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  1. I feel like you haven't played railjack to understand how almost everything you just said is invalid, gunner controls are quite good and are a half sphere turn radius for the mech just make it a full sphere, also it doesn't require coordination as 1 guy has full movement control though i don't blame you railjack didn't age well, but i don't think that the time spent developing railjack should be forgotten either and it's obvious we all prefer the ground so ground railjack might be better i mean that's what warframes are to archwings. Also open worlds exist just increase the nechramechs size ab
  2. Power rangers may be similar but not the same and railjack was a 4 player vehicle that only flopped because it's archwing 2.0 and was unfished it doesn't need coordination that much primarily a fun experience and a power boost is what i was going for, remember that 1 person controls movement meaning the fight would be more linear.
  3. Tbh we pretty much know duviri is open world 4.0 and it isn't this idea would still fit, I think with duviri corrupted vor should become stronger and bigger than before making normal attacks ineffective, to combat this the tenno come up with the idea to combine transference into 1 powerful fusion nechramech. 1 person would get control of movement all others would become gunners the gunners would get access to a combination of their archgun and the hosts archgun (all stats including the stats of the nechramech and the archgun get added and multipled by 0.75x for 2 people o.625 for 3 and 0.5 for
  4. Just checked the wiki and now i am just sad as the ability doesn't even do 25% damage at base, it is possible if you can reach 800% strength but the UI is straight up lying. The UI needs to be changed at the least. Also i was fully aware that viral helped remedy the problem but i just wanted to see if it was possible considering 25 x 4 = 100. This was a waste of hours, 50p and an umbral forma so i hope this gets fixed, i shouldn't need the wiki when i think of a fun build so either buff trin or correct the ability screen to say 22.75% with diminished scaling. .
  5. Ok so i put 6 formas on my trin in order to acheive 400% power strength (using energy conversion and growing power) but it turns out the true damage listed (damage that bypasses defense) is incorrect and that when it displays 81% power strength it actually does more like 60% i have made a clip of this happening on my xbox profile (ZandaPanda2 - it is my most recent clip) i am not sure if i am missing something here but true damage should be able to reach a point where it 1 shots, this also seems to affect ancient disruptors even less than any other enemy. Also wasn't sure wheer to put this pos
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