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  1. OK, so first I'd like to apologise - I've said before that DE would go through with initial disastrous plan while ignoring all reason and playerbase complaints. I was wrong. Really though, I'd say what most people would agree with is one out of 3: - Leaving things as is. - Giving player universal innate vacuum that can be customised in gameplay options (vacuum mods, credits, endo, ammo, orbs, gameplay option). - making vacuum mod for sentinel, companion and warframe exilus, 3 mods. What we don't want is splitting vacuum function. 1 mandatory mod is bad, but game is full of bandaids anyway. But 3 mandatory mods to replace one is a disaster.
  2. So that's the entry I asked about! But no raptor summon any enemies. Raptor MT only shoot his weapon.
  3. Took time to read OP... Shotgun amp being buffed statement makes no sense. It's first time release, and it's not a hotfix note. It's 18% from the start, no changes. Or it's a hotfix? If so, it's kinda confusing. Sits in initial notes. Could you specify what exploit with smeeta charm has been fixed? Rare resources nerf alone makes it useless, but I'd love to know full details. Also, third and final apothic imprint in silver grove quest never unlocks in the codex. It plays once during quest, but stays permanently locked. Fixed derelict fragments finally at least.. But the sheer list of obviously broken stuff that's been like that for ages from inventory descriptions (try and read nitain extract description) to broken codex entries, like infested tumors... During this year game started to feel more and more... Unpleasant due to the sheer volume of broken stuff at any given time including massive amount of very old broken stuff, it's like a rotting corpse chained to your leg, get my analogy? You could ignore it at first, but now stench is kinda in your face. Oh, and can anyone tell me what is this new corpus enemy that's right after nemes in corpus codex (in alphabetical order), silhouette looks like nemes or locust drone.
  4. So, derelict sephalon fragments being broken, kavats and dark split sword bugged dual entries in profile, all item descriptions in inventory and foundry resources list being impossible to read (seriously this has been around for ages now, broke it on console with liset update), elite crewman being impossible to dismember... Any of the above is being fixed?
  5. Derelict fragments are still broken after all those hotfixes.
  6. They are indeed bugged. That's what I've been asking too. Are they going to fix them or ps4 will now go on for months with broken fragments impossible to complete?
  7. Derelict fragments are broken. Hotfix this.
  8. Kavats have a similar glitch. Once you max a kavat you'll have 2 identical entries in profile, one maxed, one unranked. Overall update not nearly as bad as I thought. Still not fixed item descriptions in inventory, which is embarrassing at this point, but new additions seems to be working. All junctions etc. There's one bit that bothers me. With navigation map open options button no longer working, so you can't browse inbox, check inventory etc. without closing navigation starmap first. We used to be able to do that, could use a fix.
  9. What I wonder is if they fixed the egregiously broken stuff they had in pc version, like Eris being reverted to incomplete and being impossible to put extractor on because golem and alad V nods are wrongly permanently marked incomplete. That kind of stuff is fixed? As for nekros prime, I wouldn't be surprised if they sold prime access without his pc rework. That rework seems to have turned him into garbage that nobody would buy. I've got to say, not looking forward to it. That said you never know - maybe it'll be OK and nothing will be completely broken. But I, much like Vor, like prophesying, so let me say that item descriptions in inventory will still be impossible to read, sephalon fragments transmissions impossible to listen to, chat emoji still impossible to select. Oh any keys will be converted to relics that have no vaulted primes and no new primes because nice timing. I'm posting this just to quote myself later. If applicable. Would be happy to be dead wrong.
  10. This should actually fail cert. Unless Sonyy dropped their standards even more.
  11. I personally skipped Vor's Prise and so did majority of my friends, although not all. I understand initially update was bugged if you skipped it but they fixed it. But you don't play it, if I understood correctly what a pc player who skipped Vor's prize told me, quest will simply show up as completed. Am I right?
  12. Emoji example is a problem that has no reason to exist. The interface is there, lots of controller buttons unused.
  13. True, it's broken on ps4, but emoji still can be used. Unlike inventory descriptions that are completely broken. Go any try to find and read nitain extract description. You can't, it's broken in every menu on ps4. That's why I'm worried about fragments. It might seem stupid to even think that they'll just port it and make it impossible to listen to Ordis transmission on consoles, but they already made unreadable inventory and refuse to fix it.
  14. Adding to my previous questions, how are you going to handle ordis transmissions in completed memory fragments in codex? Because on pc it's mouse cursor. Or it will be broken for years, like item descriptions in inventory? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think those have been broken on console for over a year now.
  15. Main complaints that I've seen that would bother me are 1) Bugged Vors prize requirement for a junction if you've skipped it. 2) Mutalist alad v and golem on Eris being reverted to not completed and being impossible to complete. 3) Junctions in general being impossible to complete. Are these 3 fixed? That's main thing I want to know.
  16. So, stealth xp is broken. It's halved currently. It was like that on pc, but they hotfixed it. Are you going to fix stealth xp or is this staying for months until next large update? Are you compensating xp boosters?
  17. Did they break classic controls again? Something is off. Inaros devour pull doesn't work, even though scarab swarm does.
  18. People DO quit over this sort of thing. Mostly people who spend a lot of money. So many games implement hidden pity timers. Take Hearthstone, Blizzard card game. On average you get 1 legendary card per 15 card packs. But game is actually hard coded to always give you a legendary card in 50th pack if you have opened 50 and received no legendaries. Knowing warframe, they'll screw this up and lose 90% of active whales in a week. Although... If they want people to ACTUALLY burn platinum on core packs en masse packs must cost 5, 10 and 20 plat. People sell 1 rare core for 1 plat.
  19. 1 new weapon means we can't get MR22 still. About time they put lato or braton vandal into sortie. Or tactical alert. Actually kinda poor update. Don't care about pvp. What's the new rathuum mod? Something usable?
  20. I simply can't be bothered rewatching devstreams - they said on devstream that past events are getting turned into quests. That's voice acting, mission types etc. that are currently wasted. But they didn't give any timeframe. Assume it will take another 2 years.
  21. Events have been confirmed to put back in the game like half a year ago. So you're kinda late here.
  22. I suspect nowhere. I have some scanned from last tactical alert, but they seem to have added new nightwatch ones, like bailiff I think. As far as I understand nightwatch grineer only appear during tactical alert. They're a special task force and don't belong in any tileset. Very annoying actually, then again they have a tonkor grineer that's a nightmare without disarm or invisibility so yeah.
  23. Both new guns are bad. Just FYI. Rathuum is kinda weird, somewhat reminiscent of original Unreal singleplayer campaign, but with less enemies and bad balance. I do agree most nerfs make no sense. In a world of sortie 3 elemental enhancement? Rathuum difficulty is kinda obscene too. Makes it unenjoyable. Don't get me wrong I did endless one up to 115 and can easily do third one 25-0 solo but it's not fun is the problem, survival is more fun. If they added a mob of unique minions for each executioner and nerfed executioner damage that would improve it a lot. Kela boss is also questionable. First, how thick is those rotating shutters covering buttons? 2 meter punchthrough doesn't cut it. Fix that please. Second, WTF with boss hp and damage? I have no issues, because I come with loadouts fit for sortie 3 bosses. Any new player getting to sedna would just quit over this issue. P.S. It is in fact impossible to reach MR22 on PS4 it's 4004 mastery short with every item ever released on PS4. Nice patch notes.
  24. The notes say twin kohmak only. Furax is event I understand.
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