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  1. Jumping would look pretty dumb. Imagine a bunnyhopping little thing with a firebeamlaser in her arms. We can actually roll and use her decoy to get higher ground.
  2. Yea I think that is how everyone feels right now but her ult just doesn't make that much damage. 😞
  3. You need to get those buffs first + hold left click to do some dmg: Synergy: Sol Gate has synergy with other abilities. Currently obtained Motes from Reservoirs provide additional properties to Sol Gate. Vitality: Provides a damage buff. Haste: Allows Sol Gate to deal Corrosive procs. Does not gain Corrosive damage. Shock: Provides a damage buff.
  4. Did you stack up your buffs at your plants before?
  5. Does the dmg multiplicator on her 3 only affects her 3rd ability? I don't feel like I am doing more dmg overall. Even with x5 multiplicator. This is the build I am using so far:
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