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  1. @[DE]Rebecca infested are not spawning in at stage 4 after putting the compounds in the mixer not sure if the same happens if you don't, locks at stage 4 can't proceed letting you know about the bug.
  2. Looking forward to the stream for all the juicy details and to stress test the relay. And to the people complaining about a umbra forma blueprint for the stream take a step back and think what you're actually complaining about.
  3. Why am I not shocked that the comments section is full of ungrateful people.
  4. You can use mag and the lich/sister system becomes 'trivial' what's your point ? Seems like there's a huge disconnect between people who understand how things work and people who think things working are broken.
  5. So why is it okay for the vigilante mods to work and not the gladiator mods? They work in the same way.
  6. @[DE]Corey I was in orb vallis completing yarelli challenges upon completion and returning to fortuna the mission complete screen came up and I lost all functionality and had to reset my game.
  7. @[DE]Rebecca companions need the link health/link shields/link armor mods to be universal between all companions. Have a great day.
  8. Why does Baro keep bringing only the Axi V8 relic and not the Neo 01 relic to go with it ? it is impossible for players to complete volt prime and the odonata prime and makes absolutely no sense.
  9. @[DE]Rebecca Can we get a universal exilus slot on warframes/weapons or a exilus forma to allow for greater build diversity in swapping in/out exilus mods, I think these changes are interesting and it's good that the new mods will be in arbitrations instead of from steel path it makes more sense, thank you for the updates and looking forward to experiencing the changes.
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