack them. You had to hope that someone had either a weapon with sufficient punchthrough to hit them, or offensive abilities that ignore obstacles with sufficient range and damage to kill them. Oh how I don't miss those days.
  14. There definitely was because I remember doing it while chatting with a friend about the uselessness of kdrives. A topic that doesn't generally come up because kdrives don't generally come up.
  15. He loves letters so much you might even get yours featured as an irrelevant aside during an important meeting. "I got this lovely letter from one of my supporters about how I'm doing such a good job. Lovey letter. Very lovely."
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