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  1. Irritatingly the app is apparently broken for a number of PS4+Android users. Like me. I used to use it quite often, but as of late it presents a broken login screen that nobody knows how to fix.
  2. Because as far as I know Peacemaker doesn't work on any drop ships, which is what the Genetrix is?
  3. Just wait until they find out that they're not just "rainbow" stockings. Or maybe they know, and that just adds to it.
  4. The idea of not letting Xaku's void damage work on eidolon shields as a way of making sure people have their operators first before fighting them is easy to fix without a big plot hole, and in fact is something they should have done ages ago anyway. Restrict eidolon bounties to people who have their operator AND an amp equipped. No operator? No amp? No bounty for you. Bam. Progression required, and no absurd plot hole created.
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