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  1. I wish titania would get an augement for her tribute, which allows to activate all 4 buffs with one cast, like fused reservoir for wisp
  2. passive: is only useful with particular weapons. You can only use Secondary weapons. The crit. bonus favors only crit. Weapons. The necessary movement requirement to activate the passive is annoying if you want to play with precision weapons. The Kompressa has the wrong crit values to be called yareli's signature weapon Sea snares probably yareli's best ability. Can not complain much about the bubbles. I think that ability is fine. Merulina an incredible weak nezha halo. That ability has more drawbacks than benefits, which makes yareli weaker not stronger. The lack of Primary and melee weapons is devastating. The maneuverability in normal tilesets is terrible. In my opinion yareli needs the 75% dmg Redirection if she is not on merulina. On merulina a xaku/Mirage like dodgebonus would be better. Aquablades The inability to mod the range of the aquablades makes that abilities boring. Riptide It reminds me of the old zephyr tornadoes. The base range could be wider.
  3. Can someone pls explain why galva. Crosshair and secondary deadhead doesn’t work with the athodai? I am feeling duped.
  4. Yeah, but who cares how strong or useful the OP's arcanes are if you have no space to equip them, because there exist better and more useful arcanes.
  5. True, but why is nobody using already that arcanes in their warframes. Ah i know, because they suck like the new gun arcanes
  6. They should nerf grineer armor. In my opinion it is a disgrace that we need more time to kill grineers than corpus or infested with the same anti-armor setup ( corrosion/viral+slash) Steel path has only aggravated that problem. The effective Health point increase for corpus and infested are 250%. For grineer the eHP increase is 500%-625%. That is ridiculous and breaks the balance between the factions.
  7. I play on console and i have never experienced that bug. On the contrary it works very steady. So It seems that problem is an inputbug, because something between your mouse and the the game does not communicate well.
  8. Sounds to me like a hardware bug from your mouse. Tried a different one?
  9. I would prefer if DE would merge finishers with mercy kills. It is confusing to have two kill animations with different requirements
  10. No you are right bottom is 27% exactly what i have written. But with the Berserker nerf gladiator vice is now a good alternative. Yeah melee was nerfed but melee modding has become far more interesting
  11. You remember wrong. 60% red crits means your weapon achieves a 260% crit. chance. Sacrificial Steel alone never achieves that, because in that case the weapon must have a base crit. Chance of 48%. With 60%BR every weapon above 26% base crit. Chance could achieve red crits. The smeeta kavat crit buff was always a debuff for cc>26%-weapons
  12. So as i. But now imagine it. You don't need unlockers for the arcane slot and you can equip arcane rage & precision on your guns.
  13. When the first people complain that they want use platinum for the unlockers, De will allow it. Prime example: Necramech & railjack.
  14. ... pls read the whole post. I think i have written something about the arcane unlockers and formas not about the mods and arcanes itself.
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