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  1. Repeatedly blaming the "Chinese Overlords" for game changes feels very xenophobic, especially when the poster child of bad behavior around monetizing games, charging for near-essential story content on a game you already paid AAA pricing for, lootboxes and all, is EA... Or is it somehow patriotic when an American company screws their players?
  2. Thank you for collating like this - I wanted exactly this kind of compiled prime/standard stack from the get-go to compare kits directly, given that warframes don't have behavior differences between prime/non. Weapons would be interesting to see like that too, but in plenty of cases the prime versions get more attention because of their extra behaviors.
  3. If people want specific behavior on a mission, they should communicate that clearly at the outset, so that folks who want a different experience can drop. Play the game you want to play, they can recruit for a bespoke speed team if they are concerned about efficiency.
  4. Perhaps I haven't paid attention enough, but do ramsleds get a different shape/highlight than fighters like crewships do? If not, that would be a really nice ask to DE that would make target prioritization easier. I don't remember any guidance in the missions about targeting crewship engines, but I worked out that getting those disabled reduced their threat pretty quickly, so my priority of targets (Unless Nora has other plans for me) is generally scrub fighters so until they stop spawning, disable crewship engines on translation to take them out of the fight, deal with ramsleds on demand
  5. I think people fail to realize how much we get from NOT having cross-save or cross-play... PC is their "move fast break things" build, where they can release fixes within minutes if something goes awry. If a breaking issue that requires a build goes to console, it has to go through the whole cert-build process again...
  6. Haven't looked for another topic on it, just getting it out here: For the stats page, having an option/toggle to combine prime/non-prime line-items so we could compare how people are engaging with the kits vs the release cycle might be useful.
  7. I can't stomach using the "epic" game store no matter how cool the skins.
  8. As more controllers are adding extra paddles or other extra triggers, making "switch mode" as noted above a programmable option in the button configs would be nice... So people who wanted it could reach for it, and those new can skip having an extra button to remember.
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