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  1. In a fictional story, anything makes sense if the writer says it does. By writing fiction, you get to decide the rules of the world you create to accommodate the other fictional things you make. Most writers write their fiction to be closer to reality because it's easier for the reader to understand, but "closer to reality" doesn't mean that it is reality, otherwise the fictional things wouldn't "make sense in its story". So for JK Rowling, Harry Potter is set on Earth, Hogwarts is still a school setting, and human/muggle society is very similar to our own, but this very clearly isn't reality because magic exists in that fictional universe, so if JK Rowling wants to change things, we can't honestly say that that was the piece that caused the story to stop making sense, because we already swallowed the other nonsense before that. This is just a long way of saying that in fiction, things don't need to make sense. Now there's a whole other discussion about whether retcons or certain fictional elements are good for a story (and that's a case by case basis), but in this case, it is a skin for a character so we really can't call it consequential. The reasoning is exactly the same though. DE is making something that doesn't blend into the rest of the story's fictional universe because they wanted to. Your willingness to accept one but complain about the other isn't justified. At the very least complain about the candy cane scythe, because then we can just say you're no fun at parties and call it a day.
  2. JK Rowling has the right to change her fictional story, just as DE has the right to change theirs. Keep in mind this is a game about children receiving superpowers from another dimension and using them to control robot ninjas (that aren't always ninjas but that's a different topic). The story in general doesn't make sense, but you choose to have a problem with an optional skin for a character? So you are fine explaining away a candy cane scythe, but not the Revenant skin? You could easily say the Orokin made this alternative look for the Revenant (or whatever he was called before the eidolon stuff) Warframe because they appreciated looks and felt like doing that.
  3. Considering the lore is made by the people releasing the skin, anything they allow is allowed. Do you feel like telling the writers how the story is supposed to be written?
  4. I think you forgot to mention your reasoning for excluding Valkyr. I can imagine she's not fit for rule, but I'd be interested in knowing why.
  5. While I probably would not have come to the same conclusion (I would have discounted Trinity as more of a temple healer), I think the analysis was well thought out and very admirable. Well done and hail to the queen!
  6. C'mon guys. Broken left sticks are more a sign of time played than your Mastery Rank. So what if this game makes me buy a new controller every so often? That's definitely not a problem :)
  7. I used to think he was alright, but taking into account how bland his content is, combined with learning how he treats people in his comment section, has really made me personally dislike him.
  8. I would prefer that, as you'd be less likely to make incorrect statements about X, followed by "I have not misunderstood what X is". If you even took 20 minutes before making the original thread, we wouldn't be here. Honestly, I didn't read your idea for a Revenant Prime, and that's not what I was talking about. Your Revenant Prime might be totally fine, I wouldn't know, nor was I talking about it. I was pointing out that you didn't know what a Prime was, got corrected, edited your post, then didn't acknowledge that you were wrong.
  9. Just want to point out the sneaky edit. You originally said "Primes are upgraded versions of an original warframe". Usually when you change the content of what you say, you acknowledge that you were incorrect before amending your statement.
  10. Yes, but you forgot one thing: "Why try to maintain coherence within the story of the game when it's not your story and you have no control over the creative direction the game decides to take". fixed.
  11. According to my argument, complaining for the sake of complaining is a mistake, and you could label certain pieces of player feedback as "complaining for the sake of complaining". This doesn't mean all feedback is a mistake, but the feedback that is just angry rambling (like this one) is certainly a waste of time.
  12. Primes are upgrades in game, but lore-wise they're not upgrades of the originals, they ARE the originals, and the non-primes we have are replicants.
  13. This is a skin for a character in a video game, not the next dictatorship. Some people think the skin sucks, like myself, but complaining for the sake of complaining just makes you a contrarian, which is just as bad as being a conformist.
  14. You're a bit late. They've already made skins that don't have anything to do with frame's themes. If it makes you feel better, you can say this deluxe fits his theme because it's vampiric/devilish, and that can relate to Revenant being an eidolon Warframe through the theme of being corrupted or losing innocence. Regardless, you acknowledge yourself that you won't get anywhere with this post, so why frame it this way and not something like "Does the community think Warframe deluxe skins should relate to the frame's theme"? You'd at least start an actual conversation instead of coming off as "I hate this skin! DE should have done this skin instead!"
  15. If you've come to the logical conclusion, why does this post even exist? I agree the concept art you linked looks way cooler, but they're probably already done with this one, so do you actually think they'll drop this because of the revelation that it doesn't fit his theme?
  16. Crit weapon in the sense that it doesn't depend on additive boosts to reliably crit.
  17. The Cycron mechanic is really boring, but at least it'll serve as a critical alternative to Kuva Nukor, and I'm glad they didn't allow it to link to 4 targets, which is something people were (jokingly) predicting. Really wish they did something unique for it though. Detron getting the mag dump is nice, and probably works more for a shotgun than it does for the other weapons with this mechanic. If we see one weapon with a unique feature, I'll be happy, but the weapons still all look sufficient if they're just upgrades with a few repeat effects.
  18. Accuse and Deny don't have an effect that you'd want to maintain, so keeping them alive isn't important. Accuse is used to pacify a group of enemies, and Deny is used to remove anything it hits, whether that be through the high damage or the basically permanent cc. If those enemies die, you don't need the effects provided. On the other hand, Gaze uses one enemy to weaken everyone around them, so there is a reason you'd want that specific enemy to not die. Also, in the case of Accuse, it'd be very annoying if Xaku could make a large group of enemies invulnerable. There's already the occasional annoyance with Nyx Mind Control or Nidus Parasitic Link making a mission take longer because the enemies need to be removed from play for the mission to progress (defense missions).
  19. We should probably point out that since statuses got reworked, Amalgam Furax Body Count doesn't work the way the mod says it does. It says it knocks enemies down, but it actually just applies 6 Blast procs, which isn't nearly as useful as knocking down the enemy.
  20. The productive answer you are looking for is to keep using what you've been using, as the melee nerf isn't doing much, despite what people will tell you. If you enjoy melee, you wont notice much of a difference, and you don't need to drop your favorite melee to take up ranged weapons. I'd still recommend trying those weapons if you haven't already, but if you don't want to, you don't need to.
  21. There are a whole lot of people that aren't in their right mind then. People proclaiming that melee is ruined or nerfed into the ground is what started this conversation about the uproar. People think their investment into melee is being made void because they have that underlying belief that melee isn't worth using anymore. I agree that they're insane for thinking that, but it's sadly less of a minority view than we'd like to think.
  22. We wouldn't be mad, just disappointed. OP clearly has some free time, and it's sad to see it put towards a challenge they almost definitely will fail, rather than exploring something OP is interested in, or playing a different game to alleviate their boredom. However, it is their time to waste.
  23. I personally wouldn't do this because it feels too similar to how Sevagoth's Shadow plays, but it's not a bad idea, and I agree that Valkyr could really use a way to group enemies, although I think a way to do that would be to give her more reason to increase range, that way she can infuse Ensare/Larva/Airburst without wasting mod slots that could be used to improve several abilities at the same time.
  24. Then why even comment? This doesn't achieve anything for anybody.
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