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  1. That's like asking "Do we need more loot in loot driven live service game" The answer is YES
  2. Grind and Time Gates are staple in Live Service Games , they are what keeps it alive and sense player cannot get or do everything in one sitting it provides with a reason to come back and play more which in turn can make player spend money on the game which is the entire reason behind Grind and Time Gates .
  3. You cannot remove barracks until you demote your clans rank , and you cannot demote your clans rank if its member capacity is over the lower rank one .
  4. I been playing on my 144 hz monitor for about a year , apart from "it feels slightly smoother" were is nothing noticeable to me compared to something like 30 vs 60 .
  5. Riven capacity isn't "outdated" , it is intentional to reduce bandwidth strain for server and player sake .
  6. Credits have a set limit so that's kind of pointless .
  7. Servers aren't the issue , its the bandwidth according to DE . Basically by storing more data you have send and retrieve more data and then you hundreds of thousands of players that becomes a serious problem . We're talking things like latency issues then communicating with main server which can result in things like not being able to login ( last tennocon is good example ) , potential loss of data , lag then it comes to retrieving data and other things . Increasing server size or number won't fix the issue , only by improving data compression to reduce bandwidth as much as possible the issue could be postponed .
  8. NPC crew usually won't hit precise points so Photors are best left for player to man , if you pilot your railjack then put it in for pilot seat .
  9. Lavan shields are the worst one because of the long recharge delay and shields in general being paper , Railjack has shield gating making Zekti shields best in class , second would be Vidar if you can get the perk that grants you 50 shields per kill as this perk resets shield recharge delay and start recharging shields immediately . Lavan engines are the best as you can boost indefinitely Zekti reactor is the best choice if you're planning on killing enemies with seeker volley As for Armaments they all pretty much viable , the only exception would Zekti ( or any class really ) Photors , Photors have hidden stats , they have punch through which make them best option against Corpus crew ship front shield that blocks all damage .
  10. Have you tried using Mesa or any AoE weapon ?
  11. You were doing it wrong . You're supposed to first charge Xoris with specter deaths using Glaive detonation ( btw you don't need to mod Xoris for this as it insta-kills specters after shields are gones ) , and once your Xoris is fully charge you have to down one of Proteas health gates to force her into her "time-reverse" stage were she tries to regain her health gate . At this stage she stay still and you have to use your fully charged Xoris on her with Glaive detonation . This will destroy one of her health gates and you will have to repeat this two more times if I recall it correctly .
  12. Maybe you're doing something wrong ? Try watching this video .
  13. One problem , copyrights related to IP . Or in other words , the IP holders have to agree and allow for such things as crossovers and in most cases that's not going to happen .
  14. Last time it was spoken was over 3 years ago , and it was for now shelfed melee channeling in devstream #114 . If time stamp doesn't work its at 46:39
  15. No , the post above meant that your railjack aura ( in plexus ) applies to crew members as duplicate , the more crew you have the more duplicates you get .
  16. DE won't do that for several reasons , main ones are : - Its a 3rd party site that DE has no control over - DE does not intend to alleviate any hardships surrounding trading nor to make it automated process
  17. Make sure you are logged in before buying any platinum , also if you have multiple accounts you cannot use platinum discount on other account .
  18. From the wiki : Cannot be reloaded while a missile is being manually guided.
  19. My tip would be if your railjack is paper don't push your self , grind out the very first mission you have access on earth for resources and make sure you loot everything before leaving as it is the easiest one , once you have the mat go grab MK3 Sigma stuff from your clans research .
  20. The purpose is gameplay , opening relics is a side objective to the mission and the mission being the main objective .
  21. To me it sounds like you do not own fully complete railjack , watch this video in case you missed something . Edit - This video is slightly dated , you can no longer obtain Cy blueprint from clan research , its now in market named "railjack cephalon" , use search bar as its tricky to find it .
  22. Yes Protea her self , quest however does not say anything about a prime or that she has not been based of prime version . The line could imply that none prime version of Protea was specially created for Parvos .
  23. No it doesn't , lore states that none primes are cheap knock offs of primes , primes were made first . Edit - on top were is no info or suggestion that quest acquired frames don't have primes .
  24. Not everyone enjoys grinding for mastery you know , I'm almost 8 year veteran yet I'm only mr 25 . It takes me about year to move a rank or two up as I ain't going to play with stuff I don't like or have no interest in .
  25. You're an optimist if you think its going to come out on November , 5 memes say it will come out just before DE hit their yearly Christmas vacation .
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