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  1. Are you sure? Is it a recent change? PC only??
  2. Again with armor scaling. Why not remove armor scaling altogether? Let only HP scale.
  3. Not really. Although I like picking 3 weapons with same first letter in name. Like Dread-Detron-Dragon Nikana. Or Boltor Prime-Brakk-Bo Prime. Etc, etc. I sometimes use all-Prime loadouts, but they are kinda lacking since the only prime secondary that has a niche is Sicarus Prime (I use it with max punchthrough, took 3 extra formae). Broncos Prime are just an inferior Brakk, Lex Prime is just an inferior marelok, Lato Prime don't exist on PS4.
  4. He always could do it if you ate any of his attacks with your face. That's why you can dodge them all. One simply does not dodge Vor. In Soviet Void Vor dodges you.
  5. Well, OP is totally right. It's not just event weapons, there's a whole bunch of stuff. Game is slowly accumulating a critical mass of removed exclusives most of which are not cosmetic. Gorgon Wraith is a thing that can substitute for Boltor Prime, normal Gorgon is just bad. Loki with Arcane Essence helmet, Rhino with Vanguard... They may need a massive overhaul, but hey, Shocking Touch is still 60%. Slow developer is slow.
  6. How strange that this still isn't fixed - remember seeing threads about it before. You have tigris, you have airlock. Why the obvious option is not on offer?
  7. This is bad - this update is unplayable garbage. They may fix it all, but not in 2 weeks.
  8. It's funny how they intend Lotus to be "good" and she keeps coming up as nefarious/evil. Maybe they should just go for the evil Lotus thing.
  9. I remember the worst streak I had with him was 5 times in a row, every single one being a Dark Sector infested mission. I've actually thought it was a bug of sorts and waited like an hour before coming back to the game. I was polarizing Brakk at the moment. This is also how I've learned that Brakk 1 shots Stalker even not at full capacity. If you wonder he dropped no blueprints all 5 times.
  10. Yep, it happens. He dropped both dread and despair the first time I killed him many months ago. It never happened again and I still don't have Hate. Random drops, eh.
  11. Hm, shock camo pack on PS4 gives snipetron skin, they should make up their mind - either add it to PS4 or remove skin and stuff like OP's loophole. Another user on PS4 boards wondered if snipetron skin factors in cost of shock camo pack, I never bothered to try and calculate that...
  12. They really should release breeding grounds first. Update 14 will not be in console appropriate shape for months.
  13. That's how tenno always were. If dojo is any indication, tenno love gardening and koi. Carps seem to be the pet of choice. Everything else is subject to slaughter for profit and shiny things. Now, come to think of it you could use those kubrows to make fish food for koi. You know, why waste so much meat? And then grineer are also pretty meaty... Although they probably won't make healthy fish food.
  14. Huh, I read the banned item list as confirmation that Strun Wraith, Machete Wraith, Boar and Ether Daggers will become obtainable on PS4 pretty soon (those promised events to fill the void between PS4 updates?). I'd only ask - does mastery from PC exclusive items also gets removed? It probably is removed. Pretty big deal. Right now to be rank 16 on PS4 you must have every single item ever released and can only afford to be missing 1 (one) weapon.
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