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  1. hey past me wouldve said that tooo, but my friends and i managed to find a way to get 40k score. tldr it need a good map, and a good teammate :) but i still dont know how much more you can get, my theory is that 45k is still possible but tbh it seems impossible
  2. 30k runs are possible u need to kill as much as sentient as possible, they spawn after u kill em soo if ur fast enough 30k is posted. But i believe the max with this method is 35k but idk some guy said 40k is possible. Oh and u need the perfect map and rotation
  3. Look u dont know what the dev intends us to do, these 'legit' run was done using wht is available in the game and not using any bugs to do so. You don't do worse to get better, with these legit ways u will need to able to control ur focus between killing the sentient and the orphix. Thats why u need a good team to do this and tbh i myself has gotten 33k by doing this 'legit' and think 35k is the max using only methods that is available to us without using any bug but 40k may be possible because someone has told me that they get 38k without exploit bugs.
  4. i saw the leaderboard for the event and see all of these player having 30k+ scores. i dont even know how to get 25k score ;-;
  5. im pretty sure the archgun necramech thing can be worked around by having ur warframe use ur archgun first, need a gravimaged archgun tho
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