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  1. I'm more worried about the fact that it's got Linux under the hood. Yeah yeah, I know about Proton, but still. Though if someone already knows that Warframe runs fine with Proton, great!
  2. I'm sure it'll be fine. They have it running now on some kind of phone, open world to boot. Also given that you get the "person joined your squad" message when the person actually starts loading, we know roughly the load times on that phone that they were using. So we have a baseline of potential performance. Do we know what phone they were using? I don't. I didn't notice. Please fill me in if you know. Will everyone have that kind of phone? No, but we can probably assume that it's not some super top of the line unreleased phone. It's something we can buy. Also as stated we already have people trying to play on PC that can't even load the Plains. All things considered, mobile sits somewhere where the PC community already sits. And people worried about mobile network slowing things down? You already have that with people trying to play on wifi at the edge of their range. Nothing is going to change. And for every mobile player that gets added to your player pool, there's going to be like 3 from the other platforms. Will I be on mobile? Of course not. I'll be on my Steam Deck (assuming it runs there).
  3. Congrats on replying to a 3 year old dead topic about a bug that's been long fixed.
  4. Yep. In the most literal sense, any turn based game is technically asynchronous (unless all player's actions resolve at the same time, see Frozen Synapse). However the more meaningful usage of it is for games where the two players may not even be present or online at the same time. Recording ghosts for others to challenge, chess by (e)mail, something like Words With Friends. Things where each "turn" may take minutes, hours, or even days for the other person to act.
  5. FYI, you mean asymmetric. Asynchronous would be when the players aren't playing at the same time. Asymmetric is where usually one person has a very different goal or skill set at their disposal.
  6. Maybe related, maybe not, but ever since the update to the friends screen I've just been getting more frequent cases of a friend being in a lobby, but no option to join them. Even when they say they're just sitting in navigation, not loading or anything.
  7. Less than 400 because your lich will invariably steal some of it. Also if you complete the mission there's a very high chance (not 100%) that it will not be available to do again. So you can't repeat the fast missions as aborting will result in you getting nothing. If you continue doing all the nodes, they'll eventually just move on, and ultimately with this method you'll be on the Kuva Fortress anyway. Unless they've drastically changed things, but I kinda doubt that.
  8. Lorewise, the Tenno likely don't have a fraction of the power we mod them to have, and the enemies have way lower health pools. Normal Sentients running around with 500,000,000 HP are not canon.
  9. I at least want the new HUDs for normal use. Like having the Corpus HUD replace the default. All three do look like they have the ability to show all relevant information, even if something like the Grineer HUD lacked shileds in the demo.
  10. I see it happening one of two ways. 1: you pick your login type similar to how the mobile app already works. Want to login with your PS4 account? Click the PS4 button first, then login as normal. 2: the way Bungie does it with Destiny. Use the website to link multiple accounts under a unifying developer account, and assign one as the active account. All other accounts will go dormant (if not overwritten outright) and attempting to login with any linked account will result in pulling the data from the active account.
  11. Almost certainly a bug. Instead of firing off "all remaining ammo" or "a full magazine" it's currently trying to fire off "80 rounds" but since your magazine is smaller than the default 80, it refuses to fire because it doesn't have enough ammo. It also obviously can't reload because the magazine is full. Pretty sure this has happened to other weapons with similar functions. It'll get fixed. Eventually.
  12. Only thing we (and support) can suggest is to relink. The good news is that you have lots of time to try relinking even during the stream. Connect to the stream, see if you get progress, if you don't, relink and try again. At least with the progress bar you know if you're good or not.
  13. This precisely. Ever since the introduction of Liches the whole takedown mini-cinematic has barely worked, especially with others around. The addition of Sisters made it worse somehow. I regularly don't even see my warframe. The Sister is just grappling empty space. Also it lasts for all of like 5 seconds. Just how cinematic can you get with one grapple in 5 seconds?
  14. Because you weren't paying attention to your rewards and missed what you actually got.
  15. It literally is. Do you know anything about what you're talking about?
  16. Just because you're doing the wrong missions for what you're actually after isn't a problem with the game. If you want 50k credits, go do something else. I'm doing it for the potential riven mods. The credits are a nice little addon.
  17. Why? It's not like it's occupying a drop that could be a more valuable thing. I'm starting to get the feeling you just keep saying they should change things for the sake of changing them and literally no other reason.
  18. Not making radiation based ones isn't a solution because certain Sisters have radiation abilities even if they aren't radiation type. Status immunity doesn't help because Sisters seem to be able to bypass it (this might be a bug though). Running Inaros with Nullification Swarm and I've still gotten hit with cold, fire, and radiation procs with tons of Scarab Swarm left. And it's only the Sisters and their dogs. No other status sources are affecting me.
  19. Every person's lich/sister will appear in sequence during the showdown.
  20. Sometimes, yes, but in certain cases no. There are a number of infested Corpus tiles, as well as the crashed Corpus freighter where they only point to the exit, but said exit is not obvious how to reach. Especially the ones where the exit is at the end of a spindly tunnel with a not obvious entrance mixed in with a couple other tunnels that go nowhere. There are others as well, but those two tilesets are the worst offenders usually.
  21. Stalker marks stack, so you can get marked something like 10+ times. I forget exactly how many different bosses are in the game. Though I do know that the Hyena Pack alone can generate up to 4 marks as each member of the pack is tracked individually. Though you can only get marked once per fight.
  22. Clear your browser cache and delete all cookies related to warframe.com Fixes a lot of browser problems.
  23. He had the correct one in the first position, but second was still wrong.
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