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  1. It's always same speech veterans players have. It's very difficult to play warframe when you are new, because community doesn't have compaction and comprehensive for new. I play warframe one year and DE stop my progress with connection. DE brake all new players, reputation cap, Nw cap, focus cap, forge timer, potatoes, forma.... Veterans have suffered new players undergo Fist commentary take atlas, don t play radial weapons, subsume your fram. You have 30+ warframe and you can't play with because you don't have all tools kit with one year playing Thanks
  2. Exactly, new primed mod (fulmination and firestorm), glaive explosion radius ect....
  3. Why you want Mercedes, you can drive Dacia,it's same. You can finish all games with Excalibur, braton, why you want prime Wait 400day it's not game, it's just artificial durability
  4. Yes its my game play. I stop game and just wait psf and stock forma. True end game
  5. Yes I no, it's my game play actually
  6. I play warframe since march 2020 and i am obliged to way 400day for this mod. I want run steel path edolon and profit, I really need this mod. This mod it most have for radus attacks weapon... 400day it's to long.
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