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  1. Larkspur is energy weapon which kind off contradicts lore as Orokin strictly used zero tech archaic projectile weapons duo to Sentients assimilating anything advance .
  2. Here's my own opinion . Scaling rewards would mean that player would need to play less , and if player plays less he or she is less likely to spend money on a game which directly affects the devs . Number one rule of any live service game is to provide player with obstacles that would incentivize money spending .
  3. You can have as many account as you want , you can play with them on the same machine . As long your account do not interact with one another ( trading , be in the same clan , be in the same mission instance ) you are good to go .
  4. Starting platinum that you get is none tradable , this is to prevent platinum farming via alt account creation . Also trading between your accounts will result in BAN .
  5. It's Steve's dream and the game is his baby , so he does what he wants .
  6. I'm 28 , I'm from eastern Europe , English is not my native language . So please , do explain me what it means because I am clueless .
  7. Were would be a lot to unpack , explaining this game is no easy task , best right now I could offer you is to watch some sort of guide . So Il just leave this here .
  8. Given how much of pain it would be to use small parts of UI on mobile screen I don't think this is taken from mobile version or very least has not been worked on yet .
  9. Is this post serious ? Excalibur has only one bad ability and the rest are great . His first has augment that lets you build up combo meter fast , not to mention that it also benefits his exalted blade . Radial blind is great CC ability and Umbra version strips sentient damage resistances . Exalted blade while not the top melee weapon it does come with benefit of being a range weapon thanks to energy waves shoots out and it damage does benefits from combo better. And finally you can helminth other frames abilities into him to push even further beyond . To me it looks like someone needs to learn how to properly use our poster boy .
  10. Hildryn skin reminds me of Centurion from Skyrim
  11. Not my idea but I guess this what you have in mind
  12. I mean , his the guy who resurrects the death and death is one of the themes for this upcoming holiday .
  13. This supposed to be the faction tied to Duviri like Solaris are to Fortuna and Ostrons to Cetus .
  14. Do you mean this ? This is from Duviri Paradox
  15. Do you have no active lich / sister ? You can only create lich or sister then you don't have one active . I also recommend creating lich or sister in solo , if player in your group has one the sister candidate / kuva larvling might not spawn .
  16. You also get 25 steel essence for every planet that cleared on steel path
  17. Or just get rid of RNG entirely and make rivens universal , equipping and unlock riven with specific weapon would bind riven to that weapon . Or in other words if I equip riven to magnus and unlock it that riven will be for magnus instead of random pistol riven .
  18. Trials and solar rail conflicts were removed because of serious issues , what you're suggesting here is to remove content because of a quest .
  19. And if you remove them how will newer players be able to rank up quills ? how about arcanes ? how about the time DE spent to make the min the first place ?
  20. I don't think DE will prime any archwing in future duo to upcoming modular archwing system
  21. In OP's defense grinding for standing till max rank doesn't teach the player anything other then "the game is grindy" . I personally think the requirement for Profit Taker heist should reduced to rank 3 .
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