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  1. Moment I saw Grendel's abilities kinda felt like he be another gimmicky frame with a poor scaling kit and after leveling and testing him against lvl 60 heavy gunners wich is a low test field for my usual build testing I feel like I hit the nail on the head. Both these quotes sums up basically exactly what I feel like is holding Grendel back and what needs to be changed/improved to make him a good frame. I understand certain frames have certain uses but I feel like Grendel is just a kinda joke frame atm with no purpose or good role in any mission or squad. Like most have said Feast is an energy draining machine making it hard to hold enemies long enough to use in most situations and making build diversity non existent as you need a lot of mods just to maintain/hold enough energy to use this skill. The range on consumption is nice but like @SquirmyBurrito said it would be best to combine this with nourish as it seems wasteful to have these powers so spread out and needs HP regen I'm surprised this wasn't one of the first things added to the skill it reminds me of when Limbo had 2 skills just to banish him and then others into the rift should be combined with Nourish for more fluidity and to have another more useful skill. Nourish like i said should be combined and like @SquirmyBurrito said we should be able to hold down to cast all the buffs at once for more energy cost. As for a new skill maybe something of a buff JUST for Grendel that can change his toxin damage to it's combined elemental versions like viral corrosive etc.. Regurgitate like @Mardomus said is super weak and has no aoe. The new skill can buff/change the base toxin damage Grendel has into gas or corrosive or make the toxin ticks do true damage or more damage as it is it/s very Meh and like @SquirmyBurrito said should just be the way to get rid of enemies to save energy no reason to have 2 abilities do the same thing but both somehow are still not very useful except to clear up your stomach. Pulverize controls are really bad and it's too easy to just bounce off everything. And like @Mardomus said impact is generally useless against most/higher level mobs. And since the energy cost is so high with Feast it's not really possible to get the bigger ball rolling.Using Nourish in combined with the new skill to maybe buff/change the toxin damage to other/stronger toxin damage combinations should affect Pulverize with more damage and an aoe around it. The slam should do an aoe of whatever damage you changed your toxin to like a big gas explosion or viral or corrosive all extremely useful against any enemy. And the armor strip again is kinda pointless for Feast as a last point since I would think you'd want to keep them in your belly to be used for other skills. It be weird to think you want us to eat enemies just to strip armor VERY slowly and then vomit them back up just to kill them when a lot of other abilities do armor strip so much better and faster with better overall kits. I really don't want to have another frame sit on the shelf because it SOUNDS cool and fun on paper but in execution is just very gimmicky and generally a bad feeling frame to use with not a place in even mid level (30-40) missions. Hope this all made sense and didn't end up too ranty or pointless.
  2. Remove these dupe comments if possible posting on a terrible mobile
  3. After playing around with both new kits I'm liking embers new set up, except fireball. The charging just feels awkward I feel like whatever the charge stats are should be default if we're to use the combo feature at all really. Would like a custom animation for her immolation since atm it's just khoras kavat skill animation. Vauban again all around massive improvements but I feel like the puncture grenade is just a worse Tesla at this point and the launch pad is gimmicky at best. Would prefer maybe more support since he has cc for days. Maybe something to help with his survivability like others say. Maybe a leeching turret you can use in conjunction with his grouping skills to leech health from enemies. Could have it give health based on how many statuses are in the enemies as well. And if we have to have some sort of damaging mine can we get like a slash based one ? Something akin to those used in Dishonored where they just kinda whip blades around in a good aoe stacking loads of bleed procs. I would ever take a stationary saw blade that you can place in grouped up enemies or choke points. The Bastille armor strip is very nice I just don't want to have to do the whole set up to be able to do damage to enemies.
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