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  1. I thought game is officially beaten once you reach mr30 which at that point you get prompt congratulating you fallowed by automatic uninstall of the game .
  2. The bonus element is based of progenitor warframe https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Kuva_Lich/Progenitor
  3. Don't forget that you also need to gain kills in order to gain and maintain he benefits of new mods and arcanes , and that later on in higher lvl's might become a problem .
  4. How is it unfair then its purely RNG ? Its the same as with rivens , the more something is rare and sought after the higher the value is , its free market , supply and demand dictates the price .
  5. Could you also change its homing rounds fire mode from two shot semi auto to full auto please ? Currently its gimic is more of a con to the gun really .
  6. Watch some guides if you're having hard time , I don't play or use my k-drive and it toked me about two hours to complete the quest .
  7. Build zaw and kitgun , those don't have mastery requirements .
  8. GA offers +40% per status and stacking only twice. OP demands that base stats would be doubled which leads to 80% and stack to 11 which get us final number of 880%.
  9. No it isn't , CO nowhere near offered this much damage even before the nerfs .
  10. That would make GA deal 880% damage per status effect , you do realize how broken would that be ?
  11. He is reward from The Sacrifice , don't watch playthrough as the quest is good and contains very heavy spoilers from other quest If your new and lost here is what you need to do : > Reach Uranus > Unlock and do Natah quest > Reach Neptune > Do The second Dream quest > Reach Sedna > Do The War Within quest ( side note , if you haven't completed Saya's Vigil quest from Cetus do it before this quest for permanent buff to a spoiler ) > Build Personal Quarters segment > Talk to Onkko on Cetus secret cave and grab Mote Amp ( note , do not watch guide on his location till you completed War Within , heavy spoilers ) > Reach 4th final branch of the void and complete Mot node ( note you have to be host or it won't count ) > Do Chains of harrow quest > Do The Apostasy Prologue quest > You have now unlocked The Sacrifice quest
  12. My first sister has ephemera and I was wondering if that was even ephemera and not just part of her outfit . Thanks for the video .
  13. You do realize you just did the same thing , if you're going to preach someone , fallow your own rules as well .
  14. First that is not planet rotation , its bounty rotation , secondly I could be wrong but that might be completely random .
  15. If you are refering to trials then raid school buss would like to have a word with you.
  16. Don't remember which devstream was it but DE had a build for augment slots , that was long time ago that never made it into a game .
  17. DE has stated that they won't do any updates or hotfixes till next update , on top we got no news or word from DE about NW cap extension .
  18. I don't think pride is celebrated globally
  19. Where did you get that idea from ? DE has said they aim to release Sisters of Parvos before Tenocon , we still have over two weeks before that .
  20. They already are easy to deal with using any decent AoE launcher like Kuva Ogris with Nightwatch Napalm
  21. If you have helminth unlock and are able to acquire Baruuk then you might want to take a look at this .
  22. Use Helios deconstructor as stats stick for gladiators mods to regain lost 20% CC per combo
  23. The title Seriously this gun looks amazing , I don't care that its just an aluminium brick stuffed with penta rounds , I want one .
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