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  1. This supposed to be the faction tied to Duviri like Solaris are to Fortuna and Ostrons to Cetus .
  2. Do you mean this ? This is from Duviri Paradox
  3. Do you have no active lich / sister ? You can only create lich or sister then you don't have one active . I also recommend creating lich or sister in solo , if player in your group has one the sister candidate / kuva larvling might not spawn .
  4. You also get 25 steel essence for every planet that cleared on steel path
  5. Or just get rid of RNG entirely and make rivens universal , equipping and unlock riven with specific weapon would bind riven to that weapon . Or in other words if I equip riven to magnus and unlock it that riven will be for magnus instead of random pistol riven .
  6. Trials and solar rail conflicts were removed because of serious issues , what you're suggesting here is to remove content because of a quest .
  7. And if you remove them how will newer players be able to rank up quills ? how about arcanes ? how about the time DE spent to make the min the first place ?
  8. I don't think DE will prime any archwing in future duo to upcoming modular archwing system
  9. In OP's defense grinding for standing till max rank doesn't teach the player anything other then "the game is grindy" . I personally think the requirement for Profit Taker heist should reduced to rank 3 .
  10. Never happened to me , are you keeping eye on stasis timer ? it has shorter duration then cataclysm .
  11. Didn't know TA base damage is electricity , my fault here .
  12. Where do you get cold from ? If your weapon has base element of electricity and you add in toxin mod it will combine into corrosive , it does so because toxin mod is the only mod in the build .
  13. Bonus element counts as a last mod then it comes to elemental moding , if you use two elemental mods those two will combine before the bonus element . Or in other words if you have weapon with heat bonus and you use electric and toxin mods in whatever order in mod slots the electric and toxin mods will combine into corrosive leaving heat as last element .
  14. You don't need to buy plat or trade with other players to progress in this game . You can get some slots from nightwave and you most definitely do not need to trade for mods even prime mods . If you're having hard time with the game I suggest watching some guides on youtube on how to mod your weapons and frames , most often then not you only need some good weapons . Examples for your mastery rank that are easy to acquire are : - Primary : Sobek with acid shells augment mod and primary Tombfinger kitgun . - Secondary : Atomos , secondary Catchmoon kitgun , Pandero , Sonicor . - Melee : Guandao , Jat Kittag with vulcan blitz augment mod , Tonbo , Tipedo . - Warframes : Mesa , Rhino , Wukong , Gara . With this you will be blazing through entire game with out any prime mods or rivens .
  15. Before the change I couldn't care less about AoE weapons simple because they could gib me any moment from doors suddenly closing in front of you to mobs or even others players just jumping on your face and especially back then revives were paid with platnum . What DE did with whole self damage remove essentially gave new life to weapon type that was ignored by entire community and you want it gone because chroma can no longer exploit its vex armor ?
  16. You sure about that ? Lets see how long will the game last if DE stops adding in stuff , I suspect it will suffer a slow death just like Spiral Knights who been abandoned by Sega and its devs and is now on life support by being kept as "museum" meaning you can play it and spend money on it but it won't get any new releases .
  17. Helios prime isn't retcon , sentinels were not created by orokin , corpus , grineer , infested nore tenno . According to lore sentinels are split off evolution from sentients , tenno found this guys during old war took them in as they were handy , the factions then modified them to their needs and corpus are nkown to reverse engineer anything orokin they can get their hands on .
  18. DE confirmed that its a worm not a dragon . Its called Tubificid
  19. Looks nice but flux rifle being prime breaks lore .
  20. Warframe is DE's only source of income , why would they end this game then they are oblige to and have to pay for their investors with out any plans for of continued source of revenue . This would be a financial suicide .
  21. To bad you can't put this on Hildryn , would be interesting to see .
  22. Exodia Contagion is a must have arcane for zaw melee weapons .
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