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  1. I just had the bug happen to me. Vahenir is right. If you move around the mount and point at various places, you'll see a message light up very very faintly. When it does, push you interaction button and you'll get the goody.
  2. My helios had a vaccum mod but it was unranked. I ranked it up to max and tried two rounds at Caelus. Got other stuff, but No Tellurium. I would guest I need more than two rounds to get Tellurium. Thank you for your help. Now I know something I didn't before. (And yes, I was using Hydroid's Pilfering Swarm in Orphelia. Got only 2 Tellerium out of the whole long fight. )
  3. I'm farming for Tellerium but getting tired of the Uranus Orphelia mission, so I went for the Caelus archwing mission. My odonata doesn't seem to pick up any drops of any kind. I read some where that Tennos were getting Itzals because they could get the drops. Doesn't this mean Odonata's don't get drops are all?
  4. I'm still ignorant, so I usually play solo. But can you explain why? Might help. Don't relics crack open when you get ten Reactants? And don't you get Reactants by killing Corrupted that appear? So, what's the problem.
  5. Thank you. I sort of knew that, but I have trouble relating the minimap to whats on the field in front of me. What looks close on the minimap doesn't seem close on the ground., etc. Didn't notice the allies jumping around while the enemies walk. Good to know. In a free style battle like that its difficult to notice several things going on at once. Thanks again.
  6. Thank you all for your advice. I'm looking it over and digesting it.
  7. Doing the Index solo is really risky because of the unskilled Specters you're given. Even at the 30,000 level bets they still can't get to the token limit to collect the reward. You can win a lot of matches, but never collect a reward, where as if you lose, they take your money. I'm afraid to play it in Public. because its hard to tell which one's the enemy. I don't want to anger fellow Tenno's by attacking them by mistake. I do that all the time in solo. Anybody have any suggestions? It not like DE is ever going to do anything about this.
  8. Yes, I know that. I'm sorry my phasing implied that I didn't. Thank you for your help..
  9. hat must've been a very outdated guide you saw. Oh. Thank you for warning me. I just saw that in passing and didn't examine it too closely. I'll have to rethink that. Game changes so much its hard to tell whats out of date and what isn't.
  10. Yes, indeed, I am a very silly person. Thank you, thank you, thank you for telling me this. Didn't know.
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