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  1. Or maybe in January For sure in February Potentially in March For sure this time in April Definitely for sure in May Absolutely positively for sure in June
  2. Yeah, like building a frame for max jump height, sprint speed + rolling guard. That is completely usele... Oh wait. no, that build is very useful for this fight. That aside, the nihil fight is awesome because it is purely player skill. There's no Saryn or Volt Cheese, its just, *can you jump and roll at the right times.*
  3. I am always amused by the forums whining about the game being too easy. Then the second any skill challenge at all is attempted the very same people whine about it being unplayable due to impossible difficulty. Like that guy who hates revenant, He's in this thread, has whined about the game being too easy, and is in here whining about the quiz and fight being impossibly difficult. Because for the quiz there is a glowing bit that references the pattern you need to remember.
  4. Time to start bringing troll frames to high level content. Pacify+Banish Nyx here I come.
  5. The state of warframe forums in 2020... A fight requires you to *stop shooting* for 3 seconds: Forums: Unfair!1!! Bad Design!!!1! WAAAHHHH!!! The reality is this, you are given a mech in the quest for Deimos for the explicit purpose that you can learn most of their mechanics. This includes their Iron Skin-ish ability. The mechanic is that later on when you are fighting mechs, you can easily and clearly(yes, its very obvious, if you can't, go visit an optometrist) see them use the same mechanic, all you have to do is stop shooting.
  6. You shouldn't omit that Void procs are now (edit: will soon be) potential headshot guarantees, so Xata's Whisper is now potentially a hell of a lot stronger than the paper numbers suggest. Not to mention the obvious implications of easily accessible void damage for the Scarlet Spear event and other non-eidolon sentient fights. (Aka: Laughs in Mesa Prime)
  7. In b4 MS buys DE from the unholy monstrosity that is Tencent?
  8. I have to completely disagree with your 1. Namely because they're not doing that. What they are doing is fixing bugs in things that are popular because they are bugged and broken in the players' favour. Just because *you* like something doesn't mean that it isn't bugged.
  9. The ability was triply bugged, • It was double dipping on mods, • Arcane trickery was infinitely dipping by proccing on each mob in the blast radius. • Its damage calculation was capped by damage dealt, not the mob's max health.
  10. Yeah but see, Zephyr then still has a use. Even if that use is to be sacrificed to make Protea(and maybe Grendel?) better until you can get a 2nd Nidus.
  11. Hey, that's not a fair comparison. Zephyr's new airburst can actually be useful in situations where you want to group mobs together to use another ability on. Like for Grendel to eat, or as a cheaply acquired version of Larva for Protea. And her augmented 3 makes fishing really easy.
  12. Problem with Larva is that you'd need to have the augment mod for larva to be able to turn the larva ball off in order to eat living mobs? (Range wise on paper, subsumed larva and airburst have the same base pull radius.)
  13. Yes. The best speargun that is better than 95% of the weapons in the game, including most melee weapons, *suffers?* Here is how to use the scourge: Build for Viral, Heat. use that combo with built in corruption to erase low level mobs, and get enough status procs on the heavier ones that they can be taken down in a single melee swing from any weapon.
  14. Then Magus Elevate and Magus Repair should at least work?
  15. Hold up, Revenant has terrible synergy because his kit has great synergy... Good job.
  16. Hes right up there with Revenant in terms of the synergy of their respective kits. Damn strong kits too for both.
  17. That would be awesome if Necramechs ended up being the modular arcwing implementation
  18. I feel sorry that the originator of this thread is unable to fully appreciate the brilliance of Revenant.
  19. The completely trash 100+ pages of whining over the never-actually-present helminth roar meta was entirely unwarranted because the change was completely justified. But it happened.
  20. You actually need to play the zone and the faction to find out. (Its laid out in the storyline that *they* don't remember who they are other than the few pieces they intro with.) *Gasp* You actually have to work for it snowflake.
  21. You should wonder why dev streams exist in the first place, that they aren't to show the person playing the game normally, but featuring new content ... then you would understand why some things happen as they do.
  22. Yeah but it syncs with his 2 to create a fire explosion if you teleport with it on. TBH I was thinking I might replace it with one of the grouping abilities, with the idea of comboing [Grouping ability] > Divine Spears > augmented Blazing Chakram. Even thinking of using Airburst on it, as ensnare tends to be more of a stationary mechanic, and larva needs its augment to be quick enough for what I want to do. I also wouldn't need the tight packed ball Ensnare or Larva give, just enough to let his 2 have fun.
  23. To be fair, that is the only potentially useful thing I can think of for it. The other would be cheesing additional protection out of Nezha and Rhino's shields, but it'd be idiotic to replace any of the existing abilities on those frames for that single use case.
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