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  1. SeaUrchins

    The Maniac Gara Hydron Nuker (XP/Focus Farming)

    I don't think it's the case, it appears I did not have a melee with me at all when I tried the build, but you haven't mentioned it in your original post
  2. SeaUrchins

    The Maniac Gara Hydron Nuker (XP/Focus Farming)

    No, that's like 4AM where I currently reside lmao I just stood in the middle of the map smashing 4, 95% damage. From here we can either agree to disagree (maybe I am not using Gara right or maybe your knowledge of classic Bere/Hydro dps is lacking), or agree on conditions which are to be fulfilled during the test runs (i.e. what other squad members bring and how they behave), run them separately, record the runs and compare. You choose.
  3. SeaUrchins

    The Maniac Gara Hydron Nuker (XP/Focus Farming)

    8:25 in a public match with 3 random folks on Mag. That's again better than 10.
  4. SeaUrchins

    The Maniac Gara Hydron Nuker (XP/Focus Farming)

    Because you do not mention your build relies on particular squad to give the results you claim it can produce. Therefore it should be no problem for it to perform 10 waves in solo. I suggested doing couple of runs together with same squad to compare results, yet you chose not to notice/ignore it.
  5. SeaUrchins

    The Maniac Gara Hydron Nuker (XP/Focus Farming)

    Go ahead, produce a video of Gara soloing 10 Hydron waves in 10 minutes and I will show Ember's with 7. Sounds fair, doesn't it? Yes, I personally did it in 7 minutes twice with two different setups.
  6. I cri everytiem I see people farming wisps by re-entering Pains of Eidolon every few minutes, DE should make those re-spawn. This cat+booster+hop to cetus and repeat is horrible.
  7. Включить можно все. Смысла зацикливаться нет.
  8. I've seen similar tactics used by a guy named @CobaltRat half a year ago or so, but he had hikou with concealed explosives and was taking damage. It was interesting to watch.
  9. SeaUrchins

    The Maniac Gara Hydron Nuker (XP/Focus Farming)

    With two times platform moving up and down it take Ember roughly 7 minutes to finish 10 waves in solo. And Ember is merely a cripple compared to the meta Hydron dps frames. 7 minutes for Ember vs 10 of Gara.
  10. SeaUrchins

    How are 'leechers' an issue?

    Where have you been all this time? Plz free to invite me to your tridolon runs and sorties, because I am too lazy to do them myself. You get the fun, I get rewards, it's win-win. Also you could farm me some kuva, I'm very willing to leech, plz.
  11. SeaUrchins

    Rivens need something changed

    Keep the market free. If someone is willing to give tons of platinum for a riven, the more it stimulates kuva farmers, it's good for the grind and players who don't buy plat for real money. As a player without extra plat to buy rivens or desire to grind kuva to gamble, I don't have anything against high prices or low drop chances. Don't feel like being a party pooper and spoiling someone's source of income.
  12. SeaUrchins

    Jon Prodman

    All the people I know made it...
  13. SeaUrchins

    Stop being annoying in sorties defense

    Whoa, my griefing techniques are totally outdated.
  14. SeaUrchins


    Votekick them by unplugging network cable in rage. Works only for the host.
  15. SeaUrchins

    We need a kick feature

    I along with other players aborted 4 times in sortie def because in every squad I had 1 person hiding in a remote room with 0 damage. Someone sees a leech, tells the squad and aborts not to carry them. You stay outnumbered with a leech and have to quit too. That's reality.