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  1. I wouldn't consider them nations, but they are as close as we might get to them. Of course since everything we do is something they do as well, and they consider these things to be permitted, it's hard to imagine that we violate any real laws. Certainly none regarding fighting wars and such.
  2. Excitement! Rockets are the ultimate poprocks! Aaaand just as I post that, they turn the rockets off.
  3. Can we also talk about the Kama, which is described as a hatchet, but is clearly a sickle?
  4. Absolute heresy. Obviously it's much better to lose all of it and complain that the game is broken than it is to accept getting some of it. /s
  5. Pretty sure that's a "new" corpus suicide unit introduced with the updated ship tileset.
  6. You need MR5 because you can't interact with the lich system at all until you complete the War Within quest, which requires MR5.
  7. Not relevant to this topic as a whole, but Kuva weapons in practice only have a mastery requirement of 5. This is because you need to be MR 5 to do the War Within quest, which is the only requirement to participate in the lich system. You cannot build a weapon that you lack the MR for, but since Kuva weapons are deposited into your foundry fully built, this restriction is bypassed.
  8. I still like the one time I did one of those missions, and one of the machines self destructed. Mission started at 0/3 as normal, then before we got to the first one changed to 1/3. Maybe it had bored into an unstable tunnel and got crushed in a collapse.
  9. Joined friends for a lich mission on Roche, Phobos. Mysteriously the enemies started dropping power cells in a ship side exterminate mission. Very strange.
  10. We had a stamina system once. You'll notice we no longer have a stamina system. Perhaps you can guess why.
  11. Have to agree with a lot of people in the other thread, add special crates to the list of things that Golden Instinct can locate, and it'll be totally worth it. I'm sure some people would argue that they already show up on loot radar, but the same goes for everything else it already tracks except kuria, so why not?
  12. You'd have to make them reasonable to get first, otherwise cue endless complaints of pay to win because the current drop rates on ship parts is roughly "ha ha, go **** yourself."
  13. Ever since the update to the Corpus ship tileset there's been an issue with the doors in their spy vaults. After hacking you have to back away from the door, or possibly wait up to 10 seconds, for it to actually open. It appears that the door is only checking whether or not it should open when a player approaches it, rather than when the lock status changes with a player in range. This happens regardless if you're the host or client, manual/cipher/autobreach hacking, but it only affects the new Corpus ship vaults. All others continue to work as normal, and the doors will open immediately upon a successful hack. I could have sworn that I experienced this while host, but doing testing they seem to work fine if you're host. Definitely bugged if you're client though.
  14. Stop trying to use a high risk farming method, and pickup your stuff. The longer you let it sit waiting for your cat to give you the resource buff, the more likely you are to lose it. Dropped items are deleted once a limit is reached to avoid clogging up memory.
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