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  1. It's "the answer to the universe" from Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Also it's thousands of clans that have it. No idea to know how active they all are. My ghost clan has it.
  2. Just for clarity sake, Mesa has always been able to shoot into and through Frost's bubble with her 4. If they decided to change it, then they should've reflected that change (or fix, depending on how they view it) in a patch note. If no patch note exists, we can assume this is a bug and will be addressed in the future. Anyone coming on here commenting on whether it should or shouldn't work that way is irrelevant. It has been a feature of the ability since its' inception and the opinions of people commenting their thoughts on its' balance don't matter, since that is not the topic. The discussion is purely on the fact that this bug was recently introduced, and should either be fixed, or acknowledged as a proposed bug fix in a patch note by DE.
  3. Also it's "food for thought". I know you know that, but your thoughts ain't special
  4. Lol it's not like Plague Star takes anything out of the development team. It's literally already made. They just flip a switch saying "yes it's on right now". The idea that it, in any way, impedes development on things like Railjack and New War is foolish and a testament on how little people really know about game design. To your statement though OP, yes it's good to hold people over until these bigger things are coming.
  5. There's nothing wrong with more options. For those of us with basically everything on offer, Cred's get us the few new cosmetics, and Catalysts. That's literally it. I definitely agree with Mag, i'd love to stock my traces from extra creds I don't need. Praying they add Forma BP's too. I've got 15 Catalysts and 40 Reactors, so I won't be needing those anytime soon.
  6. 540 Creds is indeed nothing when compared to getting literally every Nitain you ever needed in the game. One chapter of Nightwave would get you basically all you'd ever need. The caveat being you actually have to put in a good deal of work to get through the tasks each week. Instead of getting 1-2 free every day for the average player. I will say I think the system somewhat punishes newer players in comparison to Alerts. But I think that just means there should be an alternate method to obtaining them (beyond the sabotage reward because let's be honest, that's NOT a viable alternate method).
  7. The same could be said for basically every non-guaranteed drop in Warframe. Are you saying you hate Warframe's entire system? Hopefully not, since that's woefully idiotic. At that point you should find another game. WoW had similar system with mounts being 1% drop chance. That means 1 out of every hundred players on average (1 out of 500 factoring standard dungeon size) received it their first run. That still means that the majority of people who want it have to make multiple runs to receive their desires reward. And you're saying multiple runs isn't more work, but the same RNG, which yes in a way you're right I guess. But if I have 2 dice, and I want to roll 12 but it doesn't come up, what do I do? I roll again, until I get it. Eventually I will get it, because that's how probability works. If you can't handle doing multiple runs, you don't really deserve whatever it is you're going for. And as I said, in the end over time, the majority of players who will own and use said ephemera are the people who determined they wanted it. Not the people who stumbled upon it run 1. None of this even addresses the crafting aspect of the ephemera, which the average 1/16th player you mention may not even have the mats for/want the ephemera in the first place. Overall your point just seems incredibly weak, and honestly just sounds like you want to complain about being unlucky as if that's somehow relevant to ephemera more so than literally anything else in this game.
  8. Sure RNG plays a hand, but that doesnt mean it doesnt take work. I could literally make a new warframe account and literally never get a duplicate of any piece. Systematically gathering each new part and mod in 1 run. And gather everything in the game in a micro fraction of the time it normally takes. That'll never happen though. So there's nothing wrong with 1 person occasionally getting lucky on their first run. The vast majority of people who own it beyond the first few days simply decided that they wanted it, and put in the work to get it.
  9. You guys are such haters That hair looks good. And even if you don't like it, more options are never a bad thing.
  10. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas been waiting on sexy booben for so long! Thanks DE!
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