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  1. What? If you mod the guns right (and with the right arcanes), she's a Mesa that traded flight for the aimbot.
  2. How to fix melee/gun issue in one change that doesn't affect numbers at all: 1) Make the combos harder to pull off. That's it. Getting rid of the basic one button spam combo means that melee still does more damage yes, but requires addition effort on the part of the player to do it.
  3. This. Adaptation should be used to enhance existing tanking mechanics, not be the primary tanking mechanic.
  4. Bonewidow also has a healing ability if you hook a mob (Aka save the team and hook a Battalyst.)
  5. When augmented they're supposed to duplicate and seek out nearby spears no? That is definitely not happening.
  6. Hey now, Helminth fixes Ash and Nyx. Zephyr has a use as an easy to get and use tank frame for the roomier maps(open world, Jupiter, Corpus Ships) for newbies, particularly now that her 2 is a very poor man's Larva/Ensnare. Hydroid definitely needs some love though. With respect to the issue of Nezha - He is a phenomenal tank and support frame that has great hard CC, can provide *group* and *objective* DR, and can remove status effects. Only thing the Chakram needs is the fully charged one doesn't seem to duplicate when you use the augment.
  7. Or maybe in January For sure in February Potentially in March For sure this time in April Definitely for sure in May Absolutely positively for sure in June
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