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  1. I say we go back to Spy 1.0, but with a couple tweaks. You have to bring all 4 datamasses to extraction, and they don't combine so if you're on your own you have to pick them up one at a time. Also they're so heavy that you need both hands, and can't fight back at all while carrying one. </sarcasm>
  2. One is a dot, the other is a pear, generic loot icon is a box. If you are getting these mixed up, you may need to re-evaluate your gaming setup, or simply pay more attention.
  3. On the contrary, it would strongly reinforce weapon popularity based on recommendations and tier lists because now there's proof to go with it. "This is factually the best weapon and loadout, because here are the numbers to go with it." Even if those "facts" are actually wrong because of things like Fool said. Too much variability, but streamers and such would be able to point at a number given by the game itself to back them up.
  4. If you did some searching of the forum, you'd find this has been answered many many times.
  5. If you get one of the Lich ephemera you can put it on your mech. Honestly though of the options available, only Vengeful Charge actually looks good. Well, it's the only one that's really visible at least.
  6. Spot on there. To quote Frohd Bek "You've not earned it." You got lucky and were rewarded with it, but you've earned nothing, you've achieved nothing, and you just as easily could have gotten nothing. An item that's rewarded for hitting a fixed score, that's earned. Finishing a task within a known period of time, that's earned. Completing a sequence of tasks, that's earned. Repeat the same activity until RNG sees fit to give it to you, that's NOT earned.
  7. We've made no mistake. Obviously you care not for the medallions, so why would you be looking for them while trying to do Nightwave? With 6 missions to choose from each day you can pick and choose the fastest ones and be done in no time at all. If you cared for the medallions, then this would be a non-issue for you as you'd be doing these missions anyway specifically for them.
  8. 3 hours, and this hasn't been locked yet? Mods are sleeping I guess.
  9. Gonna echo a lot of comments here, there's no incentive to not rushing and blasting everything. Sure, someone brought up the stealth kill multiplier, but that's it. And even that's super unreliable in my experience. I've had cases where I took out five guys in full view of others, and the game didn't care. Other times where I sniped a single guy alone and the game decided that was over the line and ended the combo. But even if it was perfectly reliable, it's still just affinity/focus. To "fix" this "problem" (if it's really a problem in need of fixing) it would likely require a m
  10. Just want to point out, raw data rate isn't everything for a multiplayer game. In fact, above about 1-5mbps it's largely irrelevant. The far more important factor is latency or ping. It doesn't matter for a game if you can upload 1gbps if it takes 3 seconds for a response.
  11. It's a weekly objective. You can do 6 syndicate missions each day assuming you've only ever backed one pair. It's hardly excessive. Just speedrun them.
  12. If you're host, they auto fade out when enemies are aware of you. If you're client, this function is currently broken, but is being worked on.
  13. They could copy the same effect as Mirage's Hall of Mirrors. Make them disappear when you're aiming at them.
  14. At a minimum, making a relic radiant should at least drop the combined odds of a bronze reward down to under 50%.
  15. My favorite is how you've got some wide open rooms and it'll insist you take useless detours to navigate it, but then other times you find rooms that are a maze of passages where it only marks the exit.
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