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  1. Glitches and bugs have been known to become best game features for quite a while now. I don't see why people ever bring up "intended way" when all that matters is if it's a good or bad mechanic.
  2. No Oberon is not invalidated if there's Nekros around, only your build is.
  3. Yeah they do AFAIK. They don't have health damage though unless attacked. Well it also works the same if someone brought Rejuvenation aura or any other healer that affects NPCs. Rejuvenation is the most annoying one actually cause you can't turn that off. Energy cost issue becomes problematic due to the fact that they always require healing. So current NPC can be the same cost as now but Nekros could be 1/2 of current NPC cost and it wouldn't be game breaking IMO. Duration also decreases his heal over time energy cost. So going negative duration and efficiency guarantees you the worst energy cost possible.
  4. Some Nekros run Rejuvenation and high duration to offset the health degradation, so obviously it's a benefit unless Nekros is waiting out for summons to die to resummon better ones (in which case, communication can solve the issue). Negative impact, for my build, would be additional 1.82 energy cost per second for all 7 summons which is annoying but nowhere as dramatic as OP makes it sound. I would like to see the cost reduced even further of course but I'd like to keep being able to heal summons. My issue is that some suggestions are to remove interaction between the two, not that the cost shouldn't be reduced. Or maybe they do play Oberon but use a good efficiency build so it's less of an problem.
  5. Honestly, that's not correct line of thinking. They reduced the negative impact while keeping the possibility for Nekros & Oberon to run an interesting setup where Oberon permanently keeps Nekros' summons alive. It could be a legitimate strategy, I don't see why DE would need to eliminate it just cause someone likes to run a highly specific build and doesn't want to bother working around it. Like it was said above, you can avoid marking summons with your heal. So, actually, I take my agreement with OP back. I prefer Oberon being able to heal summons, even if it is bothersome at times.
  6. Well, his post does add to conversation in that the build is objectively pretty bad/inefficient and the trouble OP is experiencing is more because of his build than the mechanic itself.
  7. I agree with you... but you do know you can cast heal in an area away from where Nekros keeps his pets, right? Just cast it at start of mission or in specific room then ask Nekros to not bring his pets back there.
  8. Boosters and the like are obviously Sunk Cost Fallacy method a lot of games use to manipulate players into spending more time on the game. "Oh, I bought this booster, should probably play more otherwise it's wasted." "Oh, resource booster dropped guess I need to go get some value out of it in next few days." It is extremely effective and obviously won't go away any time soon. What, do you think you'll bother playing if booster is per mission? If anything, you'll probably refrain from playing because you'll be afraid to waste it on inefficient farm. If in a form of say a ticket you can spend to double your credits/resources/affinity on a single mission, that'd be nice. Unlikely though.
  9. Absolutely. I spent over 50 Riven rerolls on a status melee I really enjoyed. So as I finally get what I wanted and I decide to take it for a ride, do you know who pops up in the first mission? Yup. Sucked the enjoyment right out of me. Haven't used that weapon for the rest of Nightwave cause rad crit melee was just always needed. Completely crap design, that's been my position ever since the first time I met him.
  10. He's not tanky at all though. He just requires specific setup. If you really want to go "I fight him with bad setup to have fun" then you can take off your mods and go fight any other boss and it'll be the same exact experience. Other bosses will probably be more fun actually.
  11. Nothing wrong with leeching unless players are AFK. It's not like the game is actually hard to solo. You can solo whole ESO by yourself quite easily. If you abhor helping someone level up that much then perhaps it's you who hates the idea of contributing & helping others, not everyone else. I am of course talking about using low level stuff but still playing, not plain afk'ing. Requiring lvl'd up weapon won't stop afk'ing though, so this idea to fix AFK is totally pointless. Besides, you can contribute just fine with just your frame abilities.
  12. I'd counter that Lecta and Zenistar is pretty good since more range is pretty hard to obtain from mods. What, are you gonna use Spring-Loaded Blade? Ignis not sure it's actually a DPS loss, I use it with Heavy Cal anyway but yeah without Primed Shred. Shred is potentially more DPS but also you need to reload more often which goes into utility choices. I'm honestly too lazy to figure out what's the DPS difference, so I can't say much I suppose. Dark Dagger one basically only competes with Gladiator Vice and trades 10% attack speed for 70% elemental damage which is respectable. In fact it allows me to add slight cold proc to my otherwise radiation-only built dagger while also gaining some attack speed to allow more openers and overshields which is exactly what I wanted. But yeah, they're not "OH MY GAWD I NEED IT" level which is honestly fine with me. As you can see, I get something out of my disp 1 rivens. At very least Arca Plasmor and Tigris we can agree on. These rivens not being complete garbage is what I wanted to illustrate.
  13. See, any other high level assassin doesn't have that issue though.
  14. True when it comes to low level wolf. High level wolf you kinda need really specific setup. As for Tactical Alert, that's actually where he could be really tanky with only specific weakness cause that's exactly when you prepare for him. Honestly, people would just be running Chroma with Rad melee and kill him faster than any Mesa run. He wouldn't be any more challenging except require specific setup. Which is fine when you know in advance and it's not chance based. Totally fine for Eidolon. But Eidolon don't randomly spawn in your missions when you're not looking to fight them. So honestly, he should be pansy tactical alert version when he stalks you but be tanky and more damaging version in that Tactical Alert.
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