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  1. Changes are vaguely annoying, the consoles are more distinct and seperated now which is good. Now, fix the scratches on the surface and all will be ok again.
  2. Oi, DE, when the band of dodgy geezers you had reworking my cockpit were done they left it covered in scratches. (I am well awaye that this was done to allow Megan more room for floofs, fair enough). This is very shoddy work. I like a nice, shiny ship so can you only make those scratches appear when the wear slider is set to more than zer0?
  3. What I want to see is my lich cleaning up around the orbiter. The lazy devil never shows up in a fight, so he might as well do something for me.
  4. Now that I've done it I feel qualified to comment. It took me about 8 goes and a read of the forums to get it right. The fight is a pain, the key bit of it for me was keeping my distance so that he throws glass rather than using his sword. I had most of it figured out the first time I tried but that last nugget was the bit that made the fight do-able.
  5. I wouldn't think so, the last, desperate creation of the warframe crafters, ill-matched parts over a barely finished warframe, gilded because even in desperation they're still orokin. A further thought, maybe "Xaku" is low orokin for "Flawed".
  6. I think that's what they call motivation.
  7. I'm sure I made a profit from the regurgitation, I swear I got back a bunch of stuff I didn't feed him.
  8. Cy could have given us a 2 minute tour detailing the different stations and what they do, a brief explanation of the forge, the archwing catapault and main gun and an admonition to fill the payload of your ship before going out would have made the world of difference. What some call "the fun of figuring things out for yourself" I call "blundering around missing key things out and getting frustrated".
  9. Hmm, a picture or a stuffed fish on the wall....given that I am not a gentleman decorating his study I will wait until something decent comes up for R5 reward before ranking up. Another pick from the R4 stuff would have been ok.
  10. I'm hoping for a mostly shiny orokin style shell with hints of infestation underneath that opens to release tendrils, spores, gribbly bits and general horribleness as he levels up. For bonus horror, have the chest open to show something unpleasant wriggling , trying to escape.
  11. I think you have to place the Rells' Donda decoration in your orbiter to stop this happening.
  12. The hotspots in Deimos aren't that hot. I sat at one with three baits in it for about 4 minutes and I got 5 fish, only one of which was rare. Make the hotspots actually hot.
  13. A well played limbo is a joy to play alongside, a bad one is a complete pain. Very rarely do I find a good limbo player. Accordingly I will leave at the end of the defense or survival interval with them.
  14. Hi, my wife and I both have oxylus with the botanist mod and, when we play together, only the hosts' oxylus scans plants, Please fix - my helminth needs a balanced diet.
  15. Happily, we can accumulate hundreds of tokens ahead of time and save the rank-up until something worthwhile is available. Then it will just be a matter of dropping tokens in as and when we want something up to the daily limit. Some things might be a couple of days away but warframe teaches patience really well.
  16. DE, you aren't getting it. In very simple terms "Please give us something meaningful, in-game worthwhile and possibly useful for the Entrati R5 award". Acceptable things include but are not limited to: A saydana, A colour palatte, A weapon blueprint, A blueprint for one of the items in R4, a necramech component blueprint, a Xatu component blueprint etc. Not a fish on the wall or a picture.
  17. That's a really good point I didn't consider.
  18. To stomp around blasting things while saying "Even in death I still serve!" in a badass voice. Now, if they gave us a badass melee weapon for them, a morningstar, mace, axe, hammer, something big and smashy it would be perfect.
  19. Just a heads up for those that don't already know, the only reward for reaching rank 5 with the entrati at the moment is a fish trophy. That is the only vendor item that requires rank 5. I'm planning to wait until there's something worthwhile for hitting rank 5 and get other things like weapons and mutagens.
  20. Ok, given that the sentients can take over technological control systems and that transferrence was only discovered in a chance interaction with warframes and tenno, plus the fact that there is a skull in the pod on the mech I think we're looking at the "Take the head off of someone and stick it in a metal box with guns on so it can drive" situation. No wonder they went crazy.
  21. Vauban with pull infused. Everything joins in the vortex. Rubico prime built to take down wolf (If you're loaded for wolf, you're loaded for anything). Orthos prime, when you absolutely, positively, definitely have to kill everything in a wide radius. Mara Detron. This is my boomstick, my enemy deleter doing nearly 19000 damage per shot.
  22. I think we have a choice, either things come out underpowered and buffed or overpowered and get nerfed. I think underpowered and buffed is the better way to go.
  23. Railjack pursuit and capture of a massive ship, either grinneer galleon or corpus equivalent. It would require a chase down, take out their defensive fighters, disable the engines, board to disable the raildrive so they can't get away, then fight to the bridge to take over or scuttle the ship, then home for tea and medals. Maybe you take over that ship and use it to destroy an installation of some kind, with attendant crewships and fighters either by using its weapons or ramming in to it and teleporting out at the last moment.
  24. I loves my goat-boy, he's like the other warframes parent. Getting rid of statuses, picking people up when they fall down (thanks phoenix renewal), radiating whole areas and getting pissed off and smacking people around. I've also swapped in roar for smite but that seems a bit underwhelming and I might swap it out for something else.
  25. Rubico prime, same as you would use on an eidolon or wolf. Oberon prime with phoenix renewal to keep me + team alive if it takes a long time to get the shot lined up.
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