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  1. Put Larva on him and Reave the Larva? Or put Frost Wave/Gloom and slow everything down to a crawl.
  2. Sure, then we can blacklist Volt for his nuking ability, Then Octavia for her roller ball of irritation. Then Ember for Meteor spam Then Xaku for making Radiation hazard maps hilarious instagib fights. Then Mesa for Peacemaker spam Then Nezha for Divine Spears and Chakram spam Then Mirage for her various nukes. Then Titania for her flight form weapons being flying-mesa. Then Garuda for spamming her 4 then hitting mobs with an AOE weapon. Then Banshee for Soundquake. Then every other frame, since they can either be slotted with a nuke, str boost
  3. Replace Mind Control with Khora's Ensnare, use Pacifying Bolts mod for her 2. Add Flow, Quick Thinking and Adaptation. Build for Range and Duration. Congrats. You have AOE Pull, Three different AOE Stuns, AOE 100% armor+shield stripping fashion frame goddess.
  4. This. Engie with health 3 and Combat 5, uses an Acceltra. Has downed *once* in corpus veil through dozens of solo missions, and even then it was my fault.
  5. I think it heavily depends on the weapon. My Engineer is only combat 1, but with an Acceltra boarding parties get erased.
  6. I'm mildly curious as to what comes in that 400 plat package? Do you just get a baseline railjack? if so, that's actually a detriment since the process of gathering to build it normally means that you get mats to build other items and avionics(mods, now) to make it useful.
  7. So we're getting 30,000 Endo for having the Railjack *grid* maxed out. Are we being compensated so that maxed avionics will be maxed mods? Or are we being cheated?
  8. What? If you mod the guns right (and with the right arcanes), she's a Mesa that traded flight for the aimbot.
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