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  1. Spoiler mode and new players

    Matchmaking filter: group scrubs according to the quests they have completed. Problem solved.
  2. making mining great

    @ZBanx it's like yo dawg I herd you like games. Well then, lets implement same collecting mechanics for ferrite, nanospores and other stuff
  3. If DE wanted difficulty and end-game separating players by gear/skill/whatever, they would have implemented it long time ago. There are reasons your list exists in the game, it's designed to be that way.
  4. making mining great

    Why can't we simply have breakable ore deposits like we do with other resources? :V
  5. Гема, и её прожорливость

    Количество не уменьшат, это будет "непочтительно" относительно тех, кто уже нафармил. Такова позиция DE.
  6. Kick/Unreward AFK Players

    I'd say there's no need to develop any sophisticated anti-afk timers. Implement votekick. Naturally, some people will abuse it. However the odds of running into 3 people plotting to kick you for fun are significantly lower than running into a lonely player who afks just because there's nothing you can do about it.
  7. I am fine with that gender fluid gibbon running off with the creepy lotus milf, I was so hyped there will be no more "it's the grineer" captain obvious messages anymore... and then there's this purple simulation... Noooo @_@
  8. Venus Open World vs Plains of Eidolon

    I would enjoy open world without host migration, but that's not going to happen.
  9. Предложение по равнинам

    Давайте с наступлением ночи включать огонь по своим при разнице в 10 рангов. Типа если ты альфа самец 25 ранга, то 15-х и ниже можешь пострелять с рогатки, канешн при этом они по тебе стрелять не могут :D
  10. I Farm kuva everyday.

    I cri everytiem I read a post in this thread :(
  11. Some Tenno reported nasty carpet burns because of constant slide attacking, it's for the greater good.
  12. Would you guys play the new raid/s?

    By seasoned players just because they were bored. True new and inexperienced players were efficiently locked out of that content by the frowning elite. GO WATCH A VID HOW TO RAID U NUB!!1one Now with eidolon everything is piss easy: a nub goes pug as usual and learns how to kill it by observing squadmates. Not even communication is required. So in terms of user friendliness PoE dwarfed the raids. Logically DE noticed the better performance of this model and removed the raid trash. Because: * public group + recruit is better than recruit only; * less loading screens compared to raids; * intuitive, can learn by observation; * soloable, need no one to check out the eidolon and try to kill it; * more room for improvisation; * more rewarding; * replayable without daily caps. What about raids? I RUN RAIDS IN LESS THAN %MINUTES%!!11 Well, if you like speed competition, you can do even that on PoE: Tridolons per night. PoE literally buried raids. And hail to that, let's dance on their grave then.
  13. Would you guys play the new raid/s?

    Don't compare eidolon hunts to raids: literally anyone can go pug and kill a Teralyst. I pug often and often see MR0-2 players who are like WTF IS IT, but they get carried and taught by seasoned players. You'd rarely see that in raids, unless low MR is some sort of twink used by some nerd to circumvent daily raid reward limit. Because OMG I CHECKED WF.CHRISTX AND YOU HAVE 0 RAIDS DONE U NOOB PLZ LEAVE THX
  14. Would you guys play the new raid/s?

    Let raids rot. They were more boring than regular missions, encouraged sick elitism and toxicity. U DON'T HAVE %FRAME% LEAVE!!!111oneone MR9000+ XP PRO ELITE CP ONLY!!1one