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  1. Oh this is just the start of issues with some of the mission objectives. "Defend our equipment" in an invasion defense, and it's one of those pods? Why are we defending it rather than stealing it? Mobile defense invasion where we are hacking the systems of the faction we're siding with? Capture missions where we're going after some random dude who's just chilling with the infested? "Defend our equipment" and it's some dude walking around? That's just insulting. "There is a large platoon of Grineer marines here (on Lua), leave no one standing" and the Corpus? What about them? We're warned about the Grustrag Three, and even given the option to flee the mission, but all they do it attach a humiliation bolt to you. The Zanuka Hunter actually captures you and you have to escape, but no mention of that? Where are your priorities, lady?
  2. I just tested it again because I thought that maybe requesting the desktop site would change things, and it doesn't appear to be doing it anymore on either version? I know it was in the past because I'd be browsing the forum on a load screen, put my phone down for a mission, then several minutes later after the mission is over see that my phone is still awake. I'm not gonna question it. I deal with enough stupid crap like this for users at my actual job. Eventually you learn to just take happy changes and not question them.
  3. Personally I use Limbo. Throw on Carrier with Looter, and he'll break boxes for you from in the rift.
  4. The archguns are hardly "strong." For a gun that's supposedly able to punch through battleship armor, it seems to have a hard time punching through some dude's head. With how painful it can be trying to just put the damned thing away, taking away the ability to use quick melee seems like quite the step backwards.
  5. I'd like the Rhinos I used to encounter in the Index to just bank PERIOD. So many times we'd be really low on time, only to see some stupid Rhino scooping up points from everyone else's kills while he's already got a swarm of them, and just refuses to ever bank. "Oh gee, we ran out of time, I wonder if it had anything to do with you running around apparently thinking that all you had to do was pick them up. Do you understand how to play the Index at all? Or do you just like hearing Sark talk about you?"
  6. All at max rank with zero rerolls. All reasonable offers considered. Gaze Lexido MR 9 Madurai polarity +2.9 Punch Through +88.6% Cold Orvius Toxi-critacta MR 8 Vazarin polarity +128.9% Finisher Damage +103.4% Critical Chance +105.3% Toxin -6.7s Combo Duration
  7. I don't think it's the wedding that's so much the surprise, it's more that in universe we really do run around like children who have been fed a half dozen espressos. It doesn't surprise me though. Destiny fully recognizes as canon guardians dancing like idiots and doing stunts on their sparrows in the middle of a war zone. It really confuses the Cabal. So, recognizing our in game antics as canon doesn't really surprise me here either. Warframe doesn't exactly take itself too seriously in that regard.
  8. This seems like a pretty bad design choice. If you have the forums open on your phone, they'll prevent your phone from ever going to sleep. It's not something related to watching an embedded video, or other media. Just having the topic list open will do it. And if you turn off JavaScript to prevent it from doing that? Well the forums basically break entirely. They look fine, but eventually you'll realize that it's failing to retrieve new data in about 98% of cases, leaving you with the forums frozen in time.
  9. You get your first amp free, and that's enough to take down the Terralyst. You can also kill vomvolysts and sentients on Lua for cores. Profit Taker fight is available regardless of standing with Vox Solaris. It only requires max standing with SU. So unfortunately, the basis of this topic is wrong to start with.
  10. I mean, consoles don't even have the event yet, so if nothing else I was kind of thinking that things would progress slowly until everybody was working on it.
  11. Best you could do to try to avoid this situation is have everyone take turns picking the mission (just them, nobody else) and display their relic. Person 1 picks the mission, shows their relic, gets confirmation, cancels the mission vote. Then person 2 does the same. Then person 3. Finally person 4.
  12. Still takes the same number of hits to remove with Shattering Impact. Or as already mentioned, Covert Lethality if you're the type to run daggers.
  13. Just as long as you aren't one of those people who did the sortie before reset. My friends and I actually held off on doing the sortie during the 8 hours between sortie reset and global reset. If you didn't hold off? Well, gotta do an extra one. Though, yeah, not particularly difficult. You just only get one more that you can skip.
  14. I just want to point out that none of your screenshots are any proof that you did the sortie with those people. Yes, you did the sortie, and yes, you played with clanmates recently, but there's nothing that connects the two. Based on the screenshots alone it's just as likely that you did the sortie on public, and then in the last 20 minutes did something with those people.
  15. I'm just not clear on what I'm supposed to be seeing. A fish? Ok. Seen plenty of fish. A mining spot on the ceiling? Yeah, not that unusual. Annoying, but not unusual.
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