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  1. The Ferrox even generates a black-hole-style effect with its secondary fire, doesn't it? That could slurp up an entire school of fish in one shot! That would definitely violate some fish and game ordinance. (so bring Loki & do it while invisible!) For that matter, how about some strong CC secondaries? I'd like an Amprex pistol for stunning an entire platoon with electric procs. I don't need it to do any damage, I'm just going to swap to an Opticor for those explosively glorious BFG-laser killshots. (Speed Holster forever!)
  2. It seems that a lot of the recently-released weapons have bizarre mechanics tacked on to them, just to make them feel 'different'. The Nagantaka has punchthrough but only when Garuda carries it? The Acceltra reloads faster when you're running? The Battacor has a secondary fire that charges up when you kill stuff? And the Komorex is so weird, I wouldn't build it even if I had the materials. DE isn't 'out' of weapon concepts. There are a ton of good ones left un-implemented: Where are the grenades? I'd like to have grenades as a secondary weapon. The Corpus and Grineer even toss traditio
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