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  1. Another issue has emerged. I'm using a ASUS laptop and my Avast virsus scanner caught this: "We've blocked ASUSFourceUpdater.exe because it was infected with IDP.generic." Searching on this I came across this: https://www.vice.com/en/article/pan9wn/hackers-hijacked-asus-software-updates-to-install-backdoors-on-thousands-of-computers So I'm guessing that the overheating issue might be due to intruders running something in the background while I'm playing. Avast is trying to move this to the virus chest, but its taking a long time. The problem is intermittant, happening sometimes, b
  2. Thank you all for you suggestions. No messages about overheating when it comes back on. no new components added. I keep screens dust screeners on the vents in my computer. I really only use my computer for Warframe now a days ;-) I ddin't know about the event viewer. I will look at it next time. I'm using the Classic graphic engine and Full screen (not Borderless). Thanks again for your help.
  3. I searched on this and found other incidents of this happening. During a Warframe session my computer shuts off cold. No blue screen of death, no slow shutting down by closing processes one by one. Just boom, off. Like what happens during a local power failure. I'm asking those who have had this problem exactly what they did that solved the problem. In the previous forums posts on this, so many suggestions were made that its difficult to sparse out exactly what the solution was. I'm hoping for a checklist of things to try. Thanks in advance for you contributions.
  4. Thank you Ebrl and Japheth for you're answers. And Especially Japheth for your very detailed answer. That clears thing up nicely. :-)
  5. Thank you for your help. I figured it out. I forgot I was using the Freeze Augment mod. It changes the Freeze to being about buffing your allies. It worked fine after I took the augment off. Thanks again for your help.
  6. I've just gotten Frost and have him in E-prime using his first ability, Freeze , on the Grineer. Doesn't seem to do anything. I hit them with Freeze and they are still moving around and attacking. Am I missing something?
  7. Thank you NeoRetro10K, I was unaware of that game mechanic. Sort of gives one in incentive to choose sides in that particular node.
  8. I was using Io on Jupiter as an Oxium farm, shooting down Oxium Ospreys. Now its says Grineer occupied. No Oxium Ospreys. And its the base mission, not a Kuva lich node, a fissure node, or a nightmare node (though being without an Oxium farm may be a nightmware all its own), This is 'occupied' stuff something that just happens for a while and then reverts back later? Suggestions for farming Oxium now?
  9. I've had that happen. For me is only happens during the Rescue mission on Saturn. And it only happens when I get to the room where the rescuee is in a confinment pod. As I approach the pods, a black square comes up and obscures what's going on. When move away from the pods, it goes away.
  10. Just got fixed. I clicked Window 10 update, (which does all the drivers) but it didn't report a new update. I did notice a new new Content load real quick. Guess it was a little boo boo.
  11. After I check a few more things I will be contacting support. I just want to see if any other Desktop Steam users are having this problem with the new content. I'm wonder if is got something to do with Steam. Complete Description: After doing a shutdown and then bringing my laptop back up, I signed into Steam and then I clicked on the Warframe launcher that goes through steam. After the progress diamond filed up the game stopped and I got the "An error has occurred" screen. It never got to the password signon screen. I never use Steam's "Verfiy cache" function.
  12. Thank you (XBOX)Skippy575. I did read the warning earlier. I just did not know what the alternatives for the items were. Thank you nslay, vanaukas and MagPrime. You've substantially answered my question. Getting the Nitain will be a bear. That's what NW made relatively easy.
  13. Yup, I would call that a leech. And if he or she was trying, I'd cut them a break. Went you are learning, you start out incompetent and weak.
  14. thank you chaotea, and especially VoidArkhangel for pointing out the Notes in Current Items Retired to the Prime Vault. That's an expand button and I totally missed seeing it. My circadian rhythm recently took a hit and I'm a bit out of it. thank you maycne.sonahoz, that answers my other question.
  15. I searched the internet for this information, but I could only find dibs and dabs of info about it here and there, making me unsure about it. Does anyone have the info in a complete and concise form? Or can tell me how to construct it? I just need the name of the item and whether its in the Vault now or going into the Vault this year.
  16. I would be very careful about who I would call a leech. If his warframe just sits there and doesn't do anything, I'd say yeah. But you can have somebody who is just really incompetent or maybe playing the particular mission for the first time and getting lost somewhere in the tileset, or maybe his warframe may not be as fast as yours.
  17. Thank you again, Slayer-. You are most helpful.
  18. thanks for the screen shot, Aazhyd, I see it now. Thando, that was going to be my next question. How do you get the Arcana missions? I don't see them in Necralisk. Seems like every body goes home after getting the Iso Vaults loot.
  19. .Got pulled away. Thank you, Slayer-, Nichivo, and (NSW)IronElemental. you have all been most helpful and I appreciate it.
  20. I forgot I put this question out. I thank everyone who contributed an answer. Now I know how to do this mission.
  21. Having problems with the emitter stage of this bounty. I keep going towards the fissure and a force field of some sort keeps slowing me down and then runs out of power and disappears before I get to the fissure, preventing me from closing them. This is a very frustrating task. I'm failure here every time.
  22. Thank you, Aazhyd. Those were my chief concerns. Thanks again, Soy77. I saw the numbers next to the squad members, mind happened to be 13 and that's my mastery rank, so I thought the numbers were mastery rank.
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