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  1. We have kuva liches and we are close to getting corpus liches or "sisters of parvos" but nothing on infested liches. I thought of a way infested liches could be implemented that is similar to a kuva lich but vastly different. So here it is. You start out by generating a lich by selecting a special mission type which is a regular mission but it has a bonus to it which is a heavily armored infested boss that tries to kill you throughout the mission. You can kill it or shoot it in a spot on its back to paralyze it, rendering it harmless if you don't want it. If you do want it, you kill it an
  2. I thought the game needed a commander frame and it sounds like a cool concept so I thought of legion. Passive: Gain a temporary damage buff that is activated when a teammate gets downed Ability 1 - Convert: Call in a dropship full of orokin sentries, deploying into the battlefield and lodging themselves into enemies (like corrupted enemies) and making them follow your every command. Ability 2 - Order: Give your followers orders to attack targets, defend objectives, or stand their ground. Ability 3 - Rally: Deploy a banner that makes your followers do more damage and have bu
  3. Chroma is one of those frames that only has 2 useful abilities. The 2 abilities that are useful get the job done but i thought of this rework to make all of his abilities viable Passive: Deal increased elemental damage Ability 1 - Soaring Fury: Use a pair of wings to fly over enemies and use spectral scream to do damage (spectral scream now has more range and deals a lot more damage) or use primary/secondary weapons. Ability 2 - Elemental Ward: No changes Ability 3 - Vex Armor: No changes Ability 4 - Dragon Storm: Summon an exalted dragon that deals massive elemental d
  4. A while ago I made up a warframe named siege who had a few issues, mainly he was forma hungry and the modding would have been a headache to do, so here's the revisited heavy weapon specialist. Ability 1 - Heatseekers: Fire off a volley of heatseeking missles that explode and lower enemy armor. Ability 2 - Chain loader: Give your weapons greatly enhanced magazine capacity and fire rate. Ability 3 - Grenade Launcher: Pull out a grenade launcher that fires cluster, thermite, and impact grenades, you can switch grenade types like vauban can switch his mines. Ability 4 - Siege C
  5. We all know how useless inaros' abilities are. I came up with a few different abilities for him. Ability 1 - Sacrificial dagger: Stab an enemy with a dagger, dealing damage and leaching health. Enemies will take slash damage after the ability is done. Ability 2 - Plague: Strike an enemy with a plague that causes damage over time and spreads to others. Ability 3 - Scarab Swarm: Same as his current 4th but scarabs will fall off of his armor and attack enemies. Ability 4 - Sandstorm: Call in a deadly sandstorm, lowering enemy vision, shredding their armor, and causing massive
  6. I tried my best to think of idead that would make hydroid a better frame so here it is. Ability 1 - Anchor: Hydroid summons an anchor and swing it at enemies by using the chain. Ability 2 - Maelstrom: Hydroid calls in a storm that deals damage to enemies over time and forms a whirlpool that drowns enemies Ability 3 - Same as hydroid's 4th current ability except tentacles impale enemies and do more damage. Ability 4 - Leviathan Call: Summon a massive leviathan as a battle mount and ride on its back as it devours enemies and causes chaos. (Can be controlled)
  7. I've been thinking about this concept for a while mainly because from my point of view, you would have to implement it in a story quest of some sort. So I'll get straight to the point. During a fight in the new war, erra captures you and your warframe and brings you onboard a sentient murex. While you're on the murex, erra begins taunting you saying "Just as I expected, the tenno are nothing without their metal puppets". He attempts to execute your operator but natah comments "Do you feel that? The void is making a strong presence here" just before erra is ready to kill your operator. Err
  8. Plaguecaller is an infested necramech that has been altered by the infestation. Let's get into the abilities. Ability 1 - Blight: Infect any nearby enemies, causing them to turn on allies and infect others. Ability 2 - Helminth's offering: Gain a random mutation, increasing your stat affected by it. Ability 3 - Plague: Release a toxic, corrosive gas in the air, damaging enemies and weakening their armor. Ability 4 - Wrath of deimos: Call in fass or come to strike an area with an explosive, toxic projectile to deal massive corrosive and viral damage to enemies and infecting
  9. I was thinking that you switch firing modes normally for the 2 normal ones and when you get enough kills for your alt fire, you hold the mode switch down to change to the alt fire that belongs to whatever firing mode you had to begin with
  10. Like any other weapon with multiple firing modes
  11. The Mogila is an entrati arm cannon that has a mix of infestation and orokin technology. It has 2 fire modes, 1 for it's infested side which shoots pulsating tumors that burrow into the target and explode, dealing corrosive damage in an aoe. As for it's second fire mode, it fires a concentrated beam that drains target of their life and heals you by a percentage of health siphoned. The alt fire for it's infested side fires a vial of infestation, causing massive damage to contaminated enemies and causes them to attack allies. As for the entrati side alt fire, it fires a grenade which then explod
  12. Legion is a army/commander themed frame so I made his abilities revolve around commanding an army. I got some ideas from other games and i made others up myself. I also came up with 2 different ways for his abilities to work as you'll see. Let's get into it! Version 1 Legion: Armor: 500 Max shield: 300 Max health: 500 Energy: 350 Ability 1 - Convert: Create an AOE zone that converts enemies into allies. I didn't want to have an "army" of 7 but i also didn't want to have a ridiculous amount of converted enemies so I made the max number of convertable enemies 20. AO
  13. As his name suggests, prowler is a stealth themed warframe. Here's his abilities Ability 1 - Stalk: Turn invisible and leech health and shields from nearby enemies Ability 2 - Stare: Quickly study an enemy and learn the best way to damage them, adapting your weapons' damage type Ability 3 - Mimic: Scan an enemy and copy their appearance, allowing you to blend in Ability 4 - Hunter and Prey: Do increased damage while lowering the defenses of nearby enemies
  14. Why does he kinda remind me of a balrog from lotr?
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