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  1. I was surprised when playing with Yareli today to find that she could, while using Miralina: 1. Have access to all of her abilities, 2. Have access to her regular secondary weapon and 3. Be able to interact with objectives/consoles/etc and even carry items (mobile defense/defection/sabotage keys) By comparison: Titania in Razorwing mode has access to all her abilities, has her drones, and access to all her abilities and her exalted weapons... But can't interact with objectives, pick up things, has to shift out of razorwing first. Hildryn in Aegis Storm has access only to her exalted secondary (balefire rockets), has no access to her 2 & 3 abilities, and can't interact with anything. I find when I'm playing Hildryn I almost never use Aegis Storm because it locks me out of my shield recovery abilities, and just skip Titania for missions that will be heavy on interactions because of having to shift back and forth. Does anyone else think that with a couple examples of toggle-able, "exalted mobility" modes that they should be given ability parity?
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