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  1. I like it. Not much but it's not bad. I mainly use the content as a way to passively grind for Kuva and level up weapons, as well as try to get good roll on Lich of course. Requiem missions are also pretty great way to grind up traces back after prime parts hunting, so that's great. Lich personalities are very barebones and need a lot of work. I also really don't mind dying and honestly think those that do are just big crybabies. Still, I also don't mind if it was changed from us dying and instead Lich summoned his thralls to help him retreat and defend him when stabbed (so that replaces
  2. If you really want to min max, you can wait for Thrall conversions then stab. When your aggro meter is down, your team will likely have one of their Liches spawn. Your team can wait for conversions then but honestly it's so boring and RNG on conversions... most people who stab just stab right away. I'd like to see the change that when you do stab, all available conversions just spawn the remaining Thralls right away.
  3. Where was this brought up? I really doubt this statement. Not even DE can go so low as to plan splitting up rivens. Are you sure they didn't mean they want to split disposition of rivens for different weapons, like with Kuva right now?
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