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  1. If you don't automate physically-uncomfortable keystroke sequences, you are giving yourself arthritis and carpal tunnel, full stop. Conservative automation & macro use is a matter of health and wellness. That being said, you don't need software to do it. Programmable gaming keyboards & mice exist. The hardware solution is by far the best - and the least objectionable.
  2. That''s actually the point - by pushing the effect of low-disposition rivens well into the territory of uselessness, it would be dumb to run any riven, no matter how good, on a strong low-disposition weapon. If you have a Rubico riven, you'd better put it on a non-prime Rubico. And if you end up unveiling a riven for a strong weapon like the Acceltra or Catchmoon...well, you got screwed by the RNG. Which is nothing new, or unique, or special, or even statistically noteworthy. Par for the course, really. Inversely, every MR fodder weapon needs to be endgame-capable, when equipped with a decent to good riven.
  3. I think the disparity between high and low disposition rivens needs to be greater. A Rubico Prime user shouldn't be able to justify wasting a mod slot on the disappointing stats of a Rubico riven. Inversely, a Braton or a Lato with a riven should instantly be a great choice as an eidolon-buster. With rivens no longer able to usefully amplify the stats of prime weapons, the devs could actually do a prime weapon rebalance, to put every prime firmly in endgame contention. And of course, the challenge to prime weapon dominance would be non-prime weapons with rivens. Sure, people who spent a fortune chasing prime weapons and god-tier rivens may be salty about it - but they knew exactly what they were getting into. They knew the risk of future nerfs, and they chased the OP stuff anyway.
  4. I have no doubt that these abilities I never use do indeed have value to someone - they just don't have value to me. The whole point of Helminth is to customize your frames to your specific playstyle. Heck, I regard most frames as gimmicky MR fodder that are not fun to play at all. But that's why we have different frames, for different people and different playstyles.
  5. I propose that the Helminth segment in the orbiter should be able to infuse & replace two abilities on a warframe, instead of just one. However, the second ability infused cannot be a subsumed ability. For the second infusion, the player would be limited only to Helminth-specific abilities (Empower, Energized munitions, Expedite Suffering, Infested Mobility, Marked for Death, Master's Summons, Perspicacity, and Rebuild Shields). You know, for balance...or whatever. Some players (namely, myself) only end up using one or two abilities on a warframe, because the other abilities just are not that interesting or useful, and do not synergize well with individual playstyle. On Loki, I never use decoy or switch teleport. Ever. I have never found them useful. Thanks to Helminth, I can replace Decoy with Volt's Shock, but that still does nothing to make switch-teleport usable to me. If I could also replace switch teleport with something else, that would be awesome. Infested mobility would be useful for extra speed, or perspicacity to trivialize all hacking, or even just Energized Munitions to extend a weapon's magazine. Any of these would be better than switch teleport! My ability-3 key is currently unused on Loki. Oberon has the same problem: Two abilities I never see fit to use. Smite is visually unappealing, and reckoning never feels like a worthwhile expenditure of energy. I can replace Smite with Shock, but what about Reckoning? Even Perspicacity or Rebuild Shields would be better than that! Ash has the same issue going on as well: I never use Shuriken or Teleport. Shock replaces Shuriken nicely, but why would I ever bother pressing the ability-3 button when void dash utility exists on every frame & costs no energy? Ash's #2 also grants invisibility, and did you know it's really easy to sneak up on AI opponents when you're invisible? The Helminth system could be doing a better job of customizing warframes to individual playstyles. Hell, I'm so picky about gameplay, I only find 4 out of 46 warframes tolerable enough to actually play.
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