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  1. I'm not arguing with you, I'm correcting you. That typically happens when you put out incomplete/incorrect information.
  2. For all we know, Tenet Tetra may not be nerfed/fixed, as the 0% falloff might be intentional. The same applies for Tenet Flux Rifle with its weird automatic rifle conversion that allows for the use of multishot. Both are good buffs and might be intended, but are such weird buffs that they look like bugs. It'd be nice if DE would let us know whether or not these are intended though.
  3. Galvacord could also use a variant, although it doesn't seem like they're going to make Kuva/Tenet melee weapons that aren't unique. I was anxiously waiting for a Tenet Convectrix, but I was disappointed :( There are variants of other corpus weapons, I was just pointing out that 3 of the 5 weapons that the user was asking for variants of already have variants.
  4. I don't think you understand how percentages work. If there's only one item in a drop pool, you are either guaranteed to get it, or you have the remaining chance of getting nothing. So if an item is the only thing in a drop pool, but it has a 10% drop chance, there's a 90% chance you'll get nothing. On the contrary, if there's a confirmed drop every 5 minutes, with only one thing in the drop pool, you will get that item 100% of the time. In the first example, you still have a 10% chance, and in the second you have a 100% chance, so your conclusion doesn't make sense. As for your second example, I'm not sure if you described it wrong, but 37.5% (3) equals 112.5% (what happens that extra 12.5% of the time?). The items in the void storm pool don't have the same drop chance as the holokeys. The drops are 37.5% +12.5%+10% (3)+2.5% (8) =100%. The only thing that changes across proximas is one of the 2.5% drops doesn't exist, so the resource drop goes from 2.5% to 5%, but it still adds up to 100%. Your conclusion that you have a lower chance of getting holokeys out of the whole pool is right, since 37.5% still leaves a 62.5% chance to not get what you want, but your explanation of it isn't accurate at all.
  5. Dera Vandal, Secura Dual Cestras, Opticor Vandal.
  6. I think goat sacrifices work equally as well, provided you can sacrifice several to match the value, in which case I'll start building several Oberons right away!
  7. My top 5 picks are: Kuva Brakk Kompressa Zakti Prime Gaze Twin Kohmak I'm also very interested in Tenet Spirex, but I haven't used it enough to really make a decision on it.
  8. Shhh!! don't let them catch wind of this!
  9. I like the concept, it's like a step up from augments, and that's pretty awesome, but some abilities were removed from the game for a good reason. World on Fire was only useful in low level content, and it made the game unfun for everyone involved (Ember just ran around and things died passively). There's not really a way to make World on Fire both good and fun while also being World on Fire. I do agree that having Vauban's old grenades would be a nice alternative, provided they got a few buffs. Also, I think working on these small abilities might be seen by the community (and even by DE) as a low effort fix to some of the weaker frames that need full kit changes. In a perfect world this is a great idea, but if DE is going to make adjustments to frames, it should be along the lines of actually tweaking the frame's entire kit where adjustments are needed, as that would be an efficient use of dev time.
  10. Adding more damage doesn't solve the issues Yareli has, it just masks those issues with the false impression that "muh damage" makes a frame good (which is a problem some current frames have). Yareli's issues (in my opinion) are as follows: Sea Snares: Takes several casts to reliably crowd control enemies and has a cap of 15 enemies. Merulina: K-Drive feels very clunky and awkward in normal missions. Merulina disables enemy radar and vacuum while also restricting a player to only use their secondary. Aqua Blades: Very short range. Riptide: Mediocre grouping capabilities compared to abilities with fractions of the energy cost. Here's what I'd do: Sea Snares: On hitting an enemy, the Sea Snare will trap all enemies in a 3m radius (scales with range) Merulina: No longer disables enemy radar and vacuum. Allow the use of Primary weapons by swapping weapons. (Some sort of adjustment to make Merulina less clunky) Aqua Blades: Blades will attach to enemies hit, continuing to spin and deal damage for 1/2 of the remaining duration. Allow Aqua Blades to be recast while active. Riptide: Cyclone has a duration, pulling in enemies for 8s before exploding (scales with duration). Yareli can activate the ability again to detonate the Cyclone early.
  11. You've never been one of the squad mates of these frames if you think they were fun.
  12. I think a lot of Warframe's community issues come from toxic content creators. Warframe doesn't have a lot of entertainment value compared to other games, so the most popular videos are drama from entitled players (If you know them, you know them) who don't actually care about enjoying the game because their standards are impossible. People then absorb those toxic and poorly thought out opinions without really interrogating them, and they regurgitate them elsewhere. Now, thankfully those players quarantine themselves in the forums instead of actually playing the game they allegedly "love and only want to see get better". If you actually play the game, the community is really nice and helpful, while the worst you'll see are the efficiency brats and whatever you call the people in region chat. I'm definitely ranting. The short of it is that the Warframe community is mostly fine, we just have a minority of loud and whiny people on the outside who make the community look bad.
  13. Their opinion isn't relevant, yes. The problem is that you don't know whether or not these people are affected by the issue, and are instead assuming that their must be a portion of people who agree with them that are simply here to listen to people whine. Likewise, someone on my side of things could assume that there are people who like the OP, who aren't affected, but simply wanna hate on DE because they contracted an opinion from a YouTuber. Both would be dishonest, and both are just engaging in a pointless popularity contest, when popularity doesn't support whether or not retroactive xp is a good idea. You could even prove that a user is the only person with an opinion, but that doesn't invalidate their opinion, because the majority is also vulnerable to believing in stupid ideas.
  14. You can't just say whose opinion is valid and whose isn't. You ascribing your self-made malicious intent to these people doesn't mean their opinion is generally invalid, because your opinion =/= popular opinion.
  15. But that's just an assumption based on your own opinion. There are some people that agree with you, but based on what's been posted here, the general attitude is "who cares". I'm a player who subsumed 44 frames before this update (couldn't be bothered with Hydroid and Saryn), and my opinion was "meh, I'll get it when I get it". I am affected by this, as many of those frames were subsumed with 0 xp gains, but I don't really care because I don't feel like DE owes me anything, and I know I can just level up Helminth passively while I get the other shiny new things from this same update.
  16. I think you're really exaggerating how many people are in opposition. While I haven't counted each individual user and added them to a group based on their opinion, it's pretty fair to say that quite a substantial amount of the people who commented here aren't bothered by DE's decision, and a few even enjoy having something to do. you can't argue that the overwhelming majority is against someone when the overwhelming majority isn't against them.
  17. I'm definitely in favor of them dropping holokeys. Doing an activity that's mostly unrelated to Sisters to get Sister weapons is just strange. That's not to say that Void Storms shouldn't drop them anymore, but an addition to Sisters to make the grind less tedious would be nice.
  18. Here are several reasons why they did this: 1. Tenet Tetra is a very powerful weapon, and having balancing factors allows these sorts of weapons to exist. 2. Ammo mutation is an underused mechanic, mainly because ammo is abundant. A weapon with poor ammo economy allows the mechanic to be used more (See Kohm for another example). 3. You aren't supposed to ONLY use the alt fire. That's why it's an alt fire, and not a primary fire. 4. You can solve this with one mod, and it doesn't even need to be on your Tenet Tetra (Ammo Case and Rifle Scavenger). 5. The single mod you can solve this issue with can be put in the exilus slot. 6. The developer(s) who came up with this weapon's design wanted to piss of fragile complainers on the forums. They're feasting on your anger right now.
  19. There's also Mesa and Inaros in their individual quests. Technically, you could make the argument that specters count, so we interact with every frame, but that feels cheap to me.
  20. Convectrix is a similar case where you can stack an absurd amount of status. I think with a ton of status duration from my Lavos, I was able to reach 1200 slash and heat procs before they started expiring (obviously nothing survives that, so this was a simulacrum test). What I'll probably do with Flux is get a Magnetic version, build Viral/Heat, then throw on Toxin and Corrosive from Saryn's buffs, then infuse Smite on her for the Radiation buff. While this is meant to be a meme to try to collect all the elements, I have a feeling it'll actually perform well in content, especially with Galvanized Savvy.
  21. Everything you are asking for already exists, you just haven't unlocked it yet. His*
  22. If a weapon is barely usable in base starchart, more often than not, that's your fault. Even a Stug can clear star chart easily, and that weapon is horrible. If you put the right mods on Flux Rifle or its variant, you'll do just fine. You actually will crit, especially if you mod for it, because they doubled the critical chance. You don't know what quality of life means. Compare punch through to something like increased accuracy or silenced shots and you can see the difference quite clearly.
  23. This isn't anything new. All new weapons release with a minimum riven disposition to prevent any absurdly good weapons that make rivens skyrocket in price. Tenet Flux will probably be buffed in a month or two, just like every other newly released weapon that doesn't get a ton of use. Tenet Flux also has double the normal variant's critical chance (20% vs 10%). The removed punch through is probably an oversight, so expect that to be fixed in time. The exilus slot is not an extra mod slot, it's reserved for mods that provide very niche or QoL effects that do not assist in combat in any meaningful way. There are exceptions to this rule, such as Power Drift, which has caused people to forget the rule is there. Punch through allows you to hit multiple enemies, which assists you in combat in a meaningful way, so it is not an exilus mod.
  24. Ok that's not a bug, it's working as intended and probably a good reason to put Grace on her.
  25. Does it heal the board or Yareli? If it's Yareli, that's Grace working as intended, since Yareli is only getting damage reduction, not immunity.
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