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  1. Agree with much. said here, That said, other players motives to play, in no small number, is not about the game completely. Its about their ability to not merely interact with other players, but to have effect and consequence on other's experience of the game. Right, wrong, whatever. For some, their enjoyment of the game, and willingness to put real world money into it, is directly tied into how they can have effect on you. And there are enough to make it seem profitable (It isn't) for them to treat as their market (they aren't). I am a rarity, I like to play Warframe stealthily, slowly, like I am playing the classic Tenchu series of games. When people say 'balance' in a 'space ninja' game, with lots of Ka Boom run and gun dynamics, I find it hilarious. I understand that is their paly style, the one DE caters to with literally a catalog of Warframes that half of could disappear (even more so of the weapons) and nothing of value would be lost. If more players understood how DE commoditizes 'game balance' like it does, they'd beg for a completely 'broken' version of WF. There is a reason DE will never nuke the Riven Market, there is also a reason a lot of players wouldn't stand for it either, despite the horrid unbalancing rivens open the door to. So in my estimation, no, no one, especially DE, actually give a damn about balance. For DE, 'balancing' is a way to introduce gating, gating of progress, virtual items, etc, etc, and introduce commodities they sell to mitigate that artificial gating, its the game's main business strategy. And they over do it, horridly, like all the other come and gone MMORPGs.
  2. I am not sure what you mean by that given my grasp of the language.
  3. No. Understood perfectly. Just that it is sophistry is my point.
  4. But calling into question my command of English wasn't a subtile ad hominem to begin with... as it comes around to an ad hominem. You just made an argument to say a person couldn't rationally say a poop flavored popsicle would be a disasterous product, thats pretty much solid sophism.
  5. Thats one way to evaluate it. Now what did you actually get, progression wise, in terms of affinity, focus, etc, etc, from that for the time spent? For me, I am not finding a value there for their cost in real world currency to platinum anymore. The ammount I spend, for the lessening of time, is no longer significant enough.
  6. Why? Looking at it's definition, and how it is used in this case, how did you come to that conclusion? If anything, it more so is saying you're not experienced with English as it is, a living language across regions and cultures, i.e. the sophistry and polemics of forum vanguard within a homogeneous and ostracizing base. As for looking for the booster that is 'worthwhile', that is irrational. DE is selling boosters as a product, they've chose to try and commoditize the game this way. If they were a popsicle company, and chose to release a poop flavored popsicle, the fact they have a great grape flavor doesn't dismiss that they have one with poop flavor. Sure, you can choose not to buy the poop flavored one, but that will just be a sophist argument or in ignorance of business reality, bad products are a drain, always.
  7. If you are selling boosters, as a product, like DE is doing, no, that is like saying 'Sometimes my produce stand sells rotten apples, that is just what you get, it is the consumer's burden.' Not expecting McDonalds to be five star cuisine, but do expect it, especially with the market competition, to have a competitive product. And by my estimation, no, thirty day boosters are not, when looked at as being a substitute for a recurring subscription.
  8. This I would say is a borderline bug report. Caches on surface show up with loot detector, and audio cues line up as well. Ones in cave are horridly off, and do not show up on mini map. This isn't more challenging, or a curve ball to finish the bounty, its a bad design and idea, if it is intentional as a way to make the player look. Sure, they spawn in fixed locations, so just go read the wiki for those... Or, I don't know, actually make the game consistent enough to not trample immersion every few minutes by sending folks to not only out of game, but to a third party website, done by volunteers, to do all the heavy lifting of explaining how to actually meet an objective in the game... just a thought. Edit: Also looks like the bug issue for cache's requiring out of the operational zone travel, i.e., un-needed, would have been caught if actually test played, fail condition of the bounty that has been documented and reported to DE since 2019 is in play here to, great.
  9. Yes, thank you for that explanation of subjective versus intrinsic value. Sort of why I put "I'm actually on curve to where 30 day boosters are falling below a point of value for me. What they actually do to help me make best use of my play time is falling off, hard, because a lot of other things in game rewards wise are just so miserly. " in my OP. Now, call me crazy, but it is a FEEDBACK part of the forum, and we are all individuals, with individual preferences and individual values, that we express from our own subjectivity. So why you feel the need to make a point on someone, giving feedback, and try to put it in the context of being 'feedback done right' I cannot see the point of. As for the mention of my vernacular. I think you should consider how grossly offensive that was. No really, that was a sophist's phrasing to try and insinuate and call into question cognitive ability. The kind of thing a failure of a writer with an English major, turned English teacher does to high school kids to try and rattle their student's confidence and make themselves feel smarter for not being where they think they should in life. No really, be better, don't be that sort of ad hominem making intellectually dishonest participant.
  10. Way I look at it, boosters are like a grocery cart subscription model, pay as I want things at a premium. That said, looking at the rewards paid out like affinity and credits, and more so pay out of credits from item salvage, I have to say they are out right miserly. Going back over my spreadsheet data collected over time playing, I'm actually on curve to where 30 day boosters are falling below a point of value for me. What they actually do to help me make best use of my play time is falling off, hard, because a lot of other things in game rewards wise are just so miserly. Only things you actually do get in abundance, are usually pretty poor paying out as a general rule, pretty much more or less space dirt. The fact that literally, a few hundred mods, sold for credits is a tenth of what you'd get for equal number of Nightwave tokens at 5k each is pretty discouraging. Then there is the poor trade market state. Things folks will pay plat for, alright enough maybe. Everything else is so devalued no one even trades in it. I get it, faucet sink fears of an in game economy, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. This seems to more so just be neglect, and unappreciation for players time, and products sold for real world money value.
  11. Defectors A.I. is just bad, and makes their survival random, mostly due to horrid pathing choices, compiled by poison clouds spammed by Infested Ancients. Especially when the awful pick up mechanics of energy cells is factored in. Continually having to choose between charging a station as a defector is ripped about by Infested Ancient spam, or defend the defector and have them die from the horrid tick down rate (needs to slow about 20% down I'd say) isn't fun, its masochistic. Cohesion of defectors should be tightened up, with them not flat out running, causing spacing, i.e., creating just a pain marathon, not a skill, or fun, or a challenge. Slow them down, make them more cautious, give the solo player a reasonable chance who doesn't have years in WF and insta death to infested shooters equipped an opportunity. Rather than caught up in random A.I. sub par pathing, that just does usual WF 'rundown' mission setups of competing objectives. I get it, these missions are done to be maximum cheeze, because you can farm Ash parts from Grineer manics (or at least originally did). So DE is incentivized to keep it this way in some sense. But it could be much better than it is implemented now.
  12. Yes, thank you, well aware of the limitations for control bindings of Warframe on a gamepad. And still doesn't change the state of the mission or much of the criticism of it.
  13. I don't use a mouse, dual analog controller, part of my criticism. Yes, thank you, well aware from watching YouTube videos, and defeating Protea on an alt how to 'win' the fight. And it is still in my view worthy of the criticisms I have given it.
  14. Not really, it has said has a slow wind up, its detonation doesn't register many times, using without a stance as you level it is also a chore. In general, its awful to be locked into to having to use in this mission, especially at the end with the horrid Protea fight gimick. Well, what do you mean? Excal's sword ability will boost a glaive? Or do you mean Exalted Blade? Either way, the run about, slow status, and other annoyances make it just that, annoying. Its not difficult, its time wasting, unrewarding. Well, congrats, your better than me I guess since it gave you absolutely no problem, and wasn't a frustrating disco FX mess.
  15. What I really, really miss, the intensity of boarding / repelling, ship repair, etc, etc. Was like a sci fi Master and Commander battle sequence at times. Sure, on higher level missions it tended to break down from 'pile on' design, and usual poor Warframe scaling issues of enemies, but when you were in that sweet spot between cake walk and stat wall hammers with actual challenges, Railjack was amazingly fun. They did a lot of good changes to accessibility on the new player side, I cannot deny that. And hopefully it keeps getting fine tuned. But by and large, the route they went with Corpus mission designs on the away side are as I said not even grind, they are pain endurance marathons.
  16. Nope, actually, not that at all. Do often go and do the 'smart' or 'easy' way, to get past content. That said, those ways are in general, aren't very engaging or fun, more so they are rather boring. They also don't get around how bad the game is, in game, for explaining, guiding, a lot of things that matter for a new player. The fact that I have to refer to third party sources like a wiki to understand what I need to do in game, is rather awful and immersion destroying. If I were to guess it is why Warframe despite being 'F2P done right' cant hold onto new players, much less demonstrate growth of player base.
  17. Just isn't fun. There is nothing good about it as is, because what is bad about it chokes out any potential fun it could have. 1, The lock in of using a certain weapon may have been interesting. But the weapon stats are so awful as to indicate whoever designed the last mission level, never bothered to actually play with the weapon you were stuck using, under the conditions a player would likely be using it, especially a newer player. Its wind up is slow, it frequently misses when frame stutter happens, the Protea fight is a visual effects disco mess (as is everything Corpus wise lately). Been leveling it, made it magnetic, brought up its attack speed, thing is still awful for what you are locked in to use it for. 2, The Treasurer segment is an awful pain marathon of a damage sponge. I literally did more accomplishing and finishing my Nightwave 'Kill 500 Enemies' here, then on a previous Infested Survival run of 16 minutes, as I chased the Treasurer about dealing with its cheeze abilities from those mines. And then the endless, endless drones buffing shields pile on trash. 3, The Protea fight gimmick is overdone, over drawn, and poorly implemented. Needs about a third less shields each stage of it. Terrain for the fight is just horrible, and shows off the worst, the complete worst of A.I. cheeze programming in regards to the insta dodge of NPCs to many player ranged attacks, she may as well be an Osprey drone with how she dodges thrown and bow weapons. Should have a much slower shield recharge, or much less health in each fight segment, the range on the glaive's throw is epically awful for how the fight is laid out. Also, whoever test played it obviously didn't use a game pad controller in the default button config as they'd have seen quite fast that requiring an aimed throw and detonation combo with how most dual analog stick controls is just more effort dealing with Warframe's lack of test playing before things are released. Its just unpolished in terms of gameplay. not challenging, just a pain endurance marathon of concepts that might have sounded cool but none of which works together to make it fun. Make some concessions, stop the everything and kitchen sink piling on at every stage of the mission, especially the really horrid, overly drawn out, just bad final fight segment.
  18. Agree that end game lacks worst of all. Not sure what end game could be though with Warframe's game design legacy, life cycle point, and DE's ability to get capital to develop it. Dream end game, boundless procedural exploration off of the Origin System Star Chart in a Railjack. Quite literally just No Man's Sky'esque Orikin Derelicts, asteroid stations, Kuiper Belt, even out to the Ort Cloud, points that procedurally spawn for limited times. Even more so, 'Void Zones', where the boundaries of reality get a little 'thin' and you come across Man in the Wall like apparitions. Another possibility is New War tied in Sentient vanguards arriving from Tau to Sol, and having to do ship to ship actions, that expand on the boarding/defending fun potential of Railjack. Of course, it just couldn't happen, DEs challenges to monetize Warframe content leads to many potentially great game design concepts being malformed on release. Still, be great to see a more boundless sandbox like place for end of game content to exist.
  19. I cant think of a a single positive for these. They just aren't fun. They do not seem to have been test played, by designers, and DE staff, ever within the context of general missions. From the bugs of guard awareness, to the excessive/insta shield strips on the player, to the over buffing of enemy shields, to the pile on of environmental hazards, to the out of whack enemy scaling, they just are overly frustrating and un fun chores that aren't even grind, just frustration endurance marathons. They for sure are not new player accessible. In fact, they seemed to be a content island specifically designed for people whom enjoy reading wiki articles, and grinding out 'helpful', i.e., mandatory, builds, rather than open environment designs that allow player skill to find creative and fun way of dealing with the mission objectives. In short, they need an overhaul. They were designed for a segment of the player base, and over optimized further to that segment's wants. You made Steel Path for a reason DE.... And having content in the general mission pool, that isn't new player accessible is just self defeating.
  20. Sadly, with everything I see design wise, this is likely the exact case. Nothing in game feels rewarding when accomplished, because the effort to get there is never on par rewarding. Or worse yet, just opens the way to a content island. Its a growing unvirtuous feedback cycle of sorts I am getting as I go on playing. I'd happily grind for things, happily. But when progression feels absolutely stagnated, and not rewarding from enduring it, it is all horridly unfun.
  21. Just did a mission where it became grapple spam from five ancient disruptors, one of which was doing it on the other side of a wall. This isn't fun, this is crap. And now that I just had sprint and roll not working here to interrupt or break this spam fest of a crap ability, its outright game ruining crap. These 'counters' you have on NPCs, that can interrupt the player, but the player can never interrupt, break down really fast and awful in actual gameplay. May not be so bad, perhaps just inconvenience to a later game played / vet player. But to a new player, going through the starchart, and hitting this in the first few survival missions, its utterly frustrating stat wall crap at its worst and NPC ability cheeze that destroys immersion and focuses on the poor quality of the A.I. to just fall into a spam cycle. Just test play with a little more care, to get things like this fine tuned, to where it isn't game ruining crap with the frustration it brings.
  22. Finished missions, seen updated after several railjack skirmishes in Earth Proxima. Went and docked at dojo, and progress levels and items same as when went to do railjack from the lander. Was about an hour of so of several skirmishes unaccounted for.
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