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  1. No! That one guy on Twitter who maxed his standing deserves to see other players suffer playing a mode that no reasonable person can enjoy. Thank you for your understanding, DE.
  2. That sounds way more fun tbh (as long as you can actually strip armor and stuff). I remember years ago doing some event interception where enemies were max level and were unkillable. It was pretty damn fun to complete.
  3. I think the issue with Arbitration lies in Arbitration drones not in anything else. It's really obvious to anyone that actually played the mode. However, DE loves being stubborn on those things so expect Arbitration only to be playable in 2 years once DE gives up making same S#&$ty excuses as to why anti-fun mechanics should exist.
  4. Realistically, game devs often don't have much time to play the game cause work is brutal and then there's family and just life... And developing one part of the game doesn't mean you know everything about it cause it's not just one dev. There are multitude of times when dev decisions for their games are just plain out wrong and misinformed.
  5. K-Drives are moddable. Easy fix is release non crap mods to K-Drives. Oh crap a Cosmic Crush Vacuum ability on a K-Drive by either number or just doing a trick. Don't see why they also can't do some teleport or quick travel mod on K-Drives either. Also yeah big Vacuum on Archwing. Most issues forcing you to use Itzal are gone then.
  6. You literally just missed the entire point of the thread. You need the Cosmic Crush. Blocking it outright is removing tools for sake of making the game more annoying to play.
  7. My stuff is mostly all the same. Maybe it takes a while to update?
  8. For a couple guns I just checked, dispositions have changed but my rivens are the same. What's up with that?
  9. Hey man. I really like K-drive. There should be a Nightwave act where you have to do k-drive tricks for 1 hour straight. You only need 60% acts to get everything after all, right?
  10. That crap is boring af. I barely manage to stay awake past 30 mins in these missions. In fact, I did fall asleep multiple times. Ugh. How about instead of that actually put us in hard missions from the get go. That way it's interesting, exciting... and people who don't have time or patience for useless crap can still complete the challenges. Staying awake in a boring snooze fest for hours is not any mesure of skill. And if it is forced, I want DE to send me a dose of legal cocaine then. I'm not putting up with this without something.
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