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  1. I second that. I would like to see Kuva missions. Variants, kind of like the weapons are variants.
  2. There are 16 Kuva weapons. the mastery gained from R30 to R40 is 1,000. That's a total 16,000 mastery gained if you go 5 forma. Or missed if you opt out. And there's more than enough mastery to be gained elsewhere. I'm sorry, but I fail to see how you "need" to forma these weapons if you don't like them. The 1K additional mastery is negligible at best.
  3. Why? Since you keep all progress made on a weapon when you fuse, why not work on the first one you get? especially if you intend to keep it. And while yes, luck plays a part, you won't need 20 liches, but just enough. Can be 1 can be 5 sure... but it's not that difficult. If you insist on spawning and clearing a Lich in one go that would be what? 3hrs? Well, as mentioned, you can trade a converted Lich, but you don't just do it for the weapons. You also do it for the ephemera. What do you lose from fusion? nothing. Just make sure you fuse the new unranked weapon into the ranke
  4. This should be a bug report. But since I've had this problem too, I'll share my workaround: This typically happens when I tap 'Repeat Mission' and a little too fast. Ever since I stopped doing that, and instead exit completion screen, go navigation, and then select a mission, I haven't had a single issue with this. In fact, if you give it time, i.e. wait for at least 20s, it doesn't cause the failure even if you select repeat mission.
  5. Which is why I usually take a sentinel on bounties instead of companion. But while annoying at times, with mysterious enemies dying somewhere, that is still better than the keep above 50% control over an area, that sometimes spawns them in ridiculous locations, or bugs out. I think overall, since the only thing these bonus objectives do (that is worthwhile) is provide an additional loot roll, they should make it one less. or better yet: How about bonus slivers. Each bonus objective completed gives you progress towards an additional loot roll upon completing a bounty. This makes runni
  6. As far as gaining standing is concerned, I love the token system and the flexibility it offers in allowing me to not "have to" play there for my daily standing. Similar to Little Duck, I can farm up the required items, enough for a week even, in one session and then just hand-in the remaining 6 days. But back to the point of costs, the issue I believe is not the cost itself in as much as the conversion into Grandmother tokens. The need of it. In total we need 60 tokens for the 3 required Seriglass Shards (I think that's the name). 1 for rank up, and 2 for weapons. (was there one more
  7. I wish I didn't read this post. It was severely disappointing getting to Rank 5 and getting the fish trophy, but now finding out this? I haven't bought it yet, but it was next on my list.
  8. I am intimately familiar with the Nidus grind. Maybe that's why I love that frame so much. But back on point, there are a couple of ways to do this. 1- As mentioned in a comment, with each failed attempt, the drop chance gets increased. A small amount, but an increase nonetheless. This allows RNG to be as brutal as it wants, while also making it more likely to get the item you want the more times you run it. The difficulty here is the other items in the table. Sure they can assume anyone running a mission is typically after the frame components, it cannot be guaranteed. 2- Improve th
  9. Simplicity v/s Complexity: It has taken me many years (more than I care to admit) to accept the reality here that complexity is not always better. I am using it within your context and explanation. I used to agree with you, and a part of me still longs for it. But more complex, within the context of video games at least, does not automatically equal better. And then of course there is the definition of 'better'. Better is your opinion. Partly mine too. But that does not automatically mean that in a universal setting More Complexity is better for a game. Also, I would disagree w
  10. Based on the wiki, and some admittedly quick research, it seems that the prestige tiers for nightwave should technically go up to 90. Except mine is currently stuck at 60, showing 10,000/10,000. Not sure if this is intended or a bug. Either way, I feel it should not stop since the whole point is for us to continue doing the weekly and daily acts. Hence why I am posting it here. On the off chance it is intended, it would have been appreciated to mention it somewhere clearly, and also apologize if it is mentioned. I have spent most of the creds I earned, in case it matters. curren
  11. Dear DE, What should I do next? 1- Prior to TennoCon 2020, I had claimed my Twitch Prime monthly drop. 2- Was logged to the channel 5 min before the start of TennoCon and Stayed for the entirety of the event. (I'm looking forward to the update) 3- Participated in TennoTrivia and was surprised to rank 15,994. I thought I would do worse. 4- Was in the TennoCon Relay for the entirety of TennoCon Live. I have not received any of the drops. While I did not buy the pass or attend the event for the drops, I certainly feel cheated out of something that everyone rece
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