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  1. i want 100% crit 100/ crit damage dual mod
  2. Is the team build for extra time with stomp & roar ? I do not use my Rhino Prime much but would be nice to take him in t3-t4 now and then for the fun of it
  3. The thing is Melee is her bread and butter and warcry is your go to as any Valkry play can tell you even in t4 runs Melee is the key to her and it does not take a lot of super mods like other frames to keep her in the fight ..Try this build it is for melee
  4. corrosive +cold for the void also for Boltor prime Shred is better than any Puncture mod
  5. At least he does not troll you when you are trying to level new or forma a weapon or frame and one shots you
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