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  1. Shows how often I visit Lua. Ok, good to know that it's not just me then.
  2. Running through Lua exterminate for a riven, and the spawns seem to be messed up now. I'll clear a room entirely, get pointed to the next room, and then just as I'm about to leave the "empty" room it'll suddenly be repopulated. I don't mean enemies walking in the far door either. I mean enemies spawning close enough that they're already on the minimap. Sometimes I'll have to clear a room 4 or 5 times before the game will stop spawning people in it. It doesn't seem to happen on other planets either. Just Lua so far. Just curious if anyone else has noticed this.
  3. It should probably also automatically activate when you activate her fourth ability. First time I did it I was sitting there like "Ok... Now what?" I mean, the ability specifically says " Take the skies and rain Balefire rockets down on the enemy." But the Balefire launcher doesn't activate on its own.
  4. A much bigger problem would be the people going in and daring others to say things that trip the auto kick in exchange for platinum. 90 day chat ban minimum for those people.
  5. I use Trinity for Defection missions. I've also got a friend who uses Valkyr almost to the exclusion of every other frame in spite of the fact that he manages to bug out on a regular basis such that all his abilities and weapons get locked out. Which he then starts yelling and cursing about, but just refuses to stop using Valkyr. He even gets angry when he royally botches ziplining for something that would have been easier to just bullet jump.
  6. There isn't any. Which isn't unusual at all. It's not at all unusual for this information not to be detailed anyway.
  7. I saw a Vauban for the first time in a long time just tonight during a fissure! He was a total troll who spent the entire mission trying to bounce pad people, and if nothing else forced us to wait the 60 second timeout because he managed to blockade the entrance to extraction keeping one person out.
  8. Don't even have to mark them manually. They've been getting automarked for a while now.
  9. It sounds like you're designing an enemy for a very different type of game. One with much slower and methodical gameplay. He just doesn't sound like he'd fit within Warframe's gameplay.
  10. I have done sortie freeroam. Many times. Still no idea how the drone getting stuck has anything to do with host migrations or how doing it solo would help anything.
  11. Any time someone dares you to do ANYTHING that you've not done or seen done before, they're hoping you get burnt in some way. That's how you were supposed to know it was a bad thing to say. People don't dare other people to stick their hand in a mysterious box if it's got a cute bunny in it. They don't dare them to eat a mysterious morsel when it's a tasty treat. No, they dare them to stick their hands in boxes with porcupines in them, and eat raw egg filled candy shells.
  12. Sargas Ruk is partially right. I am a mercenary, but I wouldn't say what I'm fighting for are scraps. Of course, scraps or not, we make some pretty neat things out of them.
  13. Sure, but my timer is disappearing with 20+ seconds on it. Use your operator. Since the operator is also unaffected by abilities, you can use them to attack enemies outside the rift. Of course, if your Limbo is smart, then they'll be doing this themselves.
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