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  1. I'm trying to figure out how I could have gotten to MR 19 and never noticed those tooltips. I just completed an Inaros Prime set using them.
  2. After futzing around a lot and being endlessly disappointed in Void Fissure missions, I have hit upon a way to do them that's more fun, less aggravating, and requires the least mount of record-keeping paper work. It also reduces the amount of what I call Baro Ki’Teer-itis. I.e. the excessive generation of prime junk that will end up as ducats for Baro. The way it does this is by using the indirectness of the RNG (Random Number Generator) system for me rather than against me. The RNG system virtually guarantees that you will almost never get an item that you directly 'farm' for. If you k
  3. Thank you all again. I used up all the syndicate standing of my three syndicates and got only two Gara parts out of it. But I'm not too disappointed, as Gara only went to about 300p before rolling down to 100 or so. So it not like I missed the chance of a lifetime.
  4. I just bought a few relic packs from my syndicates and didn't see Gara prime parts in them. Does that happen later today, or right now?
  5. I preface this by saying that I haven't changed my system in the whole year I've been playing warframe when I started as a newbie. These shutoffs have only started happening in the last week. First off I removed the filters I was using from all the vents. The filter I was using was a single ply of very thin tissue paper, taped over the vents (with the tape not going over the vents themselves). I was able to breath through the tissue, so I thought the fans could breath through it too. I did this because I was shocked at how must dust was inside by last computer when it conked out. This
  6. Thank you for this, ZokuGojira. Seems a simple thing to try. Avast seems to have moved the malware to the chest and the problem is continuing. Usually after I've been playing long missions or a long series of missons. Thanks again.
  7. Another issue has emerged. I'm using a ASUS laptop and my Avast virsus scanner caught this: "We've blocked ASUSFourceUpdater.exe because it was infected with IDP.generic." Searching on this I came across this: https://www.vice.com/en/article/pan9wn/hackers-hijacked-asus-software-updates-to-install-backdoors-on-thousands-of-computers So I'm guessing that the overheating issue might be due to intruders running something in the background while I'm playing. Avast is trying to move this to the virus chest, but its taking a long time. The problem is intermittant, happening sometimes, b
  8. Thank you all for you suggestions. No messages about overheating when it comes back on. no new components added. I keep screens dust screeners on the vents in my computer. I really only use my computer for Warframe now a days ;-) I ddin't know about the event viewer. I will look at it next time. I'm using the Classic graphic engine and Full screen (not Borderless). Thanks again for your help.
  9. I searched on this and found other incidents of this happening. During a Warframe session my computer shuts off cold. No blue screen of death, no slow shutting down by closing processes one by one. Just boom, off. Like what happens during a local power failure. I'm asking those who have had this problem exactly what they did that solved the problem. In the previous forums posts on this, so many suggestions were made that its difficult to sparse out exactly what the solution was. I'm hoping for a checklist of things to try. Thanks in advance for you contributions.
  10. Thank you Ebrl and Japheth for you're answers. And Especially Japheth for your very detailed answer. That clears thing up nicely. :-)
  11. Thank you for your help. I figured it out. I forgot I was using the Freeze Augment mod. It changes the Freeze to being about buffing your allies. It worked fine after I took the augment off. Thanks again for your help.
  12. I've just gotten Frost and have him in E-prime using his first ability, Freeze , on the Grineer. Doesn't seem to do anything. I hit them with Freeze and they are still moving around and attacking. Am I missing something?
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