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  1. That would require dumb ai enemies be able to follow something as acrobatic as a frame. Nidus' abilities are largely based around being in one spot. Should you want mobility your probably better linking to a teammate.
  2. CC like Aegis Storm has more of a place on mobile defense missions than regular defense. But that's a huge generality, low level missions stuff dies fast enough to not matter much. Also depends on your range and if you are flying up and down and actually contributing beyond afking over the defense target (which is definitely something to complain about). Team comp can change a lot there too. I can see a Speedva being pissy about lockdown cc like that as it kinda invaidates what they are doing but a saryn or ember wont care much and may in fact welcome it. Next time you get some one like
  3. Several frames with two helmets yet still no Grendel helm.
  4. This better illustrates WF scaling problem more so than a frames lack of functionality. Frames that suffer the not enough enemies problem in basic starchart can be god like in high level or SP gameplay. So more over than passive adjustments that would affect both their needs to be scaling based on enemy level. So for example if enemy level is <X then +Y% to stack chance. Though honestly in almost any level that he has that problem he doesnt need to hit max. As long as you have 15+ at any time you should be good.
  5. Id agree with you but look at all the loot frames while Nekros has the best in that it covers the most range and is least intrusive on your team, All others are capable of much better damage and more importantly have a more engaging and fun playstyle. I am not a fan of more exalted weapons but I do like the idea of a peseudo exalted scythe that spins around you closely that does massive damage to those who come close for a short time. Also adding a gore modifier (like ripkas) while terrified would synergize well with desicrate. This would also give you more of a reason to run the augment to k
  6. Ophidian Bite Hit box needs work I feel like nothing gets hit for the size of the animation and the amount of range I have packed into him this should hit a large amount of enemies. Vial Rush Need to be able to steer TRANSMUTATION PROBE Gets caught on random crap needs a small amount of course correction. If you fire it into a wall thats understandable but needs to be a bit more forgiving with door jams and barrels and other greebles Catalyze Desperately needs verticality atleast to hit enemies below the drones so can be fired from air to hit enemies below the
  7. His design is a bit conflicting to his play style you are not meant to hold enemies for a long period you. I use him all the time in long survival runs. Eat, energy stomp, puke, fire blast if you have helminth repeat. He works best in SP due to spawn frequency and is defiantly most efficient solo. Generally when he pukes everything dies and there is usually enough energy orbs to top me off. If you have arcane energize it helps a ton too.
  8. Nekros' desicrate literally works based on dismemberment. its a game about space ninjas killing all the things. Its a definite M.
  9. Please fix Camera detach after Bladestorm+Teleport combo for Ash. After retouching him Im sure more people will be trying him out again and this really messes with this gameplay loop.
  10. Having this bug too even after they have done some tweaks to ash recently
  11. It wasnlt rivens for the Xoris that was the problem it was that you could get point and delete level numbers easily with no riven and maintain them all mission making the stat stick rivens (the ones that go for over 1k pl) a little less desirable. Being able to stay in zenurik was a HUGE draw for a frame that can be a bit energy hungry. While yes a Mire with riven will still net bigger numbers a Xoris (pre nerf) with no riven gave you QoL and close enough numbers for almost all content in the game to not notice. Ultimately it was a potential threat to the riven economy and was probably the mai
  12. Riven prices are a huge reason people cried bout the Xoris as it could get you steady near riven damage. That being said How could you put LOS on Saryn's spores? The spread on their own due to several factors. Whos LOS would they spread on the spores? that would be a ton of calculations at any given moment especially on a Mhiasma cast. Both her and Equinox take a good time to build up to the room clear damage that Khora can maintain a minute into a run Khora's nerf (while I hate nerfs) was a long time coming and its not as bad as it could be all things considered her damage is still ins
  13. The rep grind to get him is a pain. If they ever swich the other open worlds to a token system like Deimos it will help a ton.
  14. This would make him much much slower and not really how he is meant to be played. His bigger problem is actually lower level missions with less to eat. If they made it to where you had energy gain at 1-2 enemies in gut then ramp up a drain, like when eating a little you feel good then when you eat too much you feel more drained. This would give a skill that shoots out enemies 1 at a time a place so you can micro manage your gut and having an energy gain ability would make it so you could be topped off before meatball starts to drain energy if your bouncing around. Also I think his 1 is a p
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