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  1. Because of the difficulty of trading rivens (supply is low cause there's no ingame auction, not cause people don't have these rivens) and price manipulation by certain individuals (made more possible because of artificially limited supply), your points are all pretty much bogus.
  2. Bought 4 drones. Used 3: MK2 reactor and 2 MK2 weapons. I considered it worth it since I was having a blast first few days. Now? I'm a bit burned out after encoutering all the bugs so I'll probably wait on MK3 stuff... If MK3 costs are ridiculous, then that just means I won't play. 😕
  3. Just go with space Kubrows by this point. Maybe that'll make them finally useful. 🙂
  4. oh god just looking at that makes me want to vomit
  5. I have quite a few gripes with Warframe and DE itself, but overall Warframe is a good game and DE is a good company. If I don't enjoy the game, I just quit.
  6. Well, just cause you never used a tool efficiently doesn't mean others didn't. Doesn't affect you I guess. Pretty important to others since you're not supposed to use Vacuum.
  7. What? Have you never used Archwing in Plains or something?
  8. Until you miss your Arcane drop or ruin Eidolon hunt cause you're taking too long. As for actual Archwing drops, those can be pretty valuable and can sell for a quite a bit.
  9. Itzal has Crush which is a must unless you want to spend ages looking for drops... So yeah, everyone will still use Itzal.
  10. IMO only thing that's remotely close to being difficult is when Lich is immune to corrosive element, or resistant to a lesser degree. Thralls get one shot even at rank 5 with pretty much any weapon as long as you have it modded correctly, apart from Nox who can take a bunch of shots. Are you just not using corrosive element or something? (or heat if full armor strip) P.S. As for Thralls being immune to powers and status, that was fixed a while ago AFAIK.
  11. And yet, Drakgoon is just not as fun as Flak Cannon was in Unreal Tournament. 😕
  12. Hard no. Warframe gameplay doesn't translate very well to PvP. I say that as primary PvP player in other games. PvP in Warframe is pure trash just by virtue of whole game design.
  13. Critical chance on melee rivens needs to have heavy attacks bonus too, just like with bows fire rate!
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