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  1. Waou, i have a answer from DE. Thanks for new 30 rank. but i stop NW mission because i don t have reward. you block new player during one month with no compensation, just catch up your miss reward. One mouth no nitain, weapon bluprint, no aura, no cosmetique, juste big frustration.
  2. potatos 75 NW credits = 20pl helmet 35 Nw credits = 75pl it's joke just stop fofo to toxic comunity
  3. or just stop game, and wait next saison or no 325pl for vauban = 4-5 prim access if you are luck = no you can't buy weapon in credit (dark dagger, glaive ect...) it s free to play, no pay to win
  4. it's been a month since I finished. I'm new player and i farm NW for nitain, potatos, auras, weapon, vauban. And i can t buy all because DE cap rank 60.
  5. I've been playing for a year. And DE block me on all content (NW, star plague ect ...). The community is very aggressive towards new players in general. Today my progress in the game is blocked by DE. 200 day for one primed mod it's big joke, 400day min for Sure-Footed it's big joke
  6. as new player. i start game, in febuary and i wait this evant for zaw and exodia. one year is to long, i don t want buy Exodia Contagion 40pl each. it's same probleme with NW.
  7. it's funny, i post same problème and old player trach me. DE want eat buy platinum for potatos noob, you can wait another saison ect... why DE cap NW farm? and you can afk farm in game.... weekly objectif, it's so horfull for new play, trio-édolon, orbis, railjack.... and this objectif block your progression because you recup all week impossible objectif NW shop is to expecive for new player, you want make choise at potatos, aura, nitain, mod, cosmectic and weapon.
  8. hi, repeatable bounty of deamos loot no reaward after turn 6
  9. i leave when i see limbo cancer. full strech, in extermination relic mission..... or you can't active console, in mobil defence ect...
  10. lol 3 umbra forma+3 forma? you have one umbra forma per year. Xatu playable in 3years yes... many spell of xatu what to many stat, duration, power and strech. it's a big mistake, we are obligated to play balanced. Good for everything, good for nothing Many fram have good build with 2-3 forma
  11. why set daily and weekly objectives, if it is to have the same rewards as a player who does not really do the NW. how long can't buy anything at the store?
  12. I just want play. the old players always spit on the new players. Thanks
  13. I play every week and I do the NW, but I am not allowed to buy what I want in the store because I play too much and the game tells me to stop its just going to do something else. And the old player gives me their exel to tell me that I am a noob that I should have bought this or that instead of selling on warframe market it's not logical, I'll have to wait how long to be able to have fun and buy what I want in the store. The game is F2P not pay to win
  14. Your are pro-gamer gg. I buy nitain, 3-4 potatos and weapon for upgrade my rank (not all), 3-4 mod aura, that all. I didn't know there was max rank it's 60. All week you have NW objectif for token why cap it?
  15. hello, I farmed the night waves from the beginning. I reached rank 60 after the last award. The problem is that now, I can no longer earn tokens to buy the many mods, weapons and nitain extracts. I am a new player and game stop in my progress especially since there is no other way to get object of the game until the next night wave season.
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