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  1. If your new player its Nekros . Why Nekros ? Because he's your resource source .
  2. DE has addressed this question once saying that they won't , reason is that DE wants players to interact with each other and the game and are not interested in automating trading on any level .
  3. The fight is very easy , you have to fully charge your Xoris first , then down one of Proteas health gates , once she is in her time reverse stage you have to use charged Xoris on her , repeat whole process two more times and you're done .
  4. I don't know what you are using but to me lvl 80 are cannon fodder . Are you talking about Parvos specters ? You have to use Xoris , I suggest watching glaive guide if you don't how to use glaive detonate as its the mechanic that is used to kill specters and Protea specter in grannum void .
  5. You can buy gravimag from market at any time regardless if you have archgun deployer or not . I had to explain couple of players that they can not bypass SU grind with plat .
  6. This is DE fault for allowing players to obtain gravimag before arcgun deployer , they should really patch this .
  7. That's efficient relic farm from bounties , its noting new .
  8. And how would we balance that ? Do we reduce mods potency for every attribute added to it like enchantments in Skyrim ? Or do we not implement this at the first place ?
  9. Problem is foundry , mastery locks do not apply to already build items that player can claim .
  10. Are you making correct steps to create new sister ?
  11. Forums won't help you , support either as DE has history of holding player accounts ransom for negative platnum . It is sad to say this but your only option is to buy platnum you "own" to DE .
  12. You don.t need to find or look for loot as game gives you everything , literally every activity in the game gives you the same stuff except for very few things are randomly given from PoI generated on world which again are random . On top game explains mechanics through NPC what you meet on top in game tutorial gives you the much needed basics which is more then WF does and its why I said "to some extent"
  13. MHW does , PoE does to some extent , Ascent does by providing in game tutorials and information on loot and mechanics .
  14. You don't . 60% of Steam warframe player base did and left to never return . And those are where exactly ? They are not in tutorial quest , the "tutorial" button in mods bench is mostly ignored and gives very little information about mods . No were in entire game yo uare told how to mod , what to ignore or neglect , what to prioritize . Game doesn't even tell you were to get specific mods , it only tells you after you obtained said more or fully completed your codex faction entries .
  15. - What are mods exactly ? - What is polarity ? - What does mod type mean ? - How to upgrade mods and what does mod ranks do ? - What is endo and how to get it ? - What capacity ? - What is mod drain ? - What should I mod for ? - What are damage types and what do they do ? - What are damage type combinations and how to make them ? - What are cc , cd , ms , sc , ps , er , etc ? - How to obtain mods ? - What does mod rarity do ? - Why are were more then one of the same mod and why are mine look like cracked ? - What is reactor and catalyst ? - What is forma ? - What is exilus adapter ? - What is aura , stance ? - What is an arcane ? I'm sure were are more but I can't think of any right now .
  16. Or galvanized aptitude , KO explosions have IPS damage , NP has build in fire procs , KO it self comes with bonus element and moding for single elemental combo results in 6 possible status procs which will provide 480% bonus damage from GA .
  17. Because its valid argument Game it self never bothers to explain ins and outs of moding which in turn can kill players desire to continue playing and its is obvious that does then you look at Steam achievement page and see that only 40% of Steam Warframe player base has unlocked "Hooked" achievement given to players after playing for two hours .
  18. Kohm has higher disposition then Kuva Kohm , so then you equip riven to Kuva Kohm its stats get adjusted to the disposition .
  19. Everything It has to have high - cc , cd , dmg , sc , clip , reload , disposition . That is why Boar Prime is perfect weapon .
  20. As someone who seen this few days ago I can say with confidence video makes a lot of good points .
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