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  1. Just got another one e.e I wish you the best of luck friend.
  2. I've killed no more than 10 for certain, pretty sure my number is closer to 5. But i realized I needed Korrudo for mastery, checked to see if I had the blueprint, and I did 😮
  3. Oh they finally fixed it picking from only 1 palette at a time? Hallelujah, random is finally random. Always hated getting random after random that are basically all one color. Sounds like you dont actually want a random color picker lol
  4. Ahh I see the old armchair dev's are at it again, acting like they know what goes into making content for a game, and then also simultaneously whining that something isn't ready exactly when they want it (right now). My favorite type of post.
  5. Oh wow I'd love to see your entire completely maxed out mod collection It can be poofed in about 30 seconds
  6. Meanwhile I'm over here only being tired of being riven capped. Both me and my partner are 91/90 all the dang time. It's really lame when we're discouraged from doing sorties, but also discouraged from sitting at max (91) due to the stupid message popping up after every interaction. Just let us hoard in peace Q_Q we'll pay all the plats. (I know 120 is coming, but even that's not enough)
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