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  1. Wonderfully descriptive. Thank you for your very verbose explanation of your problem so that the game you love may work towards improving these game-breaking bugs you're experiencing. Player contributions help the game immensely.
  2. I'm just popping in to root for removing/reducing CD's on my boi Energize. 15 Seconds is waaaay too long. Even 10 seconds would be much more respectable. I do think the investments is pretty heavy for only 1.5x the effect. DE does have some merit by saying that Arcanes are literally the only thing you could equip 2 of the same in anything in Warframe. Every other mod is 1 only, no matter how many you have. So there's logic there for sure, I just think there might've been a slightly better way to handle it.
  3. There's never any harm in options. So in that regard, I'm all for it. It hurts no one and only benefits those who want it. So bring it on. That said, I do think there's some merit to people saying you need to establish better boundaries with friendships if you can't manage to tell someone no. Sometimes I tell people I'm busy, sometimes I'm tired, and sometimes, I just don't say anything to them, and if they have the nerve to call me on it, I just tell them I didn't see it, depending on my mood. You don't owe your time and sanity to anyone else but yourself in games like this. It's a skill you should develop as a human existing in any form of social setting. But again, as I said, bring on an invisible option. It's an OPTION for a reason 🙂
  4. You should be fine as long as you're not legitimately abusing the system. Me and my father played warframe together for years, and I supplied all his platinum needs for everything (he wasn't good at trading). Same IP, usually playing together, no funky business. We had 0 issues the entire time, and as others have said, DE has ways to know if you're just being a goof and trying to cheat. So if you're legitimately just playing with a family member, there'll (basically) never be an issue. And even if there is, I'm positive it could be cleared easily with support.
  5. Removed Credit Caches from the Railjack reward table! Relics have been added in Railjack missions to compensate for this. Reading is real hard apparently. Maybe don't spam-post your same stuff every hotfix ❤️
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