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  1. yeah, I know the Dark Sector missions after Ceres make more credits. But one has to find one's speed The infested are like the fast zombies from "28 Days Later." Sometimes you don't even have enough time to reload your weapon, so it becomes a melee fest. My nerves can only take so much before I start making mistakes. You don't want to go through a lot doing waves and waves and waves of infested and then make one mistake and fail the mission. That's debilitating. 😖
  2. I haven't gotten to the higher mysteries of railjacking yet. But that is a good question.
  3. I heard that you get a double credit bonus for the first mission of the day. I learned that in Warframe, UTC midnight is when the new day begins. ( 8 pm Eastern Daylight Time in my case). What I didn't bother to find out was that its the first mission that COMPLETES after UTC midnight that gets the first mission of the day bonus, not the first mission that STARTS after UTC midnight. I was doing a free roam on Orb Vallis, looking in caves for Toroids and doing some fishing and mining and lost track of time. Free roams get you very little credits. So I got double zip instead. But I also learned something else from the wikki: "Additionally, the first mission completed after UTC midnight will have double the Credit reward, also known as the Daily First Win Bonus. This does not work on the profit gained from winning an Index match, nor any bounty or heist in the Plains of Eidolon or Orb Vallis, effectively wasting your first daily win credit bonus. " So least I won't mess up that way, So now I'll set an alarm clock for just before UTC midnight (8pm EDT) and exit whatever I'm doing then and wait for the new day before taking Oberon off to Seimeni on Ceres to bash the infested with the Broken Scepter. (That's my speed right now).
  4. oooowwww. Nullification burbs. Forgot about them. Only a matter of time I suppose. Yes, I forget that most people play warframe in teams. I'm just not a very sociable. I haven't got Mesa yet.
  5. So far I've found Limbo pretty good for Thermia Fractures. He plops the cannister into the fracture. Enters the Rift, dances around the fracture attracting bullets that won't hurt him and that might hurt the cannister if he wasn't there (but the cannisters themselves seem to be pretty indestructible) , and when the cannister is full, he casts Cataclysm, grabs the cannister and flies off to repeat at the next Fracture. He did four of them in a row without getting killed. The only trouble he might have is if a nullifier spawns. But its also a tad boring doing this.
  6. Thank you all. I couldn't find that information anywhere.
  7. In Orb Vallis there are these purple squares with a circle in them that are on top of rails and up higher on things. I know you go through them on your K-bar. But what does that actually do for you other than having fun? I can't seem to find an answer to this simple question.
  8. Thank you all for responding. I got distracted from this thread.
  9. I see now. In chat, putting the name of a mod in brackets lets yo click on it and see a larger picture of the mod than you do in the mods station or the codex. That's better, but I still can't see the detail. The mod art is very scintillating, particularly with the 3D thing jumping out of it. It looks like stuff is going on that you can barely make out. It really deserves to be seen in large enough size to see all the details. Anyway I wouldn't want to jam up chat with just links to mods. Chat's busy enough as it is. Thanks again.
  10. Thank you for that. I will have to learn what that means. I haven't done links in chat before. Had no idea you could even do that.
  11. Is there a way to see the art on the mod cards in a frame that's larger than what's available in the codex or the mod station? It really looks worth looking at but its so small I can't see the detail clearly.. Wizards of the Coast publishes actual books of the art work on their cards. Has DE ever considered that as a revenue source?
  12. Thank you. I'm getting over it now. Hard to stay mad at Warframe, even when its trying to drive me mad.
  13. I searched on "Jupiter, Carpo warning message" and got zip. So I ask this here first. I was doing the Jupiter, Carpo (Corpus) extermination mission. I'd met my quota and got the 'get to extraction' message, started looking for the second secret cache (this Extermination mission has 3 of them). I was going through tile set for a good long while (its a big one), and all of a sudden I get the message that the mission will end in failure if I don't get to extract in so many minutes. And I failed because I was too far away by then. I'd put a good long time into this mission (my first mistake?). This made me mad and disgusted and killed my appetite for the game for awhile. Couldn't DE have put in little more warning that this was going to happen? Maybe use a red color for the timer instead white? Anyone else have this happen? Is it worth taking any farther then bellyaching about it here?
  14. Thank you all for clearing that up for me. I should have known. In Warframe, these always an extra step.
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