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  1. Same issues here unfortunately.. Host migrations or connection to the host has been lost occurs A LOT on deimos as well. Idk if people leave intentionally but its not fun to lose everything after doing all the vaults.. happened to me a couple of times now.
  2. The joys of P2P connection man... I have had this multiple times this whole weekend and today was the last straw... i can't complete one mission without this host migration or connection to the host has been lost or session no longer available. The problem is that when you lose connection the package is lost and cannot be retrieved...
  3. Same here man. not only railjack but on Deimos, ESO, and other missions.. Lots of host migrations or losing connection to the host.. Today its terrible to play and cannot even complete one mission without these issues.
  4. Thnx, i will later. I also meet A LOT of salty and terrible people these days... for no reason they start to swear, quit are just being jerks for no reason... I thought this was a nice community but these people remind me of Destiny 2...
  5. Is there no way to contact the developer? I'm seeing weird stuff man and i want to know if its my PC or the game.. today as well, can't do damage to the profit taker at al with chroma while my build and weapons are very good.. I want to know what is causing these bugs.
  6. No i bought the forma myself. I know how it works, there just weren't enough radiant seeds or whatever they are called.. Look, i am having issues and i know for 100% its not me man. Today i have had so much issues and bugs that its not even funny anymore.. I almost can't even finish an demos vault run or do sanctuary onslaught without being disconnected to the host or have massive lag as in high ping and its not me who has the high ping as im on 1000/1000 MB/s fiber connection with my gaming router. How can i come in contact with someone of DE to discuss
  7. killing too fast? Never had this before man. The game is just very buggy lately.. I can't even finish an vault run on demos without being bugged because or people are leaving and host migration etc. etc. Today i leveled some weapons and at the end of the run i saw that my weapon was at rank 25. When i start next mission i saw that the same weapon was only at rank 20...so 5 levels are just gone?! Seriously, i am not the only one with these issues but maybe i'm the one that adresses them instead of quitting the game.. Its not my PC nor my internet connection
  8. I hear ya. Well, i encounter many bugs lately in this game man.. idk what is going on but something is not right. Problems with matchmaking, host migrations are better now but i can't see, to find people lots of times. Weapons appear to be maxxed out but arent after mission is finished lol. In fisher missions not enough radiant stuff is spawning so i can open my relic etc. I hope they fix these issus ASAP.
  9. Hi, thank you for your answer. Yes, one was ready to use and i had 2 blueprints.. The one that was ready to use is lost.. this happened twice. Idk the time when i bought the booster, all i know is that it lasted 2 days instead of 3. The booster was bought yes and i had enough platinum otherwise i wasn't able to buy it in the first place. I have water cooling so over heating is not the problem. I am in the tech business for a long time so i ruled out the obvious like temps and back ground programs. I am using hwinfo64 to monitor my system and it never
  10. Btw, i bought an affinity booster on oktober 31 and now its not working anymore, this is not 3 days.. something is not adding up, hopefully someone can help me.
  11. Hi all, I have weird issues with the game lately and i don't know how to solve them or even adres them. I keep losing forma and the game just feels very laggy at times, eidolon hunting is a nightmare due to bugs and lag. Yesterday i had 2 formas ready to use but when i login today they both were gone... How is this possible?! never seen anything like this. Something wrong with the game itself? Maybe my account? Here are my specs: AMD R5 3600 4.4 Ghz G.Skill 3600 CL16 16 GB Asus RTX 2060 Asus crosshair 7 wifi x470 Int
  12. Hi, You are the guy that makes songs for Octavia, correct? Ok thynx, i will make support ticked it persistent and they still haven't fixed it yet.
  13. Why is no one responding to this...? I have serious issues and no staff member or someone can reply since Thursday..?
  14. Hi, Lately i have lots of problems with the game and i can't figure out what is going on here. Friends of mine has the same issues. Damage is way less than it suppose to be or there is an huge delay. Lost of host migrations too. I have an Netgear XR500 gaming router and most of the time i only have 8-20 m Ping in the game. No package loss nothing from my side. I also lost one forma today.. Maybe something with the servers of the game?
  15. Same here man, i think they sold the game to Bungie lmao. D2 is buggy as hell too.. Last update bricked a lot man, i sometimes can't even finish a mission without ridiculous damage erraticness, host migrations etc. etc. I guess i take a long brake from this game man, its becoming unplayable at times.
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