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  1. My main apprehension about the new system is that it sure sounds like it's making getting prime gear an essentially solitary activity: each player who wants to get something will have to bring their own projection and end up getting a different reward.  So for people who usually do void missions in full groups, a projection would one-fourth as valuable as a key (but we can bet we're not going to get that kind of exchange rate in the transition), and you no longer get the same shared purpose from shared rewards from those missions.


  2. My guess: they're going to let consoles catch up and then plan out his stuff far out in advance enough that the offerings can stay the same on all platforms when he comes back.  And I wouldn't be surprised if he winds up offering more than 3 different items at a time, although probably never more than a couple brand new ones.

  3. The obvious conclusion from the console data is that almost everyone stops playing conclave very, very soon in their Warframe experience with starter weapons and frames so massively overrepresented.  It's probably the same on PC but there are far fewer people who started post-conclave/post mk-1s relative to the total playerbase.

  4. We're probably holding this up in console-land.  During the 18.0 rush they most likely weren't able to put the assets for the next Primes into the console build as they had in previous prime accesses.  So I'd expect the next PA to drop either at the same time as the next console build or about one week after, depending on how cert goes.

  5. Probably soon.  Given the timing of the last build, it's highly unlikely that we have the next Prime access stuff in our build ready for a tiny hotfix to activate this time. So, considering that they really want to keep doing that same week if not same day on all platforms, it means that console-land is holding things up and that they're going to want to fix that as soon as possible.

  6. It's not like holidays creep up and get announced only a few days before they happen or something, or like you don't know what the upper limit for time between console builds is going to be.  You clearly could develop your seasonal content sufficiently in advance that this kind of thing doesn't happen, but are deliberately choosing not to.

  7. 1) Pay more attention to the calendar for console releases when planning seasonal events and cosmetics, and get them done and ready to unlock early enough that all platforms will reliably get them each time.


    2) Eliminate the failed Host Migration.  There's no good reason that each client shouldn't have enough information to create a 'good enough' solo instance in the worst case scenario for non key-gated missions.


    3) More things for clans.  This includes getting something going with Dark Sectors again, bringing back ranked events, as well as another round of Dojo decorations. (We should, at the very least, have had Alliance banners a long time ago.)

  8. So it's getting awfully close to Frost Prime Vault time.  I worry about the void dilution now.  I had thought that they'd just rotate Rhino Prime into the vault early to make room for the Frost stuff, and then once the Frost goes away use those void drop slots (after a little shuffling, mostly to make the Trinity hat easier when it becomes a syndicate offering) for the next Prime Access coming in January.  That would have made more sense than diluting the tables to add Frost and weapons in.


    But if Rhino is going into the vault when Frost comes out they'd have announced that by now, right?  So I guess it is diluted tables for a month...

  9. Exactly how bad an idea this is is going to depend on what the frequency of these alerts actually winds up being.  The first one dropped exactly the same on all three platforms, so they're obviously doing these a bit more deliberately than the general alert system.  If they're averaging once a day like the alad coordinates, that would be a lot worse than if there's almost always going to be one going on.


    I just really wish that they'd gotten clan downsizing working before dropping this massive punishment for overtiered clans.  (How is downsizing going to work with research in progress, anyhow?)

  10. "(can be found in the Void and crafted)"



    Droptable pollution dilution is back!

    Have fun with your <5% chance in T3S rotation C!

    Swimming in tons of Latron parts (all 10 ducats worth) like your worst nightmare!


    Now we know the reason "vaulting old items to make space for new items" is a lie.


    They don't have to dilute the drop table at all for this.  All they have to do is put Rhino Prime into the vault a month earlier than they would have.  Then the Frost stuff can move into those slots for December before moving back out again to make room for the next prime access in early January.

  11. I dont think so, they wont cancel Trinity Prime PA after 2 months

    Who said that they would?  I'm saying that Rhino Prime will get vaulted a month before Trinity Prime ends, and that the Frost pieces will fill that room in the void drop tables duirng that month before going away to make room for the new prime in January.

  12. This start Dec 8th, pretty short time for Trinity Prime PA. I think this Frost Prime return has nothing to do with regular PA cycle

    It ends Jan 6, which is exactly the right amount of time for the end of Trinity Prime.  I'm suggesting that Rhino goes away a month early and the Frost sits in those slots (more or less, apart from a few changes, mostly to make syndicate sacrifices a little easier to get) for one month before the new Prime frame gets them.

  13. I have to say... if explosive weapons gave very little dmg to yourself... then all the other primaries and secondaries would be dominated by the explosives.


    Also it would make things way too easy


    Not really; the explosives don't dominate among the people who can use them mostly safely as is.  The low fire rates and ammo pools do more than enough to keep them as mostly gimmick/change-of-pace weapons.


    Self-damage, or more precisely self-one-shotting, doesn't really add anything to the game.  After the amusement value the first couple of times it happens, all it does is either force squadmates to waste time reviving you or create bad-blood in-squad when they don't.  And they provide one of the few ways for players to deliberately get one another killed in a mission (by jumping in front of the explosives-user.


    (Which reminds me: it's also time to drastically reduce the damage done to players by void defense lasers.  If the game shouldn't have friendly fire, it shouldn't have friendly fire, period.)

  14. Self damage from explosives probably should get looked at again and get scaled down to Tonkor-like levels for all of those weapons.  It feels like an artifact from the paid-revives paradigm that's gone/about to go away.  You can't make a coherent 'realism' argument for it while justifying the the absence of friendly fire from explosions at the same time, anyhow.

  15. Only rewards catalyst and stratos emblem, however I have no doubt in my mind that there may be another reward to this such as farmable event mods (slash, puncture or Impact) etc...


    Last year there were sabotage-type caches in the halloween mission, so yeah, they could be putting just about anything in them this year if they come back, or they could have a mission reward table with small chances of old event stuff, or they could put in an opportunity to farm a usually rare enemy; plenty of possibilites.


    (Other season questions: are the mustaches coming back this 'movember'?)

  16. So the new Prime Drop tables don't mention the Derelict endless modes at all.


    Does this mean that Prime gear has been taken out of the Derelict entirely now?


    If so, where can Nova Systems be found?  Are they one of the ????s for some reason?


    (Or did they just forget to drop in the updated tables for ODD and ODS?)

  17. If they are going to go out of order, it would probably be Mesa as the second female of this cycle.  Which would be amusing.  (Slightly more likely version is Mesa in the next female cycle.)  She's the only one with the right mix of newness and popularity.

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