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  1. It is a legit strategy. If you think you are too important or too lazy to do the job — you can go public and be carried. It doesn't mean you can't play the mission, you can be competent enough to solo it or even carry 3 other strangers. It's just one of the options you have to get the sortie reward.
  2. I would disagree. Any noob (whatever your definition of that word is) can enter a public match, die, choose not to resurrect and still receive the sortie reward, since the AFK timer does not apply to sortie rewards table. So all you really need to do is to enter public matches till you run into a squad that will carry your dead body to the reward.
  3. A war is a state of armed conflict between societies and Tenno do not constitute a society, they are just an armed bunch of kids lead by an old terra-forming drone. Basically we are a gang or a terrorist group and we act accordingly: sabotages, terror attacks, kidnappings, etc.
  4. You overexaggerate. Oberon is viable for most of what the game can throw at you, including sorties and non-endless missions. Indeed, he doesn't have infinitely scaling damage as EV Trin, but he still has some mass CC nlike her.
  5. У меня тоже разрыв бездны от реликтов.
  6. Судя по тому, как долго они его искали, претендентов не густо было :D
  7. You can cheese Cerberus with Limbo like I did: Stasis renders Ambulas incapable of fighting back, so if you have a good melee and are good at hitting his glowing parts, you can easily do 240. He has fixed time spawns and you can spawn several per single Interception wave. I extracted with 150+ beacons because I had Galantine with Cleaving Whirlwind and couldn't land accurate hits to destroy his armor.
  8. Как по мне, челы молодцы и свое место заслужили. Кто успел тот и съел.
  9. I think it was designed not to be challenging, to attract more players. The less skill-spec it is, the more players can play it and spend money on it, just to show their friends the "2EZ" videos of how they pwn enemies that often can't even fight back.
  10. That looks more like constipation walk lol
  11. That's hilarious. You have a profanity filter not to see how people swear, so you switch it off to see how people swear, get offended and want them to be banned? That's just silly.
  12. And yet for that involuntary dependency to work we'd have to assume Suda has no neutral/loyal Tenno willing to help.
  13. Those are hilarious: Grineer: hey Tenno, we need several hundreds of Corpi killed. Tenno: let's discuss the price first. Grineer: we have this shiny sheev hilt right here. Tenno: OH BOI WHOLE HILT! *goes on a killing spree* I bet we could be killing for bottle caps.
  14. What does it have to do with my belief system? Actions need to have consequences, the whole "I kill you! — thank you — I kill you!" is poorly thought out. Imagine Tenno asking Hunhow for assistance in a situation where their lives depend on it. Not plausible at all. There should be alternative: a quest from another syndicate or an option to get your hands on the reward without fulfilling the contract, so they hate you even more. That'd be immersive.
  15. Yea, it should totally make you start mission with a random frame, random weapons and random mods equipped as well as 2 random nightmare modifiers+friendly fire.