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  1. So I wrote a week ago about my opinion on what DE showed to be the Kuva Liches system from prime time & devstream. After thoroughly completing a few of them I'd like to share my updated thoughts on the matter. I absolutely love it; doing the star chart all over again but with higher level enemies is honestly a dream come true. The Kuva Liches are an absolute joy to fight & the missions really force me to bring my best gear or die trying. The additions of the thralls with the Mercy animations is so satisfying. The way the Kuva Lich steals your mats is hilarious & I love hearing stories or seeing people get riled up from the Lich taking their riven mods or something of high value. Saying that though the farming can get quite excessive & Reb already mentioned they'll be making some aspects of it easier. But I'd like to point out that this kind of content isn't made for everyone the same way Tridolons/Profit-Taker/Exploiter is. Sure you can get started & prepared for it but unless you know what you're doing or bring a squad along with you; you will die a lot. However this doesn't really fit the description of how they presented it during Tennocon, there was a massive amount of changes done to what was originally proposed but then again the same thing can be said when they talked about the kingpin system 2 years ago. Here are some ideas to make it more fun in my eyes. Keep most of the system intact. Remove the level 20+ Grineer mission requirements to spawn a Kuva Larvling & instead place them with a 100% chance at the Kuva Fortress. This is to stop unwanted Liches to be created. Instead of attacking the Liches territories to farm Thralls which allows you to gain Murmur & Aggrevates the Lich it should be that all enemies in those Lich territories generates Murmurs from killing them whilst doing the objective & each one of them has a boss that spawns randomly on the tileset maybe 50% chance to? Those are the Kuva Thralls & they behave & act exactly like the Liches but when you go to assassinate them you can test your Requiem Mods on them if any one of the three mods matches the Kuva Liches it kills the Kuva Thrall(performing the Mercy kill animation), if none of them match; the Kuva Thrall pushes you back & then runs away(Disappears). Killing the Kuva Thralls will still anger the Kuva Lich & he may randomly spawn to attack you if you keep attacking/clearing his nodes & killing his leaders(thralls). When you've finally figured out all the Murmurs necessary to kill the Kuva Lich it should now create a new node where the Kuva Liches base is. Here should be some kind of fortification tileset (Though I know making a new tileset for this would be insane but perhaps reusing the Vay Hek one from Law of Retribution third tileset?) & this is where the Lich has gathered his Thralls to finally either end you (if you don't match the 3 Requiem mods in the right order) or for you to succeed in beating it. The Kuva Lich here should be super beefed up, at least level 120+ & given a really aggressive AI similar to Wukongs Celestial Twin. You go to confront it & you get swarmed by their Thralls with their strengths & weaknesses but they all fall to your Parazon. After taking out at least 20 of them the Kuva Lich descends to finish you off themselves & the fight plays out like it behaves in the current system but be sure to give the Lich some tackling grapple move to keep you on your toes, since it's rare to see those reset cc animations the Kuva Lich can perform on you when you're too close. These are just some ideas to make it seem more grand & removes a few RNG points from it. What do you guys think? How are you liking the Kuva Lich system so far?
  2. Can we get an exilus mod slot for Primarys & Secondaries for reload/magazine/firerate?
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