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  1. Riven prices are a huge reason people cried bout the Xoris as it could get you steady near riven damage. That being said How could you put LOS on Saryn's spores? The spread on their own due to several factors. Whos LOS would they spread on the spores? that would be a ton of calculations at any given moment especially on a Mhiasma cast. Both her and Equinox take a good time to build up to the room clear damage that Khora can maintain a minute into a run Khora's nerf (while I hate nerfs) was a long time coming and its not as bad as it could be all things considered her damage is still ins
  2. The rep grind to get him is a pain. If they ever swich the other open worlds to a token system like Deimos it will help a ton.
  3. This would make him much much slower and not really how he is meant to be played. His bigger problem is actually lower level missions with less to eat. If they made it to where you had energy gain at 1-2 enemies in gut then ramp up a drain, like when eating a little you feel good then when you eat too much you feel more drained. This would give a skill that shoots out enemies 1 at a time a place so you can micro manage your gut and having an energy gain ability would make it so you could be topped off before meatball starts to drain energy if your bouncing around. Also I think his 1 is a p
  4. I knew this was coming as soon as it was posted. Dude like it or not they have explained in canon why his kit has "non eidolon" abilities. Regardless of your opinion on Rebecca or the execution its unlikely that they will overhaul his kit to be Eidolon man. Reave could be fixed if the width scaled with Strength like other frames boost with duration. They are adding team kills to larva for nidus to help him build stacks they should have team kills affect Thrals the same way as though Danse killed them to give team mates over shields.
  5. Id love a scaling and placement option. Almost all chest pieces on Wisp are way too big and almost all shoulder pieces are too small on a lot of male frames.
  6. This is a full identity change not leaving any of the rev we know. Reworks to this extent as super unlikely,
  7. Can you have grendels helm be part of nightwave offerings soon? It hasn't been there in a very long time.
  8. These rivens sell for way too much plat for them to address this notice none of the stat sticks were touched in the recent dispo changes. You say the "fixed" the xoris no they killed it cause it actually fixed this problem for the average casual-steady player. All you needed for the Xoris to be a great stat stick for every one but gara was 3 forma yes riven builds would still net better numbers but they were more marginal. The Xoris only served to hurt the riven market, and thats where the most plat is traded. I agree with you but I dont see the removal of how it currently works working o
  9. It should be a companion app that you can use while playing and while away.
  10. Not trying to humiliate as you put it but your solutions only make it so you can afk more. I mean your reasoning was so you don't have to recast. Like a lot of frames with big hitting powers, people (not saying you) tend to ignore the rest of their kit even if it synergizes awesomely with the rest of their loop. She has an amazing weapon buffs but most players just use Mallet and invis then amp for distance then sit till every thing is dead. I both like and not a way to make her 3 a bit more forgiving with more melodic less spammy songs especially on the jump buff.
  11. I agree, this comes down to intended gameplay loop and desired gameplay loop. Most who really complain about the drain are holding enemies for the armor gain thinking they need to maintain it as nova maintains her Null star. His intended loop is exactly as you showed ead buff pulverise spit/puke repeat. The real problem is that a lot of missions don't spawn enough enemies for him to be effective he really shines in SP where there are more than enough enemies to always make the most out of your abilities. His 3 needs something more special so it is used aside from yeeting enemies off the map f
  12. I like most of your changes, I would keep the scaling on feast as you are intended to eat and spit repeat not really eat and hold for an extended time. The problem is the spawn rate on non SP missions going from enemy group to enemy group is really slim. So to add synergy and give his 3 more of a point would be to have there be energy gain on 1-2 enemies in your stomach no gain or loss on 3 and current scaling past that. This would let him control his energy easily and room clear on high level missions like he currently does. Id love to see a loot frame augment on his 1 to give him some mo
  13. The way mine is built I only get 9 ish sec on cast. I almost only ever use energy though is its fine to just cast before spit. I wish the duration was a bit longer at base for the buffs. I have been thinking of ways to improve him and have more people enjoy this frame. Outside of adjusting his energy drain issues, I think he would be a good candidate for a loot frame augment on feast.
  14. I know it will be a bit out but Im ready for Glass enemies to be a thing of the past
  15. Grendel needs to have a sliding scale on enemies in to energy. 1 enemy gains energy at slow rate 2 generates a bit faster 3 is neutral going past that ramps up as currently. This would give his 3 a bit more utility so you can keep your belly managed as you need. On the topic of his 3 it needs to have much bigger splash with a good armor strip. His passive should be baked into his 1 (same with chroma, if the helminth version of a skill gets the passive baked in thats a good indicator that the frame should get the same treatment). New passive should be eating related like all consumables(
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